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Thursday, June 01, 2017

My Delivery Story_How I Accidentally Popped Too Early On 18 May 2017

Im holding Baby H. in my arms as I'm writing this blog post, feeling emotions of happiness & dismay all at the same time. I feel mostly happy when I see her sweet little face contented from my hugs and feeding sessions yet the more it makes me fear of losing these moments all too quickly. All the fear came from being an already-experienced STM (second-time Mom) b'cuz I could remember so well what happens around my pregnancy, delivery and when my baby grows up. I remembered as a FTM (first-time Mom) everything passed by me like a blur in motion. My excitement for Baby H.'s arrival was surprisingly more intense than of her big sister just for the fact I knew how much I missed my newborn baby. But that doesn't mean I love my first born any lesser, I just miss the teeny tiny newborn who needs her Mom so much. That's that. And now plus the hormones, these feelings escalate a little more thus all these emo talk. Okay enough of it for now. Haha..

Baby H. was supposed to only be due on 19 June 2017, but turned out now we've welcomed her arrival on the 18th May which is a little more than a month in advance. I was told that being an active Mom or a STM usually means that our babies would be expected earlier than the given EDD. And even my gynae advised to expect my second baby to arrive either same (38 weeks) or slightly earlier than my first (prob 37 weeks then), but never have I thought that I would deliver much earlier than that. I have a group of EDD Mummy friends and b'cuz I was supposed to lined up in the middle of the group, sometimes when we chat I find it surreal that I have actually delivered and became the first in the lot to do so - I totally jumped que to the first in line and matched my baby's birthday to the supposedly number 1 in line, what a coincidence! I guess on some days I still feel this way b'cuz everything happened so fast it just felt like a surprise I can't forget.

I feel really thankful for having such a smooth pregnancy this time round b'cuz I could still exercise and even teach my Prenatal Aerobic classes up till 34 weeks pregnant. Not that my first pregnancy wasn't smooth, but even though I was actively working out that time I still had PPP (posterior pelvic pain) from 7 months till delivery. This time round whilst I was anxiously anticipating similar body pains when I was nearing 7 months pregnant, I was really ecstatic everyday that my body still felt well & strong. You see the picture above? That was the photo taken with my Mummy students on the last day of my class before I took a break and self-declared my maternity leave. I still remembered what an enjoyable last class it was and happily taking group photos with my students... The next morning everything just happened with a blink of an eye. I suddenly feel like I'm writing with a rather serious tone, lol.. Nothing scary's coming up next lah, I just felt the rush all over again that's why.

Pardon this gross photo...

The morning right after my last evening class I woke up feeling slight cramps in my tummy. Thinking they're probably just Braxton Hicks I took a nap and waited out to observe how I felt. After 2 hours of on and off cramps and waking up from my morning nap, I texted my EDD Mummy friends to seek some advise about the sensation I was feeling. It was strange b'cuz the moment I started texting them about it, the cramps just stopped and I felt alright again. But just to be sure I called my doctor's clinic to seek her advise b'cuz I remembered my gynae telling me if anytime I feel BH that last for more than an hour to go see her. I called up the clinic and told them about the cramps I had in the morning and that it had stopped for 45 minutes already. Gynae advised that I didn't have to see her if my pain had really stopped and that's what I did, I got up and went for lunch and had my day as per norm. But as the day progressed I experienced very mild cramps again on and off but not on a frequent and consistent basis. B'cuz it wasn't painful nor consistent I thought it wasn't anything to be wary of so again I ignored. Night came and I felt slightly more intense cramps while sleeping and I told myself that I'll wait till dawn to take a trip down to my gynae's clinic just to get myself checked at least for an ease of mind. You might be wondering why I would wait till only morning, it's b'cuz Hubs was working on a night shift and I was taking care of Baby F. that night. Wanted to wake up and get my helper to look after her while I head out to my gynae's clinic that's why. 

My live contraction readings at 4.5cm dilation.

On the way to the hospital I was pretty relaxed from chit-chatting with the Malay female Grab car driver who's also a Mom cuz we were talking about how I was feeling and our experiences with deliveries. But mid way the cramps started to get more intense then I suddenly felt that feeling all too familiar - I knew I was having real contractions by then. I got to the hospital and was still able to walk calmly to the labor ward to check myself in. To cut the long story short, I was actually already 4.5cm dilated by then! My gynae then ordered for me to take anti-contraction pills to try hold baby in if possible (b'cuz baby was still preterm then), followed by a jab to speed up the process of strengthening baby's lungs which had to be given in 2 doses in a 24-hour duration to fully take effect. I was supposed to have my manicure appointment that noon to remove my Gelish nails to prep for baby's arrival, then meet my EDD Mummy friends for a Mustela&Milky Way Tea Party. But then gynae told me I had to stay in for 1-2 days.. I was actually quite sad to know that b'cuz when my gynae told me I couldn't leave the hospital I already knew what was coming. On one hand I was trying to feel positive that the anti-contraction pill would help, the other part of me knows that baby's gonna come b'cuz she wants to come already. I was actually more worried for baby more than anything since she was preterm and I was not mentally prepared for labor yet.

My face when 5cm dilated.. Just before the real pain comes in...

Shortly later I was moved to the delivery room b'cuz the nurses said "just in case". Actually I think they already knew I was gonna deliver soon yet they're just like pretending nothing's happening. I was in the delivery room waiting but was unsure what I was actually waiting for. I didn't have any epidural at that time b'cuz I was supposed to wait out to see if the anti-contraction pills took effect to hold baby in or if they failed and I had to deliver anyways. So by an hour later I started to feel the real deal. I was grabbing onto the sides of the bed at every contraction, taking deep breaths till the extend I would moan loudly 'cuz the pain was almost unbearable. At that time the nurses told me I was already 8cm dilated and I panicked a little 'cuz I wasn't sure if I'll be able to bear the pain till full dilation. I ended up taking epi b'cuz I couldn't think straight in such pain when the nurses asked if I wanted epi and its now or never.. if it was you, in such pain and told that, hard to say no right? I mean if and unless you've already decided firmly not to take the shot. Plus when I was asked the question I could barely hold in my baby already, the urge to push baby out was so strong yet I was told I can't just yet b'cuz I was not fully dilated. Wah lau, that feeling was really 'want my life' (in Chinese) - cannot tahan. I was on gas at that point to help manage the pain but I just couldn't take another second of it, let alone still having to bear with it for another 2cm more. Then I knew why I always hear shouting/ screaming in labor wards... Really Kudos to Moms who go all natural without epidural. But STMs, be warned - I was told that STMs usually feel much intense pain than FTMs b'cuz labor is faster and shorter. 

Welcoming Baby H. with a smile. Hubby asked if I didn't take Coconuts before this b'cuz she was alot 'whiter' than Fayth.. Ya la, I was only 35 weeks then and I have not really started to take Coconuts on a full force yet. So maybe that's why she's still all gooey-white when she arrived. So I guess the Coconuts really does work!

After epi was administered, I felt calm and at peace while waiting for Hubs to get to the hospital. I was a little disappointed that Hubs wasn't around to witness the kind of pain we Mummies go thru during delivery b'cuz my first delivery was more peaceful than this (took epi once I reached hospital). I thought if he could see for himself he would be more appreciative of me as a Mom and Wife. The nurses kept asking if my Hubby was coming, when, what time, etc. He was actually sleeping even though I called him 1-2 hours earlier to tell him I was 4.5cm dilated!! Over the phone he responded "huh means gonna give birth"?? And told me he'd call me back later. Scali after that MIA-ed so I guessed he must have fallen back to sleep again - best right this husband of mine. Anyway he managed to rush down after epi kicked in and the waiting game lasted for a little over an hour. This time I had the same side effects of shivering uncontrollably. Lucky that was the only side effect I had during delivery, no vomiting - thank goodness! The total time it took for me to fully dilate from the time I stepped into the hospital was about 3.5 hours, and guess how long was my active labor?? You would never have guessed right!! Usually gynae would come to check for dilation first, and if it's fully dilated and ready for active labor she'd hand over to the midwives to take over and assist in labor (pushing) for a designated duration. So that day after my gynae confirmed I was ready for active labor after she checked, baby's head and hair could actually be seen already. Then she left and the midwives assisted me with labor. I had a strange feeling that we'll have to call my gynae back very soon. True enough when the midwife asked for me to try pushing once, she shouted "stop stop, baby's coming out already" and hurriedly called my gynae back again - LOL! 😄

Cheese.. Hubs wanted to take a snap shot of me to show how fresh I was right after baby was popped. LOLs.

My gynae came back to the delivery room and took over. Baby H. actually just slid out from below without really having me to push. I only had to gently push once to assist baby gliding out and it took me about 1 to 2 minutes to have baby out fully - amazing isn't it?? Best part was that my gynae didn't have to cut me, I just tore slightly - shiok! One thing she's on the smaller side 'cuz she's a preemie so I guess that makes it easier to deliver. My hubby was so (I don't know whether) shocked/surprised/astonished that my active labor was sooooooooooo short (my first was an hour), he kept asking me to write a testimonial on my Prenatal Aerobic classes to share with Mummies how the classes helped me with a very smooth & quick delivery after which still looking fresh and great. To be honest, I was really feeling fresh and energetic at that time.. I myself was astonished with the entire saga and also proud of myself for being the founder of Prenatal Aerobic classes in Singapore, for being able to share such a wonderful activity with expecting Mummies to help them keep fit, healthy and positive not only during their pregnancy term but also help to get them on track after birth. Hahaha, not trying to promote my business here but I'll take it as my testimonial for you Mummies already. 😉

Holding on to Baby H. for the very first time. ❤️

So Baby H. decided to meet us on the 18 May, becoming a Taurus baby instead of a Geminian.. at 35weeks+ she weighed 2.58kg at birth. She's actually heavier than her Jie Jie just that she's a preemie that's why smaller at birth. Her big sister weighed 3.015kg at birth when I was 38weeks+. I love the hat given by TMC, super cute!! Good for photo taking right after birth. Hehe.. Anyway I'll share on a separate post later the goodie bags & items given during my stay at TMC.. Aiyo.. looking at the photo makes me wanna tear again. But its tears of joy! 🙂 Argh, the hormones..!!

Then holding her again for the first time, after she was cleaned up and in my staycay room.

As a STM alot was already familiar by then, everything came really naturally and stress-free. The routine of sleepless nights feeding baby was just about to begin, and I was fearless b'cuz I waited so long for this day. Aiyoooooo.. tears filling up my eyes again.. tsk. Really hor jialat. I have heard countless times not to cry during confinement b'cuz it's not good for our eyes. My first confinement was quite stressful due to being a FTM and plus 'some' other factors.. I remembered I cried almost everyday for the first 2 weeks. This time I'm all stress-free and happy, but I get emo at times and I just wanna shed some tears of joy. Aiyoooo, really hor.. sad cry, happy also cry. Haha.. Wo de tian!

My sweet sweet angel. I just want to smell and look at her everyday and every minute, not wanting to forget these moments. B'cuz I once remembered how it's like to miss my newborn so damn much. I'm not sure if I'll have another baby after this so I have to cherish every single moment with her, and Baby F. My babies will grow up one day to be independent girls (or at least I hope they would) and probably by then we'll be good Sisters (I wish! Haha). Baby F. now already is no longer like a baby. She's a tott now and she's becoming a handful for us at times. I wouldn't say that she's naughty but she's reallllyyyyyy hyper active. I wonder how Baby H. is gonna turn out. But I do secretly hope for a milder younger one just to balance out the noise at home and hopefully one day this Jie Jie will tone down just a little. LOL. 

Dr. Caroline Khi, my gynae since 2015 who delivered both my babies safely. Thank you Dr. Khi! 

Back to my story... As Baby H. was a preemie, she had to be sent to NICU for observation right after she was born. That was just to monitor her breathing and check on her lungs. She was released from NICU the same day just several hours after birth and sent to the normal nursery for continuous monitoring. Mummy & Baby are both fine after natural delivery and was discharged on the 3rd morning. Although she's tinier, she's healthy and that's all that matters. 

Jotting down this story to share with anyone who's interested to find out, and also for me to read probably when I'm old and reminiscing these events. But for now I'm surely gonna remember this day deeply in my heart maybe until both my girls start tearing our house apart. Haha... Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~! ; )

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Bye for now and see you soon! 🙂


  1. Just like to know how much you gained for your pregnancy this time round?

    1. Hi there, I don't know the exact number of weight gained at the time of delivery.. but from the last weigh in was about 11kg. :)

  2. Awwww congrats! You're making me babyhungry fr #2 seeing how easy you made it look haha. Can I ask. How do you deal with the emotions of saying goodbye to your firstborn being your only child? My firstborn is 20mo..and I feel like I can never love another as much ever again..

    1. Hey thanks there! Are you planning for no. 2? :P The journey of my pregnancy was not difficult at all comparing to the joy im going through, the pain will probably come when both my girls are old enough to tag team and bully Mummy. Hahaha.. Its a complex qn to answer. Feelings for my first born were up and down throughout my pregnancy. It was frustrating for me at times since being preggers made me tired and hormonal (easily agitated), I am guilty for screaming at her during times when she was doing things that I disliked.. being a handful, you know how toddlers can be. I trained her to be independent since the day I found out I was pregnant so I didnt have to keep carrying her and she wont whine for it. Shes now very well independent around me and no longer need me to constantly carry her, no more whining, and we still have fun tgr. Now she bugs the other members at home bcuz they're always giving in to her. Sometimes now I do feel the guilt again, that Im having to care for my no2 n hoping im not neglecting my first born. But when I see her dote on her little sister, I feel at ease and think mayb I just overthink things. To answer your qn, I sometimes feel sad thinking back how close me n my elder girl was n how she would stick to me like glue. And now even though i am happy shes more independent, some part of me still aches to have flash backs of the past. Its a very mixed situation but I guess I am looking forward to double happiness seeing both of them bond tgr. I was already expecting that my younger one might be closer to be and elder on closer to Dad in time to come, plus since im bf my younger one and I intend for a longer time. Oh wells, lets just see how things goes. :)

  3. How was your experience with Dr Caroline Khi Yu May