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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Media Event_Ju-Ju-Be Sea Punk Launch By Mums & Babes Singapore_26 June 2017

Did you know that Ju-Ju-Be x Tokidoki's latest product launch is 3pm today (27 June 2017)? Yes! Sea Punk! It's like the version 2 of the previous print, Sea Amo. I was really excited that I've been invited to the media event cum trunk show organised by Mums & Babes Singapore (MNBSG) yesterday at United Square. A trunk show is usually organised by by distributors a day before the official launch and open to public via a que system. Sometimes VIP passes are handed out and I was stoked to get one of it. It was the first media event & trunk show MNBSG held yesterday and I'm happy to share about it! Let's see! : D

Mandatory selfie with the gorgeous blue backdrop to start the day.

Super stoked! VIP access! Yays!

Everyone was waiting for 2pm for the doors to open for VIP pass holders. There wasn't any que to enter but there was a random draw system to determine who's allowed to purchase first. But not to worry about not being the first in line as we were only allowed to choose the PP (placements) of the bags between 2 pieces for each design, so the last few doesn't mean it's gonna be anything with lousy PP. It's quite a fair system.

2pm came and the doors were open, I was immediately captured by this dreamy unicorn-themed display. So pretty!

A very lovely dessert table set-up indeed by Abite. Although there were lil' snacks and cakes for guests to have, they were too pretty I didn't wanna start eating them off to spoil the complete look. LOL.

Spot the Donutellas! : P

Besides Ju-Ju-Be products, there were other cute products with Tokidoki prints from various brands to be purchased.

Like the very cute Baby Moccasins from Itzy Ritzy, love the Donutella ones.
And Toki wet bags which you can use to keep your baby carriers or use them for swim sessions with your kiddos.

Toki plushies, Latte & Donutella are so kawaii! I think there were also blind box Toki figurines as well. Some Toki Mummy fans were going crazy choosing by feeling the packets 'cuz its a blind buy.. Haha. I know some friends who collect the entire set of figurines on its own, while others convert them into bag charms by adding embellishments together with the figurines onto key chains.

There was a balloon station where this really talented lady was making balloon sculptures for kids & Mummies. How cute is this Bunny. In this picture she was making A unicorn out of the balloons. Didn't manage to snap a pic later on 'cuz I was too busy shopping . LOL!

Names of the VIP guests were drawn with a random name drawer and I was quite lucky to get the first 5s. There were friendly staff at the selection counter to bring you 2 PPs of each design of your choice. Each guest could purchase 2 big bags and 1 small bag/item. You'd get a free coin purse for purchases above $250. Same thing, choose one from 2 PPs given.

Met many familiar faces at the event and Jasmine was one of the pretty Mummy friends there. She was there to do a live demo for packing of Ju-Ju-Be bags. That was one segment of the event and I don't have a photo to show 'cuz I was busy taking videos for my IG stories. You can pop to my IG @Vannytelly to have a look, the vids will only be there till 5pm today, I think? Otherwise you can always find it on Youtube k.

Pretty Mummies need more mandatory photos can. Hahaha. And the dessert table makes a very lovely backdrop! Oh ya, I was wearing my nursing cover most of the time 'cuz Baby H. was crying alot and I had to nurse her on and off. I think she's going through another growth spurt man, went back yesterday and nursed her 3 hours on and off non-stop and today still the same pattern! : O

So these were my loots of the day and I'm very happy with the PPs!! So chio can! Twin uni at the centre front of my Superbe with double Donutellas behind, and Donutella in the middle of my Be Set!! Consolation for a Donutella on the corner of my Minibe. Yays! Also had a free coin purse and cute Toki stickers.

See how cute the stickers are. Can I paste on my luggage? Hmmmm....

And an OOTD shot to end my post.. Thanks MNBSG once again for the invite, I had fun!

For those of you who missed the trunk shows yesterday, there'd be official launches on some local websites at 3pm sharp today (27th June k) where you can try your hands on FFF (fastest fingers first) to get some Sea Punks. Good luck!! ; )
**Give-Away Alert**
I'll be holding a give-away for one of the items from my loot stash yesterday, *wink wink**
do check my FB/IG for updates. ; )  

So that's all for today and I hope you liked my blog post for the day. Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~! ; )

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