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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

My Delivery Story - Officially A Mother Of Three Girls!

They say every pregnancy and delivery is different, now I'll have three different stories to tell for the birth of my three princesses. 

When I had Fayth, the first sign was a dilation of 2cm at 37/38 weeks, followed by a call to my boss for immediate activation of maternity leave. 5 days later I woke up in the middle of the night and found my water bag broken. 9 hours from the broken water bag and 1 hour of pushing, she was born.

With Hope at 35 weeks, I felt some cramping on and off for a day. At night it got more intense and I knew I'll have to have a check in the morning. Before I left home I already had bloody show and I know for sure I had to pay the gynae a visit. Was warded immediately and given meds to stop my contractions and a jab to speed up maturity of baby's lungs. But no more than 5 hours since the bloody show, Hope just couldn't wait and she arrived - without a push!! She slid out.. hahaha.. Was the easiest birth I'd say.

Instant love, instant connection.
But actually this day Hope was a little emo. *Hugs* my big baobei~

With Baby J, at the night of CNY day 3 (2020), I started to feel contractions. Wasn't sure if they were real or fake 'cuz I actually had "contractions" for days/ almost a week prior to that night. I started to time the intervals and found that they were regular and not only that, were getting closer - 5 minutes at first, then it progressively became 3-5 minutes each time. Luckily i stopped my hubs from heading out for his night errands when I sensed something "different". Told him "okay I'm gonna wash my hair now and go to the hospital", so that's what we did. It was 8+pm when we left home, my heart sank as I left both my older girls at home and Hope was crying hysterically as Mama left her. 

Arrived at the hospital and I was 4cm dilated already. This round I really didn't feel that the contractions were painful, it just felt like tightening everytime it happened. I could still walk from the waiting room to the labor room on my own and it felt great! ('cuz the previous 2 i was pushed into the labor ward on a bed, haha) Still asked for epi even though i didn't think i really really needed it, 'cuz at first my gynae thought it'll take some time for me to dilate as he mentioned my cervix was still thick - thought i had to wait long so i'd rather have some peaceful rest while waiting. He had to break my water bag to speed things up. Dr Tho (my gynae) told me he'd be expecting baby's arrival just before sunrise..

But who knew around 2am when i was just about to feel sleepy, i suddenly felt that the tightening got grew more intense and felt like something "below" was coming out so I got the nurses to check. True enough, i was close to full dilation already! SUPER FAST! Dr Tho came right back and prepped me up, i gave 5 pushes and Baby J. was born. I swear if I knew she was gonna come this quickly I could have tried without epi and save on the backache and epi pain (explain below later). But with low dose of epi it made everything a breeze, plus pushing her out was also a smooth & easy.

I side track abit... this round it was the first time ever I felt that administration of epi the most painful!! I guess it's because I was not so much in contractions pain it mad me feel too much of the epi needle going into my back. It was horrible and I had to gas up to relax myself during the administration. Gosh!! If given a choice that I could redo things, I would have done without epi.

For my first 2, contractions were so painful I really couldn't feel much of the epi pain during administration. This round it was totally "memorable".. haha, but not so in a good way.

Buttttttt, anyways choice is made and everything is done and i'm just glad Baby J. arrived safely and she's been awfully guai (good) 'cuz she listened to EVERY SINGLE THING I told her when she was in my tums. First I told her to stay in til the safe zone, and she did. Then I prayed for her to come subtly and arrive smoothly, and she did just that. You are so guai my baobei!! *MuaCks**

This 3rd baobei of mine arrived on day 4 of CNY at 38 weeks exactly, weighing at 2.77kg. The feeling of meeting your lil' one for the first time never gets old. It was love at first sight! :)

And latching for the first time was also a wonderful and special moment. I swear you won't know this feeling until you tried it for yourself! The feeling is so amazing you won't know it until it hits you! Hehe!!

I remembered setting this alphabet board up in my labor ward while waiting for her to arrive haha.
Must prep for nice photo taking 'cuz last baby liao!

Who do you think she looks like? At first look both hubs and I feel she has her own unique look.

But later on I feel she looks like Hope Jie2 when she was a newborn baby.
Now at home sometimes I see both her Jie2s in her face, but I guess they're sisters so they'll always have a little of each other in their faces.. Hehe. 

And here's a short video of her two Jie2's reaction when meeting Baby J. for the first time.
This will be memories for them later on when they've grown up, it'll be a lovely memory to look back at. I love you girls and you'll always have each other! Happy & contented with a complete set - Fayth, Hope, Joy, we can close shop liao. Muahahahahaha.. Don't ask me if we wanna try for a boy or add on another Mei2 'Love', not our intention or a need. I think we are very happy and comfortable where we are already, one more means being out numbered!! LOLs!! Kudos to Mummies & Daddies who have more than 3 kids, especially if they're like mine all small age gaps...!! How do you do it?! But first, must make sure my Hubs go tie else its not a guaranteed. Hurhur~

Jotting down this to share with anyone who's curious or kaypo to find out, and also for me to read probably when I'm old and reminiscing. But for now I'm surely gonna remember this day deeply in my heart maybe until my girls start driving me nuts. Haha... Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~! ; )

Ps. here's the link to my 2nd birth story if you're keen. :)
Click here!

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Bye for now and see you soon! 🙂

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tian Wei Confinement Food Singapore Review_My 2nd Time Ordering!

It's my second time ordering confinement home catered food from Tian Wei Signature and this round I've ordered it for my 2nd month postpartum 'cuz I figured out my confinement nanny could cook confinement meals for me during my first month of confinement then continue to have nutritious confinement food on the second month to further nourish my body with the needed nutrients. I chose Tian Wei Signature again as I really enjoyed the meals from their 28-day package the last round and I really missed the food so yes, ordered from them this round again!

I won't say too much on why, what, how, I'll just show you guys some of my fav dishes from Tian Wei! Will link you up with my detailed blog post which I've done for the last round at the bottom of this blog post. Enjoy the food pics!!! :P

First day is always the most exciting!! I remembered I missed the meals so much and I was really happy to have their meals again this round. Their meals always come in a thermal bag and food is always warm and ready to be eaten. Foods with liquid like soup/gravy is double sealed to prevent spills. They even gave a set of metal straws for the red date tea (see above!), so environmentally friendly!

This round they also indicated if the fish dish has bones in them, I find it a really good reminder else sometimes we Mummies tend to eat really quickly especially when baby is crying and all. So it's good to have this reminder, very thoughtful!

Below are some of my fav dishes!! :P


Anyone fan of Red Wine Chicken?

This looks very normal but I particularly like this style of cooking for pork ribs. It's very tender and has juicy fish maw in it. Sedap!

I'm not a chicken wings person but this was good. My kids love it too. Sweet sweet one~

Vinegar Pork Trotters need no introduction hor. Hehe!

Green Papaya Fish Soup is the ultimate fav among Mummies 'cuz MILK BOOTER + nutritious + delicious!! This is the milky version and they also serve the clear version on other days.


This is one of my fav western meals. I LOVEEEEE the quinoa, the salmon with cream sauce, and their signature Orange Peel Red Bean Puree. Very niceeeee...!

This (above) Japanese-inspired meal is new this round and its really good! My nanny loved it too, hehe cuz' I'd share my food and this was one of her favs! And now that I've mentioned, I find the portion just right for me. It's not overly huge so I won't be too stuffed yet I'm still able to share a little on certain days.

A summary of my review (again):
  • Food is delicious and there's not a single thing I didn't like.
  • Always arrived on time, service from the delivery uncle is good and he's friendly.
  • Food and drinks are always warm and ready-to-be-consumed.
  • Wide variety and interesting fusion dishes - I really loved the western & fusion dishes!
  • Food is healthy and nutritious, flavors are well-controlled and not too salty/oily, etc.
  • Balanced diet for having vegetables, protein, staple, and soup every meal.
  • Convenient and hassle free, definitely suitable for busy Moms!
  • Customer service staff were friendly and make calls to check if the food delivered are all up to satisfaction. May also make requests, eg I didn't have Sheng Hua Tang this round cuz' I only ordered in after 2nd month of confinement.
  • Kitchen was always accommodating to my meal requests, e.g. made my red date tea less sweet when I asked and very efficient in response.
  • Pricing is reasonable, and there's a variety of meal plans to choose from.

Ultimately I would definitely recommend Tian Wei Signature to anyone looking for confinement food catering. It's simple, yet packs a good variety, totally the best thing if you have no nanny or would like to continue with more nutritious eating after your first month of confinement.

As mentioned above I did a very detailed blog post the last round in 2017, I had confinement food after delivery back then, and here are the links. I've broken them down into 2 parts with the traditional chinese confinement foods vs the fusion confinement foods. All the photos of every meal + dishes of its names are in there. Hope it'll be informative for you to make your decision on your confinement catering choices!

Part 2 Confinement Food Singapore Review(Fusion Meals): https://vannytelly.blogspot.com/2017/07/postpartum-service-reviewconfinement.html

So that's all for today and I hope you liked my review for the day. Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~! ; )

If you'd like to find out more about Tian Wei Signature & their packages, visit them at their:

Official website @ https://www.tianweisignature.com/

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Thursday, April 09, 2020

Newborn And Family Photography With Niji Gallery Singapore

Just a short blog post today to share some of our newborn photos done by Niji Gallery Photography. They're a local (Singapore) based photography company that does mainly newborn & family shoots. And quote really affordable prices. Hope you like the photos as much as I do!!

Oh yes FYI, the white thing Baby J. is lying on... It's actually a bump cast which I did with Keeping Memories 3D Casting when I was in my third trimester. We kinda discussed to have the casting done and ave it ready for her shoot, so we could have some REALLY meaningful photos to keep since she's gonna be our last precious baby. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! By the way if you're keen to find out more on the bump/baby cast services, do head on to my IG post for more details!

FYI: some of the pics below are raw pics and unedited.

close shop liao~~~ hurhurhur..

Typically the newborn shoot would take about 3 hours (plus minus) in total. For us we took about a whooping 4 hours cuz' baby kept waking up and we spent alot of time coaxing her to sleep - so the duration really depends on how "well" baby performs that day. And typically such shoots are recommended for newborn babies below 14 days old as they tend to be more sleepy and it'll be easier for the photoshoot to sail through. Baby J. was already close to 2 weeks old by the time we shot these. For more details of the rates and charges, please PM Niji Gallery on their Facebook page (see below for link) to find out.

The photoshoot was done at at our home during my confinement, which is what I always make sure for cuz' I really prefer not to head out during this period. Niji Gallery Photography is run by a husband and wife team and they're really great with babies since they have a few of their own! Thanks for the session and the lovely photos!!

So that's all for today and I hope you liked my short photo sharing session. Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, Happy CNY everyone - I'll most likely be doing my confinement by then... bye~! ; )

If you'd like to find out more about Niji Gallery Photoraphy and their services, visit them at their:

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

My 3rd Time Engaging PEM Confinement Nanny

It's now day 26 postpartum and i'm sitting in front of my computer writing this short review of why I chose to engage a confinement nanny from PEM confinement agency AGAIN.... and i'm only able to freely do work during this period 'cuz my nanny, Auntie Moon is great with Baby J. and her nanny duties. That gives me time and assurance to do my own stuff and also have time with my two older girls as they transit through this new phase along with me. The transitional period is probably the toughest emotional ride a Mom could go through as she sees her older kid(s) suddenly forced to grow over night and since there's a new member in the family, Mummy (me) tends to be busy with the little one. But with a good confinement nanny being able to help with the baby, Moms like me will be able to continue bonding and spend time with the family as the whole family settles down into the new routine. I guess this is the best way (for us) to smoothly transit and prep everyone at home for whats to come after confinement.. haha...

So as I was saying, we have yet again engaged our confinement nanny from PEM confinement agency Singapore. It's our third baby and our third time engaging a nanny from PEM. Previously I did a blog post reviewing the services and my experience with PEM confinement agency, you can find the link here for a detailed read up.

For today's blog session I'll be sharing a short PEM Confinement Review, and I won't be dwelling too much on a detailed and full review but I'll be sharing more on my current nanny - Auntie Moon (Ivy #568). I'm not promoting her 'cuz i'm paid to do so, i'm not!! But I truly LOVE HER TO BITS!!! Even my Hubs, kids, and helper..! I've had 3 different confinement nannies but Auntie Moon is my FAV! "IF" I ever have another, I'll SURELY & GUARANTEE CHOPE HER AGAIN!!! Well, that's "IF" I ever really have another ('cuz we're not planning to, hurhur~).

PEM confinement review - Confinement Lady to recommend

PEM confinement review - Confinement Lady to recommend
If you're wondering where Jie2 Fayth is, she didn't wanna join us lahh~ aiks~

Why Confinement Nanny When You Have A Maid?
My helper does daily house chores and assists in preparing my two older kids for school and takes care of their daily needs including preparing their meals, bathe, and at times help to watch them. My confinement nanny on the other hand takes care of Mummy (me) and baby J's needs overall.

What Is Your Confinement Nanny's Job Scope?
1. She prepares my daily food and drinks like red date tea, confinement food, and dessert.
2. Cleans up the kitchen after cooking.
3. Prepares my herbal bath water.
4. Takes care of baby's needs like bathing her, changing her soiled diapers, feeding her (i'm supplementing), play with her when she needs attention. *A confinement nanny is trained in looking after babies and well experienced VS a helper who's probably not as experienced in taking care of newborn babies - it's a great difference!!!
5. Records every feed and every wet diaper changed so that it'll be easier for us both to keep track.
6. Washes Mummy & baby's clothes - 'cuz we hand wash all of her clothes during this period where their skin is rather sensitive and fragile.
7. Night duties: baby J. sleeps with my nanny in my room, she'll assist in changing wet/soiled diapers before passing baby to me for feeds. If baby J. doesn't have enough, Auntie Moon would help to supplement formula milk.

More details on full job scope of a confinement nanny here

The Daily Routine Of My Confinement Nanny:
(full details in my previous blog post)

Auntie Moon feeding Baby J. with a cup. Many Mummies told me Auntie Moon looks pro
'cuz not all nannies know how to feed newborn babies using a cup.

And a week later I let Auntie Moon help me transit Baby J. to a milk bottle. I find it important to let babies get used to the bottle during this period else if you take too long to let them learn, by the time you need to return to work baby might reject the bottle (happened to Hope and took us 2 months of her screaming to take the bottle!!!) and leaves the new care-taker with a huge headache. A general rule is to let baby have a bottle once a day at least so they'll remember how to suck the teat. Read this from a book on breastfeeding previously.

Auntie Moon usually starts the morning preparing my red date tea and breakfast. There was an "incident" or rather something that happened to me one of the nights. I started having chills even though I was wearing long sleeves and pants in aircon (26 degrees with lowest fan speed), I covered myself up in my comforter up to my neck and was still so darn cold. Woke up perspiring all over. Told Auntie Moon about it so she started making me ginger tea to "warm" my body up, and also suggested to my hubby to get me a Chinese pill called "Su He Wan" (see pic above) which is meant for postpartum Mummies to rid wind off their bodies. I felt better after.

And after a few days when I started to develop pimples and felt heaty, Auntie Moon stopped preparing ginger tea for me and instead made me lemongrass drink which helps to cool the body down. It was a nice touch that she's observant about how Mummies feel during confinement and "tuned" her food/drinks prep to suit our body needs.

After she's done with preparing my breakfast, Auntie Moon would bring Baby J.
for a bath and get her cleaned up for the morning. Surprisingly Baby J. seemed to love
the water 'cuz she rarely cries when Auntie bathes her.

Auntie Moon would bathe her once in the morning and wipe her down in the evenings.
Other times Auntie Moon would check on Baby J. for wet/soiled diapers and change
them regularly. IMPORTANT also! Else newborn babies tend to develop diaper rash
really easily especially if they have sensitive skin. Auntie Moon would also record every wet/soiled diaper changed to make sure baby is sufficiently fed.

This is typically how she'd keep the records down, with a record sheet provided by PEM.
This way it is well organised and easily tracked so we won't have to remember the timings by hard.

On the day Auntie Moon arrived, I was asked to fill this form out.
This is so that Auntie Moon could quickly find out my preferences and also
my daily routine timing, so she could prep my meals/bath for when I need.

Confinement Food:
Auntie Moon is a SUPERB COOK!!!! I'm not kidding!! I loved every single dish & meal that she has whipped up so far. Her plating skills are also "up one level"!! It makes confinement interesting and I look forward to every meal. Enjoy some of the photos I've taken of her yummy-licious cooking! ;)

Haha yes that's Durian... the Hubs bought it and I wanted to try see if I still had aversions to Durians 'cuz I couldn't stand the smell and didn't touch Durian entire of my 3rd pregnancy! Yes turns out, my taste buds were back to normal. Hehe.

All time fav confinement food - Vinegar Pork Trotters!
Auntie Moon makes a mean one! *drools*

I don't usually take fried food but this Deep Fried Cod in apple sauce is SEDAP (yummy)~!!

Very best lor still got mini dessert with my lunch.. Hehe!

Another of my favs - Red Wine Mee Sua. Yumssssss....

Auntie Moon also made me dessert everyday - too pampered!!

Auntie Moon helping out to hold Baby J. while we got her tiny feet casted!

Other Things My Nanny Helped Me With

  • On days I had my postnatal massage sessions, I would pump so nanny could feed & take care of baby while I enjoy my massages.
  • I did a newborn shoot for my baby at home around 2nd week post-delivery. That was great help b'cuz it takes a couple of hours to get the shoot done. Nanny was around to assist with pacifying & calming baby. 
  • My nanny plays and interacts with my older girls, which is something quite nice 'cuz I see my girls having fun with her and liking her being around.
  • And one of the important things also, washing and sterilizing of my pump parts.
  • She's also very pro-breastfeeding. So breastfeeding Mamas, rest assured if you're thinking to book Auntie Moon. :)

Its been 24 days into my confinement and I'm VERY HAPPY with Auntie Moon around and I know i'm gonna miss her very much when she leaves. Will enjoy the rest of the days left with her around and surely enjoy all her cooking! Anyways I'd definitely recommend PEM Confinement Nanny Agency to every Mom or Moms-to-be if this is something you're thinking of having during your confinement. So far I've engaged nannies from PEM three times and the experience all three times were great.

If you're thinking "oh Vanny keeps speaking highly of PEM and the nanny hor 'cuz she's sponsored", etc. Here's a proof of review from my Mummy friends & follower!! I'm not paid to say all these k!

09032020 Update:
I extended Auntie Moon's stay for 2 weeks and really really glad that I did cuz' Baby J. suddenly changed overnight as she turned a month old. Right after her full month she suddenly had alot of "patterns" like rejecting the bottle/BM from the bottle at times and crying alot more often. Really thankful that Auntie Moon was around to help that made this transition alot easier and less stressful. Auntie Moon is heading back tomorrow, as I'm updating this I'm feeling rather emotional and teary eyed. We will miss her sooooooo much. Thank you Auntie Moon!

FYI again for my confinement nanny recommendationAuntie Moon's code is #568 and she's always full with her bookings so do check in with PEM if you'd like to place a booking on her. For more of my daily reviews/sharing you may check out my IG Highlights "Confinement" on my IG @Vannytelly

So that's all for today and I hope you liked my review for the day. Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~! ; )

If you'd like to find out more about PEM Confinement Nanny Agency and their packages, visit them at their:

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