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Thursday, March 29, 2018

World's First Tokidoki Pop-Up Cafe Opens in Singapore Today_March 29 2018_JuJuBeXTokidoki Fans Get Ready!!!

Calling all Tokidoki and JuJuBeXTokidoki fans! The world's first Tokidoki pop-up cafe is opened today!! (Thursday, 29 March 2018) The pop up cafe by Kumoya Singapore is located at 8 Jalan Klapa which is situated along Victoria Street and pretty close by Bugis. I'm not even gonna do any introduction to Tokidoki b'cuz if you're a fan you should know what it is already rite?! Lols.

But a little introduction on Kumoya... It is actually their 4th themed cafe set up and the previous few were Care Bears, Miffy and Cinnamoroll. The owner of Kumoya changes their cafe's theme every few months and this time the super popular Tokidoki takes the storm. I'm sure this will be a SUPER HIT with us JuJuBeXTokidoki Mummies! Hehe..

Kumoya is a Singapore based Japanese-French inspired cafe and sits about 30 in their cosy space. You can't miss this place when you pass by. Just look at all the eye-popping aesthetic and cute Tokidoki characters that screams "come in and take photos with us"!

The cafe was literally decked in Tokidoki characters at almost every corner that you find. But thats great isn't it?? Cuz its super Instagram-able you're gonna go crazy with photo taking. There was also a small counter space where you can find some Tokidoki merchandises like figurines and plushies that can be purchased from the cafe.

Tokidoki menu!! Let's check out what's there to have here!

These were the mains offered at Kumoya, and some sides on the next page which I did not get a snap shot of. So cute!! We couldn't decide on what to have b'cuz 2 of us weren't gonna be able to stomach all of these plus desserts!

Desserts!!!! A must-have!!!

Cutesy beverages... some of these drinks comes with either a complimentary Tokidoki coaster or a Donutella drink float. Definitely gonna order one with the Donutella float, show you guys later k!!

Spot the cotton candy drink!!! *Screams* Of course we're ordering that!!

While waiting for our food & drinks, of course it's time for more photos!!!
Muahahahaha~~~ Look at the characters backing every chair!

And Unicornos all lined up on the seats waiting for you to hug them for a photo!

Calista (@MLBB) and I were a huge fan of this particular wall... it was a total great spot to get nice photos. Even the plushies alone looked so pretty in the pic. Gonna spam a few shots of us in the next few pics. Hehe.

Yeah! Say cheese with Latte!


Confirm cute right??? Now you know where's a good spot to get your photos taken..
Hehe, you're welcome!! Okay enuff of us, food is served!!

First we've got the Moofia-Protected Pressed Sushi Rice. It looked like a giant pair of sushi printed with Latte & Milk which was adorable. The mains came accompanied with a small bowl of Miso Soup & some sides - Edamame beans & corn topped with fried lotus root chips. Cali loved the lotus root chips she kept telling me it was very good. Lols.

I'm a big fan of Unagi Sushi so this was my go-to dish. It was indeed a giant Unagi Sushi with an additional slice of cheese in between and topped with a printed rice cracker. A simple and straight forward dish which was pleasant to have especially since I love Unagi. One thing I felt lacked was wasabi though. Cali & I were saying how perfect it would be with a Sandy-faced wasabi on the side. Would be uber cute don't you think? And I'm sure most of you would like your sushi with some wasabi + shoyu right?

Cali ordered the Donutella & Sweet Friends Japanese Curry Rice which was a safe choice. The curry was a lovely mix with the fried items pairing with the Donutella-shaped Japanese rice. As a person who doesn't fancy deep-fried foods, the fried items that came with it tasted really fresh. We were both surprised with how unexpectedly tasty the mains were. I mean TBH we both came not expecting too much of the food b'cuz you know how themed cafes can look cute and all but when it comes to food it's usually like, uhm.... But the food were great so far. The mains were safe but were also done well. Oh yes back to this, the fried stuff included in the dish were calamari rings, tempura prawn, frittered salmon and a breaded scallop. They were all fresh & crispy!

And what's not to have mandatory food-tasting shots.. acting like some celebrity food bloggers.
Hahahaha... But who care's when we can!

We each ordered a beverage to share. First came the Donutella Sweet Treat Caramel Popcorn Frappe. The frappes comes with complimentary Donutella drink float which you can take home as a souvenier. They're super cute!! I took one home and my girls loved playing with it. Should have gotten another to make a pair! Next time maybe...

Oh Gawd!! I forgot to take a photo of the frappe 'cuz was busy taking pictures of the Donutella float instead, Lols!! So stealing a selfie from Cali. Although the name of the frappe and the look itself seemed like a reallllyyyy sweet drink, we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't OOT (over the top) sweet. The sweetness for the drink was really just right and it tasted just like Garrett's popcorn. Hahaha.. Yummies! The drink was also drizzled with some caramel sauce & gourmet popcorn. Def like a dessert in a cup!

The Unicorno Cotton Candy came later which we knew why it took longer to be served 'cuz look at it!!! *jaw drops* and *takes phone out to quickly snap*... *talk later*.. LOL!! Kidding.. The drink looked super sweet doesn't it? But no! I was taken back after I took a sip of the drink. Cali ordered this so I wasn't sure what I was drinking, from the looks of it I thought it was some kinda milkshake. But no it's actually fruit calpis with butterfly pea tea. It was light and refreshing at the start, about a good 20 minutes later the cotton candy kinda disappeared into the drink and it tasted lightly sweetened compared to the start, which was still nice and not overly sweet. Nice one!

Donutella's Delightful Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Sauce - cake fans will love this especially if you're into dense & moist cakes. I went like "ooh, yum" when I first tasted this... after I had a taste of the next dessert this became blah... haha.. Okay this was not too bad but definitely not my winning pick.

Adios & Ciao Ciao's Farewell Fantasy Charcoal Waffles - Cali & I voted this as our fav for the night. Let me start with the waffles. The generous serving is definitely meant for sharing. The charcoal waffles were crispy on the outside & fluffy-light on the inside. Didn't taste much of the charcoal but it was fragrant on its own. Drizzled with some dark chocolate sauce, eaten with some cream on the side with a mint leaf... Cali & I thought was an interestingly-amazing taste. I loved it!! The berry soft serve that came with the waffles was also another of my fav. It was not too sweet and really addictive to have. The Hokkaido soft serve was house-made by Kumoya. Damn good! Brownies were okay but I loved the strawberry coated cereal crisps. They tasted like Meiji strawberry chocolate. Yums!

So far everything that happend at Kumoya's Tokidoki pop up cafe was awesome. I'm not sure how a hit it'll get with the public after it's doors are open today. But if you had to que for a seat here, do take some pics with the Tokidoki Little Terror (not so little here haha) standing outside of the cafe. Super cute & I'm sure anyone that comes to Kumoya will not leave without a picture with this cutey.

Hahaha.. I just told you, NO ONE or maybe us... won't leave without a mandatory picture with The Little Terror. 

We've had fun taking pictures at Kumoya with everything Tokidoki and enjoyed the food. I'll definitely recommend all fans to come just b'cuz you can take photos until you die (not literally haha) here and also the food is pretty worth having. I'm not paid to write this and wasn't obliged to do a blog review but I decided to b'cuz I really had a good time, and so did Cali. I think you girls, Mummies, or just fans will have an awesome time at Kumoya too. If you're heading down to Kumoya do remember to jio all your kakis and bring your Tokidoki and/or JuJuBeXTokidoki bags along to take lots of photos!! Sayonara~

Kumoya is Singapore’s first Halal-certified Japanese-French café.
Venue: Tokidoki Pop-Up Café
Kumoya @ 8 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199320

Opening Hours: 
12:00 pm – 9:30 pm (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday), 12:00 pm – 10:30 pm (Friday, Saturday), Last Order 30 minutes before closing, Closed on Mondays. 
 29 March 2018 to end June 2018
Find Kumoya on...

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