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Friday, March 02, 2018

Infant Formula Milk Review & Price Guide_Oz Farm Royal From Australia

Before I start my review for the day, I'll first talk about my thoughts on baby's nutritional intake for the first months of his/her life. I myself am a breastfeeding Mummy and I've been going on for 8 months already (read my story here). As a mother of two I feel the need of providing the best that I can for both my girls. When put in a situation or given a choice, I'll definitely give them what I can even if it means to go out of my way to achieve that. Because I feel that ultimately the feeling of my love for them will be greater than any obstacles that could possibly arise. So as a Mom who feels this way, I think it becomes a natural thing already and all the feelings of uncertainties and fear just fade away. Okay 'nuff of my emo talk, and back to where I was heading. Exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of baby's life is recommended by WHO & UNICEF because breast milk is the natural first food for babies and it provides all the energy and nutrients that the infant needs for the first months of its life. There's even more benefits than this which you can read up here. I'm sure by now most Moms or Moms to be would know about this already with all the education of breastfeeding spreading all over the world. But I'm sure that there are Mummies who probably aren't able to provide their babies with the best first food whether being personal or medical reasons. But ultimately the choice as a Mother is theirs am I right? If you were to read my story on my breastfeeding journey, you'd find that I've actually been supplementing Baby H. with formula milk since she was 5 months old. I won't share too much details here so do read up my blog post on my breastfeeding journey.

I'm not shy to share that I am supplementing my baby with formula because at the end of the day the utmost priority is for baby to be fed well and not go hungry, right? Mummies who do not or could not provide their babies with breastmilk doesn't makes them any less of a good Mother! For me I just try to give what ever I have for how ever long I can. Baby H. is already 9 months old and I am happy that I've made it this far with breastfeeding her. Look at her, super chubs and happy! Happy baby = happy Mummy!! So because I have started supplementing Baby H's milk feeds with infant formula, I thought I'd share what I've been giving her if any of you Mummies are interested to find out.

I've been giving Baby H. infant formula from Oz Farm. They are a brand from Australia and who doesn't agree with me that this place is famous for its natural wonders?? The milk sourced for making Oz Farm products are from 100% Australian dairy farms which is recognized for producing the highest quality of milk possible (see above for more details).

Oz Farm focuses on the nutritional needs for:
~New born 0-6 months
~Infants 6-12 months
~Toddlers 1-3 years
~Children 1-10 years
~Adults - all stages for additional nutritional requirements
~Dairy products for general population

And their products are certified Halal & Kosher.

Abit more on how I got to know of this brand.. A friend of mine shared with me that she was giving her girls formula milk products from Oz Farm and that the prices were very affordable yet providing babies with adequate nutritional benefits. Her girls also did not react with 'side effects' from consuming these milk. Side effects referring to constipation, 'heatiness' or rejection of formula and etc. I'm not really picky with the brand of formula I give to my girls and to me what's important is that what I give is safe, AVA-approved, and provides them with the needed nutritional values for their age group. Oh yea, most importantly is that they like it and are suitable for it. So I thought okay no harm taking a look at the contents then see if its something I'll even be able to accept. 

Oz Farm offers 3 stages of formula milk products for infants to toddlers 0 months to 3 years old.
Oz Farm Classic Infant Formula is suitable for infants aged 0-6 months, Stage 1
Oz Farm Classic Follow-On Formula suitable for infants 6-12 months, Stage 2
And The Oz Farm Classic Toddler Formula is suitable for toddlers aged 1-3 Years, Stage 3

I won't talk about stage 1 & 3 today b'cuz what I am giving Baby H. now is stage 2 as she is now 8 months old and the Oz Farm Classic Follow-On Formula is specially formulated for infants from 6 months of age. As our babies develop, its growth rate accelerates and its stomach’s ability to metabolize nutrients becomes greater. Oz Farm Classic Follow-On Formula (stage 2) contains more protein and calcium for increased bone and muscle development as well as many other essential vitamins and minerals to support all aspects of health and well-being. This formula milk is well rounded and suitable for babies between 6-12 months of age. Each tin also contains 13 key vitamins and 12 key minerals for healthy development (see above picture for nutritional contents).

Before I move on to sharing why I chose to try out the formula from Oz Farm, it's necessary to share more about the nutrition that is widely marketed by formula milk companies. They 2 commonly talked about ingredients are AA and DHA. You may also find other ingredients like ALA and LA in some formula milk too. Here are some details on these 4 ingredients (as shared by simplyjesme.blogspot.sg).

To be honest, Mummies and Daddies.. when you choose formula milk brands for your babies and you look at the contents of the given ingredients, do you really know what they are? Or whether it is really essential to baby's development? Actually I believe many of us are not exactly sure of this. I can't say for all parents, but a big percentage of us.. Yes?

To be honest, I am not the most versed person in these ingredients like how much of what is supposed to help our baby's development or the percentages of each ingredients should be, 'cuz I'm not qualified in this area to comment that much. But what I do know is that formula milk brands sold in Singapore that are AVA-approved comply to the requirements set by AVA, and no evidence that any one brand is superior to another.

As above I shared the table of nutrition list from simplyjesme.blogspot.sg and in her article the she shared different tables of price vs nutrition showing each stages of FM with the lowest prices vs highest content of DHA. I thought it was interesting so I decided to come up with a similar table but mainly comparing stage 2 FM since that's what Baby H. is taking now. For the purpose of this comparison, I've taken all the prices from Kim Sang Medical Hall at Jurong West b'cuz that is one of the places Oz Farm is retailed at and it's also a place where many parents purchase cheap diapers and FM.

How I compared? What other factors were involved?
  • All prices were taken from Kim Sang Medical Hall at Jurong West
  • All prices were based on the current prices stated when I walked in (January 2018)
  • All prices were based on Stage 2 Infant formula milk
  • Comparison was based on same sized tin
Stage 2 (Infant formula milk from 6 months onwards)
Comparing the prices for Stage 2,
Oz Farm is the lowest in price per kg and also the lowest per tin.
Enfamil A+ has the highest amount of AA+DHA, which corresponds to the lowest price per AA+DHA.

Coming up with this table was something challenging for me b'cuz I'm not usually a dollar-and-cents person and calculation really isn't my thing (hahahaha disclaimer first incase I calculated wrongly please pardon me!!) Even though I can be thrifty, for FM my purchasing influence isn't usually the cost but more like the suitability of the milk for my baby. Of course if baby is suitable to take a FM brand that has a lower cost and giving her a good amount of nutrition then that's best lah. So now that I've done up the table its really interesting and makes me feel positive about Oz Farm. 'Cuz overall so far there isn't any issues with Baby H. taking this FM. No heatiness, no constipation, allergy reaction, etc... And even though in this table Oz Farm isn't the one with the highest AA+DHA content, nor the cheapest per AA+DHA, from the looks of it Oz Farm is really not too far from it.. Like e.g. it is in the middle range of price per AA+DHA and nutrition content seems quite reasonable as well. And it topped the lowest cost per tin & per KG, pretty good leh..
**Update: I shared a promo code at the end of the review which takes $5 off purchase online their official SG website (which retails for $40/tin).. means per tin is only $35!!! OMG super worth!!

Anyway just thought I'd share this little interesting topic of mine and a review of Oz Farm FM with you Mummies or even Daddies out there who's interested in finding out things like the cheapest FM prices, which is better and what nots.. though I've mentioned before above that all formula milk brands sold in Singapore that are AVA-approved comply to the requirements set by AVA, and no evidence that any one brand is superior to another. So this review is for all you out there to just read and consider on your own lah.. Not trying to promote anything 'cuz I'm not paid by anyone to write this article. So yea, just read on your own discretion k. That's all for today & I hope you liked my review for the day.  Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. Stay tuned for more reviews, bye~! ; )

If you'd like to find out more about Oz Farmyou may check them out on their website..
Their FM can be purchased on their website: https://sgp.ozfarmroyal.com.au/

FYI just to share hor, when you check out on this website to purchase, quote "5OFF" to get $5 off.. Then actually it makes it EVEN MORE WORTH IT.. Super cheap $30+ per tin lehs!! Don't say I didn't share ah.. I'm not sure if there's an expiry date for this code but I've been using it.. Hehe.. You're welcome.

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Thank you for reading my blog. Cheers and see you soon! : )


  1. We also had to use formula because I had too little milk. I think we started around month 4 and we tried our best to find a good formula for our baby. We ended up using organic formula from Hipp. The online shop where we get it offers a suggestion tool which we tried, then we checked the results. Hipp seemed like a pretty good brand to use, and now as we tried it out, we would never switch because it worked out really well :) I'm happy that there are products for women like us, which are not able to breastfeed for long enough.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog. I think we Moms & our babies are very resilient & strong... glad things worked out for you and your baby too. :)

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