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Friday, June 01, 2018

Birthdays At Pororo Park Singapore! Baby Hope Turns One!

Hey guys, I know my blog has been super outdated from not updating for the past month. I’ve been swarmed with work, more work, and Mummy duties it’s crazy. But however crazy it can get I’ll still definitely make time for my baby girl’s first birthday. The last time I planned a party for my older girl’s first birthday was entirely on my own and done at home with mostly relatives. Woah I can tell you the amount of things I had to plan, come up with and prep was super tedious. I wanted to hold a DIY party ‘cuz I was inspired by Budget Barbie (Bong Qiu Qiu) back then where she had an episode sharing how to DIY all the decor and dessert table for a birthday party. (Read about my DIY party planning here) To be honest, it can be done and done up with a smaller budget but you just gotta judge for yourself whether the amount of effort is worth the exchange for your time. After going through that tedious DIY and planning the last time, I’ve decided this time round to go with something easier. Being a Mumpreneur and a mother of two I really wanted to have a fuss free planning for Baby H’s birthday. After looking at several options I finally settled with none other than Pororo Park!

Give you guys a sneak peak of our super pretty family photo taken at the party.
Look at the backdrop and the dessert table... makes the whole set up so pretty and IG worthy!

I’ll be taking you guys a walk through the party package offered by Pororo Park.
But first you’ll need a party invite - come on in!

Before I move on just to highlight that there are 3 time slots offered at Pororo Park for the birthday parties. Late morning, early afternoon and early evening slot. I took the afternoon slot ‘cuz I knew my Mummy friends mostly wouldn’t be able to make it on time for the morning one.. hahaha.. and true enough they all voted for the 2nd option. But I did hear that the first slot is apparently the most popular one b’cuz the park will be most empty so you’d be able to get lots of photos taken.. besides that also have the park to yourselves for the first part of the session. But anyways those options are available for you to decide yea.

The party started officially at 1:30pm and soon came the Pororo show 30 minutes later. Was supposed to have abit of time for free play but mostly ended up settling down ‘cuz hor my Mummy friends were late lah! Oops* We were invited into Tong Tong's Little Theatre first before it was open to the public - yes the Pororo show is open to public and shows 4 times a day. I.e. 12pm, 2pm, 4pm & 6pm -It's different shows/activities during weekends & weekdays and a must-watch ‘cuz kids really enjoy the song and dance. I didn’t capture photos of Hope (my baby) during the show ‘cuz it was dark so I only managed to film her down. Her expression was priceless ‘cuz she totally jaw dropped the entire time. Lols! Oh yes please head on to my IG (@Vannytelly) to watch the entire party on video via my IG highlights. You will see how fun the party was and how everyone of us enjoyed our day there.

Singing and dancing to "Baby Shark". Was a great warm up 'cuz literally EVERYONE there was dancing to the song.
Who doesn't know this song right?

After the public Pororo show we stayed back in the theatre for a private session of songs, dance and games. The party host initiated 2 of Baby H’s fav songs; "Baby Shark" and "If You’re Happy And You Know". I enjoyed the first song ‘cuz it was so fun dancing along to the Baby Shark movements, but Baby H. was quite blur. Haha. Just take it as a warm up. B’cuz after that she was jumping up and down when we sang her true blue fav song. Really super cute you have to watch my IG highlights!!

See her stoned and blur face. 2pm was supposed to be her nap time but then with all the excitement going around she juz couldn't miss it.

Initially I was worried about her missing her nap or getting cranky from being tired but shortly after she got warmed-up all I saw was smiles and laughter coming from her. So happy it went on well!!

The party host was really great at entertaining all the babies and even us Mummies. I wasn't told of the games that were gonna be played but really, it was all fun & enjoyable! We started with some bubble play, and as you can see below how excited Baby H. was.. So cute!!

One of my fav photos, how dreamy!

The older kids and were all having fun too. Who doesn't love bubbles right?

After we were done with bubbles play, we were given wipes to clean our hands and also the hands of our little ones - how thoughtful! What's a birthday party without balloons right?? The bubs & kiddos went crazy over the balloons.. I loved how they babies could have fun with each other while Mummies just relaxed, sit back to watch their little ones have fun. That's the whole point of having a party host right?

We had a third and final game for the afternoon, a baby race! Ahh too bad I did not get a snap shot of that 'cuz I was in the race with Baby H! Haha.. same thing, watch the race on my IG highlights.. She was crying from the start b'cuz she just couldn't wait to get to Mama. Haha so cute and poor thing at the same time. The baby who wins the race would get a tiara, and obviously it was intended for the birthday girl. She was actually leading but half way thru got really distracted 'cuz all of us Mummies were just screaming away to get the attention of our babies. Was damn funny. 

Her "boyfriend" Baby A. won the race but he was so sweet to help Baby H. put on the birthday tiara.. More like Baby A's Mom helped put it on, was equally sweet lah. Lols. Look at my baby girl, completed her princess look with the pink tiara.

My princess...

After all the songs, dance and games, of course all of us were hungry so it was time for lunch/tea break! The Kiddos had their own kids setting and lunch which I had pre-selected. 

My big baby enjoyed her lunch/tea break and so did all her friends. I "stole" a chocolate cupcake after the party, wahhh there was liquid chocolate oozing out of it. Super yums can!

One thing to note; if you intend to cater buffet for your guests, the food has to be ordered thru the external caterer that Pororo Park works with. Anyway it'll be less work for you to go sourcing around for a buffet caterer.. For me b'cuz of the "meal time" I chose to have a specially quoted high tea set instead. You may check with the party planners on what there is to be offered and if like me you have some special concerns on the food menu, or even other concerns, I'm sure they'll be able to offer something suitable. The party planners are really friendly, so were all the park crew. It was a breeze to liaise on the planning when I met them as well as the follow-ups thru email. Thumbs up on service!

The best fours having lunch together, so cute. I remembered growing up having besties all b'cuz of my Mom 'cuz she'd always take me out with her BFF and daughter. Am also making new memories for Fayth having besties in her early childhood days. So as for Baby H! 

I really loved this arrangement for a birthday party 'cuz parents get to chill and eat at the same time while the bubs play, crawl or hang around the room. Damn relaxed.. 

Haha playboy Baby A. checking Jie Jie E. out. Playboy 'cuz Mummy of Baby A. always calls this little hamsome that! Haha. Please huh otherwise I wouldn't just anyhow call other babies a playboy lah!!

Before we cut the cake I wanna haolian the pretty dessert table. Hahahahaha.. Okay to be honest the dessert table is very very simple, but its the entire set up which is done nicely along with the back drop, decor, balloons and birthday board that makes it so IG-worthy! Chio right?? In my previous blog post where I did a simple DIY dessert table, looks no where close to this. And best part I don't have to plan or do a single thing!! Big thanks to the team of Pororo Park!! When I arrived early to change they were busy setting up the room, thanks for the hard work, you guys did great!

"You Mei You" (have or not)?? So "Ke Ai" (cute) right?? Hehe!! They still set up a high chair with Baby H's name on it. But end up I didn't use it 'cuz I was carrying her all thru. Clingy baby cannot let go of  Mama!! Haha.. Ok lah partly 'cuz it was wayyyyy past her nap time so I didn't put her down in case she got really cranky.

Oh yes just to share, all birthday cakes have to be ordered thru Pororo Park who ties up with a designated baker. There are 4 flavors of birthday cake to be chosen from and I ordered the Strawberry Shortcake even though Chocolate was recommended b'cuz there are real strawberries in the cake! Yums! The cake was really cute and there's a couple of designs/sizes to choose from. You can choose to customise the cake in terms of the name and colour theme and/or character. I liked the cake 'cuz it was moist 'nuff and not too sweet! Great as a first cake for babies! I had about 20 plus guests (including adults, kids & babies) and at the end of the party I was left with about a fifth of the cake, so this size was just right. I tapao-ed (packed) the cake home but the next day my Mom cleared it for her breakkie.. LOLs!

Happy First Birthday Baby H!! Awwww looks at her squinting smile. Super cute!!!
Daddy, Mummy and Jie Jie loves you to the moon and back! *MuaCksss*

Did you spot a familiar face? Pororo came to say "Hi"! The kids went crazy when this special guest arrived in the room. See my older girl just eyeing Pororo with that look, hahahahaha...!!! He came all the way just to gift a prezzie to the birthday girl. Thank you Pororo! He also stayed back to have photos taken with all the kiddos, how nice!!

My family. #love
My Mom traveled all the way from Taipei for her party. It was Mother's Day so Happy Mother's Day to all Mummies! You're great!! Love you Mom, and "Mother".. Haha, my MIL lah..

"Thank you Uncles, Aunties, Jie Jies, Kor Kor and Friends for coming to my first birthday party. It was a blast! Thank you for the birthday wish video too! Please go to my Mummy's IG highlights to watch the videos of my party k. And sorry Yiyis if some of you either looked like you were blocked by baby or eye not open b'cuz it was so hard to get a coordinated photo. My Mummy told me this was the best shot she had already. Thank you!! Hehe."

"Thank you Yiyis & dear friends for your prezzies & ang paos, do remember my to bring a pack of goody bag home k?"

Okay one last photo after the cake cutting before Baby H. comatose. Her nap was supposed to be 2pm but she managed to tahan (bear) until 3:30pm (1.5 hours delayed). After that she comatose b'cuz she was damn shag. But we really had a great afternoon 'cuz she wasn't cranky at all even though she was super lacked of sleep. Thinking back I still feel so happy that the party went really well. This baby hor so funny look at the photos above with her tongue sticking out. Her 5th & 6th tooth was sprouting so she kept doing this, so funny lah!

After an hour of nap in my baby carrier, Baby H. woke up fresh and I took both girls for a dip in the Shark Ball Pool. Wait why shark, where's the shark you ask? See pic below k.. Now Mummy just reliving some childhood memories can. Hahahaha. Before we left I went for a few rounds of slide at Poby's Play Gym with these two, really super fun! (If you don't know what Poby's Play Gym is, will be showing a picture of that below) No photos of  us sliding lah 'cuz how to have so much fun when busy taking photos.. Video have lah not photos.. Watch my IG highlights k!!

There you go.. Shark Pool! Fayth's friends dived into the ball pit like a hundred times, play until siao (go crazy).. Hahaha.. Kids will be kids, when they get to play everything else becomes non-existent.

Don't forget about the train ride at Pororo Park k! The Pororo Express runs few times a day with specific timings, a must-ride! Look at Fayth's excited look, waving back at me every round. The kids have to sit without parents but there will be a crew attending to them while the train ride in on-going to ensure the safety of the kids. Apparently babies who can sit unsupported are allowed to take the ride as well, provided you baby wants to. My friend's baby got to ride the train. so brave! Baby H. was super clingy, I tried to put her beside Jie Jie but she just wouldn't let go. *Face Palm*

That kind of sums up our day at Pororo Park.. I hope you've had a good glimpse of how a birthday celebration at Pororo Park looks like. Let me take you thru the rest of the park that I've missed earlier on.

Here's Loopy's Cafe where parents can grab a light snack or a proper lunch and chill while waiting for your kiddos. Or kiddos have some bites to recharge from all that play.

From top (clockwise):(1) Hinoki Play Area - Hinoki wood is from South Korea and are known to have aromatic and relaxing benefits on the body. Pororo Park is also the first & only in Singapore to have Hinoki Play Area!
(2) Petty's Supermarket - the kiddos can play masak (cooking) and grocery shopping here,
(3) Eddy's Classroom - Eddy’s Classroom & tong tong’s little theatre is where birthday parties happen during the weekends. For weekdays: there are coloring sheets and simple Motor skill play for kids and their daily classes happens in the classroom as well.

Top: Shark's Pool
Bottom: Pororo's House - there's literally a bedroom in it!

Top: Pororo Express
Bottom: Poby's Play Gym

Before you leave you can get your little ones some Pororo merchandises at Rody's Toy Store (aka the merchandise corner). Especially if they can't bear to leave the park. There's cute plushies and also fun toys with activities for your kids. Check them out!

So that's all for the tour today. Hope you enjoyed it. Say buh-bye to Pororo and friends!

Hahahaha my Mom forced me to help her take a picture with Baby H's birthday board. We get to bring this personalised birthday board home, which I love so much!! So gonna put this up somewhere in her room's wall. Please anyone if you know where I can get a frame for this, drop me a comment yea. Thanks in advance!

If you haven't been to Pororo Park, I think my tour today would have been a nice preview of what you'd get to do with your little ones there. But of course you have to drop by and experience for yourself with your babies/kiddos - I'm sure you will enjoy yourselves!! Here's why families love Pororo Park.. OMG I just saw free Wifi.. Lugi!! (short-changed myself) Hahaha.. I didn't know otherwise I would have tapped on to upload my IG stories that day. Haha nvm lah will remember the next time now that I know it's available. Speaking of it I do know of friends who bring their kids (that are a little older) to the park, work on their laptop at the cafe while the kids play along. I don't know for you Mummies but I think its a great idea leh especially for Mumprenuers or those with flexi working hours like me. Maybe I'll try this the next time I need to rush out a blog post when its #MummyDutiesDay hehe.. Then again, remember to get an annual pass or even an unlimited pass if you really intend to go often.. 'cuz it'll definitely be more worth it! Check out below for my promo code yea.. You're welcome. *wink*

That's all for today & I hope you liked my review for the day. Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. Stay tuned for more reviews, bye~! ; )

If you'd like to find out more about Pororo Parkyou may check them out on their website. Here are some links you can check out:~ Birthday Packages, click here.
~ Official Website, click here.
~ Facebook page, over here.
~ Instagram page, here.

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