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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mummy's Product Review - Milk Up Candy, My New Found Milk Booster

When it comes to breastfeeding and milk production supply, I think being both an over-supply Mummy or an under-supply Mummy may be equally worrisome. Though most of us (esp low supply Mummies) would think that having an abundance in supply is far better off. It's been 6 months now that I have breastfed my second baby and boy I never knew I could come this far. *Having the look of satisfaction now on my face - Haha* My supply has always been enough for Baby H. and was more than enough until the time I started work. When babies are bottle-fed, they tend to drink more than when latched on directly. Don't ask me why, it really beats me. *??*  So b'cuz of that, my supply slowly could not catch up with her bottle-feeding demands and thus putting me in distress and worrying on most days. My supply was totally on par with her daily bottle feeds at my MIL's place and every day when I had to pump I would worry if my output couldn't match to her intake. In desperation, I started looking for milk boosters after taking all kinds of supposed natural milk-boosting foods. Eh-hem, yes I already tried out all the natural food sources before turning to help with supplements. I took foods like oats, dates, spinach, wakame miso, salmon, brown rice, carrots, sweet potatoes, almonds, fennel, fenugreek, garlic, and lots of water... (and the list goes on). I even tried several milk-boosting supplements which were recommended by Lactation Consultants and didn't work for me either. Those I took were supplements that mainly contained fenugreek and fennel contents in them, guess I just don't react to these ingredients?

A few months ago my Mummy friends and I were talking about this milk-boosting supplement called the Milk Up Candy and at first our impression of it was something dodgy. 'Cuz like Candy.. eh.... and made in Malaysia??? (disclaimer: the comment has nothing to do with racism or any sorts, but its more towards the quality of the product made) Its like quite LOL lah, if you get what I mean. I never really thought too much of it though a few of them said they will not dare to try. Anyways then shortly later just happened that the local distributor for this product reached out to me and wanted to send me some to try out. I was totally open to trying after going through the ingredients list to find that they're all natural and I even checked with the supplier if the product was HSA-approved. Milk Up Candy is not HSA-approved b'cuz HSA advised that their ingredients fall under the list of which does not require any approval and thus is deemed safe. Honestly speaking I'm not that particular whether the supplement is HSA-approved or not, so long as the ingredients are natural and are not harmful for me and my baby - it's all that matters. But I just took the liberty to ask since I know many Mummies are gonna ask me if it is or not so I better check and throw it out there.

The Milk Up Candy looks just like what the name says, candies. They're supposedly Raspberry-flavored candies but IMO they taste a little like 'sng-mueh' candies (sour plum candies). You know those we had as kids? Ehm, probably only Mummies born in the 80s or before that would know.. LOL. They're chewable tabs so just pop them into your mouth and chew, yes like candies. If you're scared it has a weird medicated taste etc? No le, I didn't taste anything strange about the candies and they taste quite alright. Okay so most importantly is whether Milk Up Candy was effective for me? YES!! I was actually pretty amazed with the effect b'cuz I had an almost-immediate reaction the same night I started taking the candies. The first time I tried the candies, I took 2 tabs that very evening. I was advised to take 2 every morning and 2 every evening for fast-boosting and so I did. That night for the first time in a long time I had engorgement. It was a happy and sad situation but more happy b'cuz I knew the candies were working on me. It's like finally!! Finally my body/boob is reacting to something!!! Hahaha.. I really felt like that. 

I really don't know which of the above in the ingredients list was the booster that helped, but I guess its probably the entire thing as a whole? If you're wondering how I judged whether the Milk Up Candy was truly effective for me, let me share.. I am actually on a small quest to try and review 2 VERY POPULAR milk-boosters raved by Mummies. One is this, the Milk Up Candy, and the other is the Chicken Essence and Essence Of Herbs by Haoyikang. When taking each of these supplements/health products, I am not taking anything else concurrently and do not overlap these two. I took Milk Up Candy for 2-3 weeks straight and I finished consuming 2 bottles of them during this period. I pumped and recorded my output over the weeks and came up with a final review.

After which I discovered my actual increase in my supply, I quickly shared with my followers on Instagram (see my post reviews) 'cuz most of them are Mummies and I was excited to share my joy. Actually hor even though I was sponsored the 2 bottles of Milk Up Candies, I was never obliged to write a blog review. But now I am writing it out of my own will b'cuz I feel that it has really helped me with boosting my milk supply and I just wanna share with other Mummies who are possibly in the same boat as me, looking out for effective milk boosters to help them with the continuation of breastfeeding. Its like me, took 6 months to finally find something effective. *slaps face* I have been spending money on those non-effective supps hoping that one day my boob would function better on it. **slaps face again after saying that**

Okay so the above was the comparison between week 2 and week 3. The recorded output was over a period of 10 hours during my work day and my activity was pretty much the same - was actually class day! I actually yield 55ml more and was really happy with the results!! Ehm I know it doesn't sound like alot, but for a desperate Mummy who wants to boost any amount at all, this 55ml is precious precious liquid gold!! Don't laugh k!! Remember I said I was gonna stop the Milk Up Candy and try the essences from Haoyikang? I actually stopped taking the candies for full 3 days before starting on the essences. Initially I was so worried that my supply would dip after I stop taking the candies, but then hor within the break period my supply was still the same. It was something really good to know!

And since the Milk Up Candy worked very well for me and many of my followers on Instagram (@Vannytelly) have been asking, I started to hold sprees for the candies and its now also available on my online store on Vanny-Fitness (feel free to check it out). One of my Mummy student-and-follower sent me this WA one night telling me she's also finally feeling her let-down again after taking the candies for 2 days. I was overjoyed to know it's actually working and helping other breastfeeding Mummies too. She's one of those who shared with me her concerns of her supply dipping and more so 'cuz she was unwell. So both of shared what we've tried and the candies worked well for her. *Happy*!!

The Milk Up Candy can be consumed by both Breastfeeding & Preggy Mummies (after 4 months of pregnancy 🤰), and here's the list of benefits of taking the candies other than milk boosting..
Benefits For Mummies (taken from the product brochure):
  1. Increase Milk Production
  2. Stimulates & forms more milk glands
  3. Enriched breastmilk
  4. Beautify & whitens skin
  5. Fades stretch marks
  6. Firmed & Beautify breast shape
  7. Provides energy
  8. Increass low blood pressure
  9. Treats Eczema
  10. Repair & Nourish women's uterus
  11. Balancing hormones in the body
  12. Reduce hair loss
  13. Heals stitches wounds quickly
  14. Reduced stress
  15. Reduced symptoms postpartum depression
  16. Reduced baby jaundice level
  17. Helps in the development of the baby's brain
  18. Helps the digestive system to avoid constipation
  19. Increase baby's immune system
Breastfeeding is supposed to be an enjoyable, bonding process for both Mummies & babies and shouldn't be overly stressful. Stress sometimes is unavoidable but too much of it is a HUGE SUPPLY KILLER!! Being able to provide baby with the best is what we Moms always want for our child, but even if we have to supplement with formula milk does not make us any less of a good Mom - remember that! Every drop of liquid gold contains the goodness from our breastmilk and so long as baby gets any of that, it is all that matters! Does not mean baby has to be fully fed with breastmilk to continue receiving all the nutrients and antibodies okay? I will touch abit on formula milk on a separate post soon. Gambateh Mummies!
So that's all for today and I hope you liked my review on milk boosters, stay tuned for my next review on the essences from Haoyikang! Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~! 🙂
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Thank you for reading my blog, until next time.. : )

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