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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Family Photoshoot With Inessa Studio

For the last one year or so I've been doing a few photoshoots for the different milestones of my 2nd pregnancy. When I had my first born Fayth, Hubs and I did an underwater maternity shoot b'cuz as a FTM (First Time Mom) and the adventurous me I wanted something different and not the usual studio shoot. After that we didn't do any other shoots b'cuz being a practical Mom I just thought "oh no need lah save money". But having my second baby was a different thing already. First I did an EDD Group Shoot with June 2017 Mummy friends b'cuz I thought it was fun and I never really participated in such group events when I had Fayth. Then I wanted the conventional Studio Maternity Shoot since my first was a very unique one already. After Baby H. was born, I told Hubs I wanted to do a Newborn Shoot with/for her b'cuz Fayth had a 1 yo shoot so lets do a NB one for Baby H. Actually deep down inside me I know how much I miss NBs and I do not know.

All the shoots done for my 2nd pregnancy so far has been with Inessa Studio. We started with them since the organiser for my EDD shoot picked Inessa Studio to work with, so naturally from there we carried on with them. Their prices were also affordable and I was quite comfortable with the photographer, Haru. This time again I took my entire little family for a family shoot at Inessa Studio and I'm having this little photo journal on my blog as my online photobook as well as share them with you guys. Hope you like them as much as we do! (P.s. another photographer Steve, did the Newborn & now the family shoot for us).

To be honest our shoot was a disaster firstly b'cuz we were rushing the entire day as it was the day we celebrated Fayth's birthday. Already there were tons of errands to run and we were so in a rush, Fayth had to be a HUGE mischief during the shoot and refused to take instructions - gosh!! (*slaps forehead*) Having a 2 year old toddler who's super active to take a group photoshoot was really challenging! I've ever brought her out for paid shoots before and it was a breeze, guess she listens to Mummy. But when Hubs was around for our family shoot, she totally just went crazy. 

But having said, thankfully the photos turned out well.. Hubs & I liked them 'cuz they're really natural. Lots of the shots were more like candids showing us having fun. It was a disaster only b'cuz we prepared 2 sets of family wear but only managed to shoot in one. B'cuz after all of us had to wait for Fayth in between the shoot, Baby H. couldn't take the wait and burst out into cranky mode. Yea, so that was the story of our first family shoot. Haha...

Hahaha, look at Baby H's face. She's like "eh get me out of here"! Actually after having this experience, I'll say do the family shoot when your infant can sit on his/her own. Probably then you'd get to have more variations in the poses or positioning. B'cuz she can't sit on her own now, all the photos are either me carrying her sitting or standing.

Love how Hubs & Fayth look like here, super natural - just like how they always look like enjoying play time together. Steve was very good with directing, esp with kids. Just too bad this Fayth was just a stubborn one who refused to take directions. (*faint*) So at the very least b'cuz Steve did a great job directing and using other methods to get her to laugh and play, we managed to get some natural & happy shots.

But of course all can't be perfect. So since we've only had one theme of photos to choose from, a few were probably less perfect. But that is okay.

Baby H.: "Whatcha lookin' at"?

My mischievous girl.

While Fayth was being difficult at certain times during the shoot, Hubs took a break and I carried on with Baby H. and we managed to get a really cute photo of her chubbs face smiling. MAD LOVE!!! 
#photolockscreenworthy Haha.

My blur toot toot baby girl, she was sleepy and cranky by then.

I only managed to change Baby H. into the 2nd family wear and before the rest of us had time to change, she totally burst into cranky mode. Steve managed to capture just this one shot of her before everything ended. I was supposed to let her wear a matching white bow headband with Mummy but then didn't get a chance to, she look like a boy here. AHA!

And that's all of our family shoot photos... If you're wondering where to get family wear, I got them at Moley Apparels. (#notsponsored) It was a very last minute thing that we decided on getting family wear b'cuz I totally overlooked or thought it wasn't necessary until the Hubs brought it up. So out of time & convenience we went to Jurong Point which was across the road from our place to try grab 2 sets that we can. So tah-dah, we got them in a jiffy 'cuz they had lots of designs to choose from. The only down side is that the Family sets were limited and so were the Mummy and Infant Baby matching sets. So we ended up with something I liked and Hubs got something to match in colour/theme instead. 'Cuz I rem the family set only came in 2 designs and I wouldn't wear them again so I'd rather get something I like instead to match with the girls and we can keep wearing them. Guess that works as well. Price wise, affordable.. it ranges from $20-$30+ and they also have store discounts. Hubs bought one of the Tees for $15 ish after discount? Cheap!

So that's all for today and I hope you liked my short photo sharing session. Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~! ; )

If you'd like to find out more about Inessa Studio and their services, visit them at their:
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