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Friday, October 20, 2017

Beauty Review_One-Stop Beauty Heaven At Skinz Heritage_IPL & Slimming Treatments

Hi everyone! I'm finally back on my blog after 2 weeks of MIA-ing b'cuz I've been really really busy with my fitness classes, blogger commitments as well as Mummy duties. For those of you who don't know me yet, Hello to you.. *waving*! I am a Mummy blogger to 2 beautiful girls and I teach Pre & Postnatal Aerobics. With such a hectic schedule I usually like to plan my appointments back-to-back hoping to save time. Moms you would understand me b'cuz some of us wouldn't even have any time to even get ourselves groomed at all, right? So of course when I found out that Skinz Heritage could provide me with a one-stop solution to all my beauty needs, that totally rocked my world. 

Skinz Heritage is located in the heart of Orchard Road and they are also one of the few beauty salons in Singapore that provides customised treatments by using both Traditional Chinese Medicine methods as well as the use of latest machines and high end beauty products formulated in USA. 

When I first got to Skinz Heritage the beauty salon felt really cosy on a weekday afternoon. I guess that's probably b'cuz I chose a day and time particularly to avoid all the town crowd which I'd normally prefer. The staff was friendly and greeted me with a warm smile and red date tea was served to accompany while she did a consultation to find out & understand my needs. We spent some time chatting about my problem areas and I was recommended an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment for my hairy arms & legs followed by the Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatment to help my postpartum body get back in shape.

See this was what I meant by cosy. A nice sized room with the warm and private feeling. So nice & relaxing for me to get my treatments done when Mummy duties are off. Was there for both treatments like for a good 4 hours? I even had the time to do my 'Moo Duties' expressing breast milk in the room privately. Thanks for the extra service provided!

Since I booked my slot in advance I got the Queen treatment of getting my IPL done by 2 very friendly and professional staff - super pampered can! 

OMG look at my VERY hairy arm and leg! AGhhhh!?! The above was my arm before the IPL treatment and the bottom was my calve. I did EPL (Energy Pulse Light) Treatment 2 years ago at some other beauty salon but the hairs were never gone permanently, don't ask me why.. I did hear that the hormones during our pregnancy stimulates hair growth? I have no idea!? Anyway the previous EPL treatments did lessen the growth on my thighs and calves but my arms were still as hairy. I couldn't do any light treatment during pregnancy so this time continuing with a new series of IPL treatments postpartum! Hairs be gone!!

Procedures Of The Treatment

First the hairs were removed by shaving, then a light device used to emit light onto the areas to be treated, and finally ending with a mask which helps to sooth the skin & promote whitening. The treatment itself was painless but felt warm on certain areas. I think the higher the light power is turned on to the more you'd be able to feel so it really depends on how much hair and how much light you'd need. 

How Long Does Each Session Take?
Typically for upper lip or chin, only 5 minutes is needed. Underarms usually takes 10-15 minutes. And for arms/legs, it can take from 20-40 minutes.
Suitable For
Anyone who desires to have hair-free and smooth skin. Sorry preggy Mummies, you'd only be able to do this after delivery. And its definitely safe for breastfeeding Moms!

After completing my IPL Treatment, I was treated to a nice belly massage using accupoint techniques to help soften the collection of fat in the area. The massage was a good 10 minutes using anti-cellulite oils to go over my belly helping to break down the stubborn pregnancy belly fats which I still had even at 4 months postpartum. The treatment was relaxing and painless I almost fell asleep!

Benefits Of Accupoints Massage
  • soften stubborn fats thus promoting easier fat loss
  • ease menstrual pain
  • helps the womb to shrink in size (for postpartum Mummies)
  • promotes healthy digestive system

To end of the slimming treatment, a hard clay mask was applied on my belly. The mask gave off a warming sensation in the beginning then cooled down to a hard cast which was fun for me to feel. (Okay that's not the point, but it was nice to touch.. hahaha)... The warmth from the mask was really comfortable I felt really good during the treatment. 

Suitable For
Anyone who desires to have cellulite-free and firmer skin. The treatment is usually performed on the belly, hips and thigh areas. Again this treatment is suitable for breastfeeding Moms, preggy Mummies be good.. You can pamper yourself after baby is out!

For both the IPL & Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatments, a good 8-10 sessions will be minimally best for effective results. But of course the results are subjected to individual, depending on the amount of hairs you have or the fats you have. The more (hairs/fats) you have the more treatments you'd probably require.

So do drop by Skinz Heritage if these treatments are something you'd like to try out, b'cuz Skinz Heritage is holding a special promotion only for my readers!! Hehe. 

 Promo code alert! 
Quote "Vanny" for the ULTIMATE PROMO of $28 for each of the following treatment (NOT limiting to 1 treatment only), *T&Cs apply:
- IPL shots unlimited 1 part for 1 month (**T&Cs apply)
- Lymphatic bust enhancement
- Anti cellulite slimming treatment
- Customized facial

You will get to bring home a FREE FACIAL IONIZER (for cleaning & infusing serum into your skin, swipe left to see!) when using my promo code. Don’t say I didn’t share good deals yea. You’re welcome. 

Skinz Heritage
Address: #04-55, 304 Orchard Rd, Lucky Plaza, 238863

So that's all for today and I hope you liked my beauty review for the day. Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~!

If you'd like to find out more about Skinz Heritage and their services, visit them at their:
Official website @ https://www.skinzheritage.com/

Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/skinzheritagesg/

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Thank you for reading my blog, until next time.. : )


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