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Friday, December 22, 2017

Mummy's Product Review - Chicken Essence & Essence of Herbs From Hao Yi Kang

As a Mother of 2 and a Fitness Instructor, I live an active life with littlest sleep for most nights but never have I complained of tiredness (even though I do think that) because I find it really fulfilling. To be honest on some days I do feel more stressed rushing up those deadlines or even getting headaches from the lack of sleep. But being positive helps me keep going and appreciating all the small things in life makes me happy for everything and everyday that's happening. Besides having a positive inner self, of course I'll have to take care of myself physically as well. That's why I always supplement my health with essential enhancers to boost my overall well-being. 

In my previous blog post I shared that I was actually on a small quest to try and review 2 VERY POPULAR milk-boosters raved by Mummies (these choices were not chosen by me but by the word-of-mouth from Mummies). Oh yes incase you didn't already know, I am also a breastfeeding Mummy to my younger one who's now 7 months old. I've already done a full review for the first milk-booster and currently I am doing a review for the Premium Boiled Chicken Essence and Premium Essence Of Herbs by Lao Xie Zhen. For the purpose of all fairness and proper judgement, I did not take anything else concurrently and do not overlap products from the different brands but I did take the Chicken Essence together with the Essence Of Herbs.

Lao Xie Zhen came all the way from Taiwan and launched their two very popular products and they are the Premium Boiled Chicken Essence as well as the Essence Of HerbsLao Xie Zhen has a long history of 80 years in Taiwan. Being in the industry for 4 generations, they have established themselves as a favorable and trustworthy brand among consumers. Lao Xie Zhen products are now exclusively available at Hao Yi Kang Singapore (the exclusive distributor in Singapore), making them the ONLY Boiled Essence of Chicken in Singapore.

For Preggy Mummies, during pregnancy one of the objectives is to nourish yourself and the baby yet not gaining unnecessary weight. For Mummies who are worried about taking in excessive food during pregnancy, you may choose to consume supplements like Lao Xie Zhen’s boiled chicken essence for nutrients to nourish your body. After all the bodies of Preggy Mummies work really hard to reproduce and all of you deserve proper care and nourishing to keep your body healthy & strong.

Why Choose Lao Xie Zhen's Premium Boiled Chicken Essence?

Most other brands that manufacture Chicken Essence use the dripping or steaming method. This causes loss of water on the surface of the chicken and results in water flowing out of the chicken. Only small amounts of the nutrients are extracted in this process.

Lao Xie Zhen uses the boiling method where the chicken is immersed into water and through this unique boiling method, a more complete extraction of nutrients is achieved.

The essences are packed into sachets of 42ml each which makes it really convenient to heat up for consumption. I'm sure most of us warm up Chicken Essence before consuming right? So at least it tastes alot nicer this way. Unlike the usual glass bottles we see other brands have for packaging of the Chicken Essences, these sachets take way lesser time to warm the essences up. Every morning I just leave them in hot water and when I'm out from the bathroom it's all ready to be consumed.

Instructions are shown on every sachet of Chicken Essence. It may be consumed direct from the packet or even be used to cook soup with. Super idea but hor those who know me knows I'm not a good cook so for this review this part will be missed out. But I was told that kids can even take this Chicken Essence. However, only children that are above 2 can consume it directly. As for children below 2, do add some water to dilute it before consuming. Alternatively, Mummies can also it into soups or steamed eggs for your Kiddos.  I'm sure it'll taste really good! 

Because on its own it already taste like clear Chicken Soup, no joke! It feels like drinking soup and not so much of Chicken Essence. I'm not sure for the rest of you, but it's the first time I'm tasting Chicken Essence that doesn't taste like the usual/conventional type... you know the glass bottle type with dark-coloured Chicken Essence? With the very unique and slightly acquired taste? This taste nothing like it! It is really fragrant, smooth, light and tasty just like Chicken Soup.

Another highly-raved product by many Breastfeeding Mummies...
And when I mean highly-raved I really mean it. I was told that these essences were sold out at almost every baby fair and had to be ordered online instead.. How hot-selling are they?? I guess almost every Breastfeeding Mummy wants a share of the milk-boosting ability. And I'm one of them.. LOL!

The Premium Essence Of Herbs
It is made from all-natural extract from plant Polyphenol to help maintain youth by promoting body natural collagen production.

So what are the benefits of The Essence Of Herbs?
~Premium Plant Polyphenol (anti-oxidant)
~100% natural and vegetarian
~Improves complexion
~Promotes metabolism and aids in digestion
~Promotes natural collagen production within body

Lao Xie Zhen 老协珍 Premium Essence of Herbs is also good for the elderly as daily nourishment, it is suitable for vegetarians and for all ages!

But do note that this will not be suitable for Preggy Mummies because because one of the ingredients in the Essence of Herbs is Hawthorn and pregnant women should avoid eating hawthorn as it will stimulate uterine contraction. *Note!

Again the essences are packed in sachets but these are in 60ml each.

Same thing they can be consumed warm/chilled but best consumed chilled because it makes the essence taste like fruit juice!!! Yumms.. You know what ABC juice is? Apple, Beetroot and Carrot? Yea so this taste very much like it. I'm a huge fan so I really enjoyed every serving.. Always feels like its not enough, b'cuz 60ml only!

The essences looks a little like red wine on the first look and even though it is light as a taste of fruit juice, there's this richness to it that I cannot really explain. Every sip just feels really smooth and unique. Beetroot lovers will definitely love every drop of this goodness!

The essences from Hao Yi Kang takes care of the well-being of Mummies from their pregnancy to postpartum journey.
The Premium Boiled Chicken Essence the PERFECT solution for Preggy & Breastfeeding Mummies for: 

~ Growth of BB

~ Promote post-natal milk secretion
~ Enhance nutrition of milk
~ Repair cells & tissues in the body
Combat fatigue & increase energy level
~ Rich in protein and collagen~ Helpful towards fetal support during pregnancy
~ Wound healing during postpartum recovery

The Premium Essence Of Herbs helps in: 

~ Maintaining youth

~ Promotes metabolism
~ Aids in digestion
~ And I was told increase milk supply for Breastfeeding Mummies!!

So after taking both the Chicken Essences and the Essence Of Herbs, here's my final verdict on the milk-boosting abilities. Before that let me just share how I did the 2 weeks of review... I stopped the previous product I tested for milk-boosting for 3 full days then started consuming these essences on a daily basis. I took the Chicken Essences every morning on an empty stomach (30 minutes before my breakfast) and I had the Essence of Herbs after breakfast (which is recommended). There were days also I took my essences out and consumed them on the go 'cuz the sachets are just super light and convenient to pack on the go. Its basically like goodness on the go, def no excuses to not taking them right?

My milk supply remained the same over the span of 2 weeks consuming these essences. It did not improve nor drop my supply so I wouldn't have too much comments on this area. I had quite high expectations of the essences in terms of milk boosting b'cuz I heard it helped many Mummies that's why I wanted to do a product test for this. Oh well, it still does help many other Breastfeeding Mummies just not for me. I'm one of those Mummies who rarely reacts to any boosters.. I have no idea why.. So far I've only had reactions to 2 supplements which one of it was what my gynae used to prescribe me with. Anyway to add a disclaimer, this is my personal review and my review does not represent others as you should understand that every body has different body reactions to different products. So if you're also a Breastfeeding Mummy looking for a milk booster, you may try these essences. They not only help with lactating, but many many more benefits which I have already mentioned above.. Even for non-Mummies who just want to have good complexion and fight against aging, you may try the Essence Of Herbs for that purpose. And I won't have to say more about Chicken Essences right? I'm sure most of you know what benefits it provides.. Just that with Lao Xie Zhen's Premium Boiled Chicken Essence, with its unique method of nutrient extraction, you are sure to get all those goodness in the packets and also have yummy tasting Chicken Essences for you and your family.

That's all for today & I hope you liked my review for the day.  Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. Stay tuned for more reviews, bye~! ; )

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