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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Newborn Photoshoot By Inessa Studio

So this is part 3 of my blog review for Inessa Studio whom I did 3 shoots with. First a Group Maternity Photoshoot with my June EDD Mummy friends, then a couple Maternity Photoshoot with Hubs, and now a Newborn Photoshoot with my baby. I do intend to have another last one probably 3 months from now to include Hubs, both my girls and I for a nice Family Photoshoot - we'll see how that goes. Anyway today I'll just like to share some photos of my sweetheart during her first Newborn Photoshoot at 17 days old. 

This is the only photo taken with my iPhone 7. Already so cute hor?

We started out with a warm up session.
This series was shot on her cot since she was already sleeping soundly when the photographer came.

This was still taken on her cot with an additional fabric added below for a different background and dreamy effect.

Moving on to my bedroom where we used my bed as the background. So cute!

I didn't plan to be in the shoot with Baby H. 'cuz I was in a mess during my confinement period...
but still I took a few shots just to see. Turns out it wasn't that bad luh.

I was totally in my PJs but I guess it makes the whole thing look casual and warm.

As Baby H. was a preemie she was sleeping most of the time otherwise crying when not. This was one of the rare photos with her eyes open widely which she could barely keep open for long. LOL. Anyways usually a Newborn shoot is recommended to be taken within the first 2 weeks while they're the most sleepy and flexible. This was taken when she was 17 days old 'cuz first week we were dealing with her jaundice issues then 2nd week the photographer wasn't around. But lucky thing that since she's a preemie so she still looked relatively smaller than full termed babies, and also more sleepy.

It takes about 2 hours on an average to complete a newborn shoot but ultimately the situation would really depend on your little ones. My photographer shared with me that he has ever met a couple and their baby who never managed to shoot at all b'cuz baby was crying from the start and could not settle no matter what. Or another case where baby starts feeling unsettled half way through so the shoot had to stop mid way. It took us around 3 hours to get these pictures before my baby started being unsettled so I was quite lucky. We were actually trying to get a difficult pose towards the end of the session, i.e. having my girl on her tummy and chin on her arms crossed. But by the end of 3 hours when she was hungry and we just couldn't get that shot after trying for 3 times, I called it a day. So I guess the outcome of your newborn shoot is really depending on how your little one fair for the day. So best to have him/her settled with enough sleep and milk before starting. The Newborn Photoshoot is charged at $400 for a studio shoot which includes outfits & props and $150 for house call service. For more details of the rates and charges, please click here to find out. Every photoshoot comes with a framed picture too (see below).

I guess there's pros & cons for studio and home shoots. I would have preferred to have the shoot done in the studio so the we'd have much more outfits and props to choose from. I really loved the 'baby in the basket' look but that was not available for home shoot. On the other hand for a house calls it's great so that both Mom and baby could feel more at ease having to nurse or rest in the comfort at home. Since my confinement nanny was around she also helped out during the shoot and it made things easier too. And most importantly was that Hubs didn't want me to stay out too long during my confinement period that's why we opted for the shoot to be done at home. 

Up till date I have worked with both photographers from Inessa Studio - Haru who did the group maternity photoshoot as well as my personal maternity photoshoot with Hubs, and Steve who did the newborn shoot. Both photographers were easy to work with and follows up very quick & efficiently. Overall all 3 sessions were great and I have no complains. I'd recommend to anyone who's looking for a place to get their photos taken at affordable rates.

So that's all for today and I hope you liked my short photo sharing session. Do feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s regarding the topic and I'll try my best to answer them if it's not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~! ; )

If you'd like to find out more about Inessa Studio and their services, visit them at their:
Official website @ https://www.inessastudio.com/

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