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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Beauty Review_Novalash Eyelash Extensions with Vivlash Beauty Studio_Single Lashes

Falsies and eyelash extensions are one of those things I rarely get 'cuz I've got naturally long lashes. Since my teenage days, one of the most important part of my makeup routine was to curl my lashes then triple coat them with Maybelline's Volume Express Waterproof Mascara - I never fail to get the super dramatic look which always earned loads of compliments from friends or even passerby's. 

In the last 1 to 2 years, or especially after I gave birth, I did notice that my lashes actually became shorter and lesser and I have no idea why. FYI my girl has very long and curled lashes, and I'm suspected if I passed all my "goodies" to her - LOL! Besides that, after being a Mom I've actually tried means and ways to shorten my makeup routine as much as I can - e.g. like getting all the semi-permanent makeup I can, and now, I think I'm starting to succumb to eyelash extensions. Haha.

Eyelash extensions are one of those things I only try when there's an upcoming event or occasion, or even one of the pre-travel beauty things I have on my list. And this is actually only my second time doing eyelash extensions. Reason being 'cuz I'm afraid if I keep getting eyelash extensions, I'm scared that my lashes go botak (bald).

I was at Vivlash Beauty Studio the other day to trying out eyelash extensions again, I think my last (and first) one was probably 3 years ago? Vivlash Beauty Studio was located at Blk 510 Bedok North along Street 3. Even though I wasn't familiar with Bedok area, it was certainly easy to locate. I dropped off at Bedok MRT and took a bus from the interchange, it was easy to locate and think was only 3-4 stops away?

Upon arriving at Vivlash Beauty Studio, the place gave me the feeling of brightness, freshness, modern-chic interior, and really clean environment. The shop was not big but it was definitely more than enough to hold a few customers for eyelash extensions.

Vivlash Beauty Studio is specialized in eyelash extensions - that means you can trust to get whatever effect you are looking for. For me as good as being like a newbie and I couldn't figure out what type of lashes I wanted to choose so there was this "charting" which I could refer to and it was rather informative. There's like a full range of lashes from a single lash, 2D, 3D..... all the way up to 9D. I was kinda' confused until I took a good look at the lash chart closely.

Here, I took the liberty of zooming in on the lashes for you girls.. If you can see, well Single Lashes means they are single-stranded. Difference between Matt & Minx is that the Matt one is the very basic type of lash and the Minx is made of a better quality material thus feels slightly softer. But of course the better quality, the more costly it will get also. Moving on to the multi-dimensional lashes - 2D = 2 lashes in 1, 3D = 3 lashes in 1..... then finally 9D = 9 lashes in 1.. So whatever dimension you are going for, it means that that per 1 unit will be attached to 1 of your eyelash. Simply said, 2D means to say that 2 of the lashes in 1 unit will be stuck to one of your lash. The more the lashes on one unit of lash, the heavier/more dramatic your final look will come to. Hope I didn't just confuse anyone - LOL.

When it came to my turn, Vivian (the eyelash extension expert) did a quick consultation with me to find out the type of look I was going for. As I haven't done any eyelash extensions in yearsssss, I wanted to play it safe and natural so I was recommended the Single Matt Eyelashes in d-curl. There's 4 types of curl for the lashes and d-curl was the second most natural type, so it's not too curly and OTT. After that I was shown to the beauty bed which again looked really clean. That's a very big plus point for me 'cuz I always feel that beauty parlors should be clean and hygienic.

Vivlash Beauty Studio uses all products from Novalash, which is a very big and reliable brand in the eyelash extension world. I'm sure those of you who are frequent users of eyelash extensions or who have friends who are, would definitely know this brand. Why Novalash is so so popular, is b'cuz it's adhesive is made and tested to be one of the most effective ones on the market and has also become the leading brand in the market. Besides that, another very important point is that products from Novalash are formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, damage-free and anti-bacteria. That means to say that you will less likely feel irritation compared to other brands which do not have these properties. Of course i wouldn't say 100% of the population who uses this will definitely not have any eye irritations, just that without those harmful chemicals, chances of having an irritation-free session is higher!

More products from Novalash - the Gel Patches are what Vivian uses on the lower eyelashes during the eyelash extension treatment. Basically just to cover the lower lashes making sure that the upper lashes do not stick to the lower ones - that's a no-no when it comes to good eyelash extensions. And I love the pink/red eyelash brush stick thingy, so pretty in pink! You'd normally get one of those after your eyelash extensions so that you can brush or separate your lashes at home and/or after showers. I used to have one after my first eyelash extension and I thought it was really useful, but it was black and this.. so pretty!! Hehe.

This was my natural lashes, no makeup or anything on. Eek, pardon my blackheads.

Another view - my lashes look very sparse here. *Sigh* Think I really passed all my "goodies" to my girl already. Haha.

Me before getting extensions done, and no makeup. 

After I got the Matt Single Eyelash Extensions done.This is the most natural type of lashes you can go for.

From the front it looks like I have naturally long lashes; not the super party-like dramatic kind.

What do you think? Very natural and clean looking right? The lashes were really really soft too! It's not poking or anything, really can't feel anything on my lids! And please note, good extensions are supposed to feel this way. If you feel poking or uncomfortable, it's not a good sign!

I love the look and it's an immediate transformation. Look how much my eyes "wakened" right after getting eyelash extensions!? I think I look good enough to head out like that, probably just touch up with some concealer and I'm good to go! Just like how we Moms like it!

Show you a comparison photo, before on top and after below. The after totally makes my natural lashes look like damn botak. : (

Before and after, full face shot. I think the picture speaks for itself, don't think I'll have to elaborate further.
Of 'cuz much chioer after the eyelash extensions right. LOL!

For those of you who usually does makeup on a daily basis, this is very good for you. It is a makeup remover by Novalash and basically is most effective for ladies with eyelash extensions to use 'cuz it doesn't have a specific ingredient in there that erodes the extension's glue to expedite the lifespan of your eyelash extensions. Definitely something to consider buying if you wanna prolong your extensions.

Overall I am feeling good about the eyelash extensions I got at Vivlash Beauty Studio. I felt comfortable and no stinging feeling in my eyes during the process, and my eyelids also felt very comfortable after the treatment 'cuz I couldn't feel anything poking or sticking o my eyelids - definitely had no adverse reaction to the products. I would say I'm definitely coming back to try those multi-dimensional ones in the very near future!! Hehe!!

Above is the price list for eyelash extensions here at Vivlash Beauty Studio. And as usual I have good offers for my dear readers! *wink wink*

Simpy quote "Vanny" to get 50% off any eyelash extension services.
I really think this is an AWESOME AWESOME deal, you do the calculations on your own yea.. haha.
Offer ends 14th December 2016 - just nice to get your lashes fluttering before the festive season, go get them now!

Do remember to book your appointment and quote "Vanny" before heading down!

Vivlash Beauty Studio
Blk 510 Bedok North Street 3
Contact: 81007550
Email: vivlashtampines@gmail.com

If you'd like to find out more about Vivlash Beauty Studio, visit them at their:
Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/vivlash.singapore/ or
Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/vivlash_beauty_studio/

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