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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Baby Product Review_Biolane Baby Bath Series From Pupsik Studio

Baby F. has sensitive skin just like her Mama and I think we both have relatively dry skin. During the first few months of her birth, Baby F. had a series of eczema-looking bumps all over her face and neck area (see picture here). It went away after awhile, ith the help of keeping her skin clean and moisturised on a daily basis. So of course being a Mama, I am concerned of the type of products we use especially for that young & sensitive skin. Pupsik Studio recently sent me a set of baby bath products from Biolane to try on Baby F.

is a baby body product brand that's known for its suitability for sensitive skin and their products have been recommended by many pediatricians for many decades. Here's why:
  • Biolane products are specially formulated to protect and meet the needs of baby's skin,
  • all products have been tested under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision,
  • guaranteed to be alcohol and paraben-free,
  • formulated at pH5 to maintain skin's natural balance, 
  • hypoallergenic which helps to minimize risk of allergies,
  • and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Let me introduce to you some of Biolane's best-sellers:

> Biolane Dermo-Paediatrics Micellar Solution
> Biolane Gentle Shampoo
Biolane Liquid Talc

What is... Biolane Dermo-Paediatrics Micellar Solution?
It is a no-rinse cleaning solution that cleanses without the need for rinsing. Apply to baby's face, body and bottom with a cotton pad for daily hygiene routine. I use this solution as the first step of her daily cleaning routine. Sometimes use this after night bath if Baby F. perspires just before bed time.

What I liked about it?
> The Biolane Dermo-Paediatrics Micellar Solution is soap and fragrance-free,
> no-rinse for the convenience,
> so convenient it can be used anytime and anywhere,
> it is gentle on the skin and does not dry skin out,
> it does not sting the eyes,
> suitable for dry and sensitive skin,
> it can even be used as makeup remover for Mamas! (though I haven't personally tried it as a makeup remover, the texture is very very similar to my water cleanser)

Baby F. enjoying her bath time.

What is... Biolane Gentle Shampoo?
It is a shampoo that is gentle for baby's use, which cleans and untangles baby's hair at the same time. A special ingredient used in this gentle shampoo, Hydra-bléïne®, is a unique natural plant complex which combines wheat oils and proteins. They limit water loss (dehydration), nourish and protects hair. It is very straight forward to use; just apply shampoo and lather, rinse off after that.

What I liked about it?
> The Biolane Gentle Shampoo is soap free,
> enriched in honey for untangling properties that make combing easier,
> smells light and refreshing, even I feel like trying on my hair - haha!! 
> gentle that even adults can use it as a daily shampoo (but of course I'm not gonna steal my girl's shampoo...hehe)
its upside-down bottle with valve cap is easy to use - the valve cap helps to prevent from squeezing out too much shampoo at one go.

And Baby F. definitely agrees with her new products from Biolane - Thanks to Pupsik Studio for the lovely products!

What is... Biolane Liquid Talc?
Talc as most of us know is aka "baby powder". So what is liquid talc? It is a new formula of emulsion which, on contact with the skin, transforms into talc. Its formula reproduces all the properties of classic talc while avoiding the problems of volatility of a powder. Simply said, its a thick and liquidy solution which transforms into talc when applied onto the skin - interesting hor? I was really curious upon receiving this particular product and very excited to use. During the first use, I felt abit weirded b'cuz the feeling of using this liquid talc is very different from the traditional powered talc we grew up using. But I quickly grew to liking this liquid talc b'cuz there's no powder flying everywhere (I think most of you can related to the mess and how sometimes baby will grab the powder and spill it everywhere). Besides that, the liquid talc makes Baby F.'s skin feel silky & smooth, and smells damnnnnnn very good! Make my baby smell "pang pang" (aka fragrant-fragrant) - haha!!

What I liked about it?
> The Biolane Liquid Talc is paraben, alcohol and soap-free,
> its formulated with hydra-bléïne® which helps to soften baby's skin,
> convenient to use and safe for baby as there isn't particles of powder floating everywhere during application,
> specially designed to protect all of baby's skin folds that are sensitive to redness and irritation neck, legs, bottom, armpit, etc.),
> soothes the skin and absorb excess moisture from skin folds,
> strengthens skin's natural protective film against harsh external factors (e.g. urine, stool, abrasion with clothes, etc.),
> lightly fragranced and smells heavenly! 

(This is the mobile version of Pupsik Studio's online store)

As usual, it's time I share good lobangs (aka good deals) with my readers...
Biolane baby products can be purchased online from a few online stores but why buy on Pupsik Studio? As you can see from the promotion above, if you purchase 3+ Biolane products you will be entitled 25% off!! Usually good baby products are very costly and I think this is a good deal considering the baby products are really good and moisturising for baby's sensitive skin, plus extra promotion on top of the affordable quality baby products.

And there's also specials for both members and non-members of Pupsik Studio (details stated as above). Pupsik Studio also sells other baby/Mummy products like nursing wear, diaper bags, baby toys and clothing, etc. You can make use of the specials to buy all the things you need on Pupsik Studio to earn points and get free courier delivery for orders above SGD$60 - don't say I didn't share! *wink wink* ; )

Here's the official website link of Pupsik Studiohttp://www.pupsikstudio.com/

That's all for today and I hope that you've enjoyed my review for these lovely baby products from Biolane and do stay tuned for more! Do feel free to leave me comments in the comment box below if there's any questions you have that's not already stated in the blog article above.

Ps. If you'd like to see my future posts, you can follow me on Facebook & Instagram.

Bye for now and see you soon. : )

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