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Friday, February 13, 2015

Dim Sum at Mouth Restaurant - Probably The Best Liu Sha Bao in Singapore !

Mouth Restaurant at China Square
Mouth Restaurant was one random Dim Sum place my partner & I chanced online - we normally decide a day or two before the weekend for what we wanted to have for brunch, it would normally be a place we have not visited before. So it was one weekend we decided to have Dim Sum and so we booked a table for brunch on the weekend.

Upon arrival, the restaurant was really cold and empty. We were probably the first or second customers in the restaurant and it felt empty - but before we tried the food I didn't wanna make any assumptions.

As usual, we ordered the few must-order items (the usual few items we always have for Dim Sum).

Dim Sum at Mouth Restaurant salted egg bun liy sha bao best
Xiao Long Bao/ Steamed Soup Meat Dumplings

The Xiao Long Bao here is good; was tasty and the minced meat inside was soft & tender. Skin thickness was acceptable and definitely needs to be eaten HOT before it hardens.

Dim Sum at Mouth Restaurant salted egg bun liy sha bao best
Steamed Pork Ribs

Im not too big a fan of Pork Ribs, but we had to order 'cuz it was my partner's fav. I tried a tiny piece, the meat was really tender and had a great texture. I would say its a must-order if you are a fan too.

Dim Sum at Mouth Restaurant salted egg bun liy sha bao best
Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun/ Honey Roasted Pork Rice Rolls

Chee Cheong Fun was great, too. As you can see in the picture, the Rice Rolls are fully filled with Char Siew meat. Silky texture to the rolls, tender meat to the chews.

Dim Sum at Mouth Restaurant salted egg bun liy sha bao best
Feng Zhua/ Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet has always been my fav. I would say the Chicken Feet served here is one of the good ones. How to dictate whether a restaurant serves good Chicken Feet? #1 tender, melts-in-your-mouth, #2 general taste of the sauce. Thumbs up for both. Try it and let me know if you agree.

Dim Sum at Mouth Restaurant salted egg bun liy sha bao best
Stir Fry Kailan

Okay, nothing special about this dish - just my serving of veggies. Crunchy with fragrant garlic. :)

Liu Sha Bao/ Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun

Okay and now for the finale, their HIGHLY RAVED LIU SHA BAO!!!
I'd have to say that this could probably be the best Liu Sha Bao I had in Singapore.
I mean I've had Liu Sha Baos else where who's custard is really thick and full flavoured, but this, the skin adds a punch to the traditional steamed version. The fried skin is crisp on the first bite - slightly similar taste to Polo Bao's skin but less flakey. Please try and tell me if its nice! I'd bet you this would make top on your list too!

*Nibbles*...tasting the bao's crust first...

Enjoying another few more bites of the crispy-and-lightly-sweet bun........

Look at itttttt.......fwaaaaaaaa....... I totally took my sweet time to slurp and savour the custard.. it was SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOODDD..... Not joking.. haha..
And yea, I would highly recommend Mouth Restaurant for their Dim Sum - Must Try! Prices are pretty general, similar-priced to other Dim Sum restaurants.

Both occasions where I've visited was only to the branch at China Square but I am aware there's another at Plaza Singapura (the old wing) - been there too but was for a regular Chinese dinner. Reservations are available to make thru online (see website link below) but if you head over for brunch (like just around opening time) you wouldn't really need to as there would be lotsa' seats.

Awesome food! :D

Here's a link to their page: http://www.mouth.com.sg/

China Square Central Branch
22 Cross Street #01-61
China Square Central
South Bridge Court Shop House
Singapore 048421
Tel: 6438 5798 , Fax: 6438 5623
Plaza Singapura Branch
68 Orchard Road #02-01
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6337 7446, Fax: 6337 8144

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