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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ammonia-Free Hair Colouring During My First Trimester _ Plus _ Mucota DYNA _ A t_ Headlines

Yes yes, a big congrats to me & my hubs on my first pregnancy~~
I am now in my first trimester, entering my second trimester; currently on my 11-12th week.

Being a first-time mom-to-be, of course I've had mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness both at the same time. A lot of times I think of the "Dos" and "Don'ts", "Yes-es" and "Nos" I can or cannot do during my pregnancy. And hair colouring and/or treatment was one of those considerations. 

I mean preggers could also look nice if we wanted to maintain our looks even through our pregnancy, we just have to be a little more cautious on choosing products used during the term. I've seen many preggers heading to the salon to get their tresses maintained and I don't even know what type of products they used. 

So I went back to my usual salon #HeadlinesHairDressing to get my hair fixed;
> Mucota DYNA to smoothen my hair, and
> Ammonia-free hair colour to darken my tresses

Wanted to get a dark shade so I could avoid the number of times I need to touch up my roots during the whole pregnancy. I figured out a dark shade would do just well.

If you are not new to my blog, you could have read my previous blog on the Mucota DYNA Hair Treatment. (Read here: http://vannytelly.blogspot.sg/2014/11/my-first-mucota-dyna-hair-treatment-at.html)

smooth silky soft hair

Mucota DYNA is an Argan Oil treatment that provides smooth and silky hair up to 3-4 months. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is 100% free of Formaldehyde! 3 Yays to that!

Benefits Of ARGAN OIL:
- Rich in vitamin E which restores life to limp hair 
- Contains unsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 that provides nutrition to the hair 
- Contains linoleic acid and oleic which helps to hydrate and MOISTURIZE hair 
- Unlike other OILS, argan is non-greasy and non-oily 
- Keeps colored hair more lasting and prevents dryness 
- Easily absorbed by the hair and restores hair’s lost MOISTURE 
- Shields hair from harmful UV rays and protects hair from enviromental pollution 
- Enhances the elasticity of the hair 
- Improves strength of hair and HEALS split ends of hair

Just some pictures to re-cap the before and after effect of the treatment...

pregnancy safe
November 2014: This was taken after my first DYNA treatment and after my hair colouring session.

And more pictures to show the progress of the treatment, eg. how lasting the effect is.

pregnancy safe
February 2014: This was my typical day at work, a few days after my second DYNA treatment and after washing of my hair twice from the salon-hair. Effect seen is really natural and soft. :)

pregnancy safe
March 2015: Picture taken after my swimming session. Hair was "air-dried" and still looks soft.
(Here I just did my second DYNA treatment a week ago, and it looks naturally soft & silky - not stark straight and flat like rebonding). 

pregnancy sage charles stylist headlines hairdressing china square
Also March 2015 (on the same day as the picture above): Right after my ammonia-free colouring session.
Charles (Senior Stylist) did not do a salon blow, only a normal drying session.

Look how smooth, its like Pantene-hair. :)

Ammonia-free hair dyes have lesser chemical content and no smell at all! Felt so comfortable through out the colouring session. No stings in my eyes and scalp, no foul chemical smells!

headlines hairdressing china square charles stylist pregnancy safe
On the way home from Headlines, after my Ammonia-free hair colouring session.
Now im back to the dark side~~ ;p

Very happy indeed with my hair-do, as usual! Charles never fails to give me everyday-manageable hair. Thank you so much !

By the way ladies, Headlines Hair Dressing is now having a very attractive promotion on their Mucota DYNA Hair TreatmentJust bring a friend to enjoy this treatment at $198 each! (Normal price is from $350, almost half off!! Sweet!)

And for my dear readers: Quote "Vanessa" to enjoy 10-30% discount off on all other hair services. Don't say that I didn't share any good deals k. And do remember to look for my stylist, Charles. *wink wink*

Do call 62216866 to make a booking and consult the T&C.

Check Out Charles' Profile Here:

Headlines Hair Dressing Facebook Page:

Headlines Hair Dressing Address (China Square Branch):
18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central

Telephone: 6221 6866
Opening Hours:
- Mondays to Fridays 10.30AM to 8.30PM
- SATURDAYS 10.30AM to 7PM
- Sundays & Public HOLIDAYS 10.30AM to 5PM

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