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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eyebrow Embroidery at CLD (Celebrity Dream) Beauty - Tanjong Pagar

For those of you who have read my blog on my eyebrow embroidery removal
(see here --> http://vannytelly.blogspot.sg/2014/04/my-experiences-on-eyebrow-laser-tattoo.html) you would probably be wondering how my brows turned out after, right? 

I actually had a free eyebrow embroidery session (should be the normal 2D type) with Best Beauty as a package I got with my removal, but I didn't use the free session as they can be really pushy.. As I previously mentioned, they have the tendency to push their high-end packages so without a thought I decided on the time when I signed up for the removal package that I was not gonna go back for the embroidery once my removal was a success. Anyway the removal package was cheap enough as it is so not going for the embroidery session didn't seem like it had gone to waste.

CLD was a place where I randomly found online on some coupon website, they were selling coupons for 3D Korean eyebrow embroidery at a cheap price. I was not prepared to spend a thousand dollars to get my brows done even though I knew that having nice brows are really important. Since CLD was pretty near my office and the consultant whom I spoke to over the phone said that I could drop by to have a look before deciding on whether I wanted to go ahead with their services, I decided to have a look-see....(desperate to get nice brows again!)

Went to CLD, as usual the consultant would share the types of eyebrow embroidery services they had, she showed me the 4D one and I tried to get a small discount (Auntie mode on) before having decided on the spot and left a deposit.

korean brows tanjong pagar
Step 1: Application of numbing cream
korean brows tanjong pagar
Step 2: Beautician draws a shape according to my preference
korean brows tanjong pagar
Step 3: The works begin

So here's a compilation of my brows on 3 stages:
bare brows, roughly drawn, and finally embroidery done.

before korean brows
R - bare
before korean brows
R - drawn
during process review korean brows
R - embroidered

before korean brows review
L - bare
before korean brows review
L - drawn
after korean brows review
L - embroidered

If you paid attention to the picture above, you can see a slight reddish tone to my skin above my newly embroidered brows. That was the area of my old brows and the reason it was reddish 'cuz my skin was still healing from the laser removal. I was afraid that it would show or leave a scar later on so the beautician provided free "nude colour" embroidery onto the red area..it worked like a "concealer" over the old colour and I thought was a great idea...yea. But do not that it will not be concealed 100%, but I would say a good 85-90%.

before korean brows review
after korean brows review

after korean brows review
Both brows completed
It is normal for the brows to look super dark during the first 1-2 weeks, it will fade after that. So far its been a year after my laser removal and i've been loving my new brows. Many have commented that I have very natural and thick brows which was something that I've wanted. Although I would prefer if my brows could go even straighter and look more Korean, but I am also aware that the brows have to suit my brow bones and facial structure..yea, so I really just satisfied right now that I do not have "flying" brows like before.

For those of you who are interested in getting either the laser procedure or new brows done, I've paid total of $1k to get everything done. Breakdown: Removal package $399++, $49 for healing cream; $500+ for 4D Eyebrow Embroidery with 1-time free touch up. Yea, so I guess a total of one grand for a whole change of eyebrow and look should be considered worth while, what's your take?



korean eye brow eyebrow review
Bare face - brows are not drawn, unfiltered pic
korean eyebrow review brows
korean eyebrow brow review
How do they look? Natural? :)


  1. Hi Vanny! Chanced upon ur blog while googling for 3D eyebrows! Interesting post on ur new eyebrows! It looks good on you. :) I was just wondering how long does it take for your eyebrows to heal completely after the tattoo removal laser treatment? :) thanks :)

  2. Hi Vanny! Chanced upon ur blog while googling for 3D eyebrows! Interesting post on ur new eyebrows! It looks good on you. :) I was just wondering how long does it take for your eyebrows to heal completely after the tattoo removal laser treatment? :) thanks :)

    1. Hi Esther, thanks for reading my blog post! :)
      I can't remember how long exactly it takes but on an average about 1 week for skin to peel and recover, then about a month later you need to do a touch up since the initial skin peeling tends to fade out some colour. Its similar to body tatts, you'd need a touch up too. Hope I answered your qn. :)

  3. eyebrow tattoo koreaWhile a tattooed eyebrow is more permanent, an embroidered one would look more natural. I hope your tattoo removal sessions progressed smoothly, so you could begin the embroidery as soon as possible. Keep us posted!

  4. Hi I loved your blog
    How long to heal after the laser?
    I had my first laser treatment 2 weeks ago and my skin still looks so red... I see yours still looked red that you have to put skin color over it...
    Will the red ever go away?
    How long after the last laser treatment these pictures were taken? How long between the last laser and the new tattoo?
    Sorry my English is not very good
    Love from Brazil

    1. Hi dear,, thank you for reading my blog! The red does go away eventually, but I can't remember how long it took b'cuz this was years ago. If you followed me on FB/IG, you could see my brows are looking awesome these days.

      I waited about 6 months from laser to new embroidery. Hope this helps. :)