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Friday, March 21, 2014

Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset

A little intro about my natural hair..... I have really dark black hair often people call it Jet Black. I guess im pretty blessed with that colour and many have mistaken my hair colour being dyed instead of it being natural... Well being said, the only time I dyed my hair was during my secondary school days where every one was experimenting with hair colours, or I would say when most of us were at the rebellious stage where we wanted what we couldn't. :P

Since then I think the next time I had my hair coloured was approx 3-4 years ago, where I went to random shops after reading online reviews, and dyes like twice in a year and permed once - that got my hair fried. Everyday I had to bun my hair up and my classmates would call it (my bun) "Bird's Nest". 

What did I do next? Chopped the Bird's Nest off...........

So I've had short hair for the last 3-4 years and only recently have I decided to try growing it out, I wanted to see how my natural locks were (I have natural curls which have always been ironed most years) and if they could do well without any chemical treatment. Besides, I've already tried such short hair once I wouldn't be afraid to go there again. (If I didn't like my long hair again that it)

My very short pixie-like hair. Haha. Don't mind the background.

So anyways, my guy was telling me how he'd like to get blue hair and I was like "what? its so Beng!" (lol) Then after a few days of consideration, I was like okay lets get our hairs done together for CNY and if we're gonna do it we ought to do it at a re-known place (just because I was terrified of frying my hair again). 

Salon Vim lor.... its like, who doesn't know them? The net has been flooded with bloggers blogging about them. But i'd have to say, their works are really quite nice. And of 'cuz the marketing was really strong. 

Hair all done... mine was brown base with 2-tone (purple & pink)
His was violet + blue highlights

Just us goofing around... and the last chance to see my black hair...

My first wash after colouring the base and the bleach to prep for the pinks & purples

 After 5 hours of colouring and cut............

What do you think?

Okay basically I went into Salon Vim and asked the senior stylist what he could do for me and I told him of my concerns (that I was afraid my hair would get fried and I didn't want colours that would wash out to look like "Ah Lian" gold..) and that he could feel free to come up with colours that would suit my skin tone because I was just lost at it...

He looked and thought for a good minute and advised what he would do for me and I agreed. Total it took about 5 hours... from 5:30PM to 10:30PM.. we were so late for our dinner gathering. *blah*

And the price tag...... a whopping $400+ for mine. *faints* I only went bcuz they did not have pre-CNY charges and that I had a 10% off for using my colleague's member discount. But I only realised the discount was not applicable to alot of things after the service was done.

CNY Reunion Dinner Afternoon

The guy's company D&D... still somewhere in Feb

Middle of March.. you can see the pink has washed off to a reddish tone...
which im sooo scared i'll look "Lian"....

End of March... You can see even more that the ends have washed off quite a bit that its showing abit of the gold from the bleach

Overall I was pretty pleased with the service and the colour results tho my only concern was the price.
If you ask if I'll do it again, wel....maybe yes maybe not... Its kinda like a fashion thing where I'd like to try once but not exactly wanna have vibrant-neon-coloured hair all the time.. You see when the neon colours washes off, it reveals the bleach colour which is somehow not the trendiest type of colour (some how its abit like our old school secondary-school-cheap-bleach-colour kind-of). So yea, maybe......

Well colouring my hair was definitely a little drying but wasn't as bad as I imagined. I guess you just have to go for treatments like I do- I go for quarterly Brazallian Blow Out Treatment to keep my hair smooth.

One tip I got alot online was not to wash your hair too often to prevent drying as well as washing off the colours. I read that its good to wash once every 2 days. But of 'cuz if you went for a workout etc and had alot to sweat then of 'cuz you'll have to wash. Otherwise you could skip a day to keep your locks from drying and keeping the colour for a longer time.

Colouring your hair is just like any other fashion item added to your wardrobe, your wardrobe changes as your hair colour changes, and not to mention your make up changes too...

So remember to match your eyebrow colour to your new hair colour... Happy stylling~ ;)


  1. Love the hairstyle with the amazing cut real pretty with great looks and I must say that Brazillian Blow Out Treatment is surely am going to look forward to finding your hair to be an inspiration.

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    1. Hi Beauty Undercover, Thanks for reading my blog post and sorry for the late reply.. Was busy being pregnant and delivering my baby. Lol.. Yes that'd be nice! Do drop me an email at vanet_00@hotmail.com ... Thanks!! :)