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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pandora ˜ Bracelets & Charms.

Pandora; when I first heard about this name a couple years back, it appeared to me as a silver bracelet brand thats in the trend and highly raved by many. I kinda associated it with the next "IT" bracelet, just like how Tiffany & Co. took our shores about (erm.... I think?) 10 years ago. Well tho it (Pandora) being the next in bracelet just like many others, I did find a particularly classy & different touch to the usual jewelry we're all used to wearing or even seen advertised on magazines. How should I put it? Yes yes, I know they are just silver charm bracelets, I'd simply say they're kinda a grown up version of it. ;)

Here are some lovely bracelet creations from Pandora.....

Well yes... at that point of time all I thought of them (the bracelets) were "Oh, they're pretty charm bracelets".... nothing more. It didn't occur to me the uniqueness of these little jewelry until the time I had my hands on one.

For me, I usually do not buy jewelry for myself as I've always had the thought of them as sentimental gifts. (eg. from my partner, parent, or best friend) So it was a month before my 26th birthday and as usual my bunch of primary school besties were waiting for my birthday wish-list I had for that year. I came up with the idea of having all my loved ones buy me one (charm at least) to make up the whole bracelet as momentous I can look at to remember all of them. So on my wish-list I mentioned to them "Pandora".... tho not mentioning what item was it exactly that I wanted nor any of them knowing if I had a bracelet or not, I wanted to be surprised.

And without any disappointment, my BFFs got me my first pair of Pandora charms.
I was delighted. :D

Well it would have been nice if I could have matching ones with my BFFs (one side each), but then again there're 4 of us......so they gave it as a pair to me. Still happy that I got them, just gotta find my next sponsor for the silver bracelet.

Well I'll cut the story short...

My Dad & his wife got me a bracelet set (bracelet + 2 clips + a heart charm) for birthday. They bought them on board the plane when they visited SG....

And this was how my bracelet looked in the beginning. :)

**Oh yes, and a quick pointer is that the bracelet set sold on board are of standard 19cm sized. If you have smaller wrists, I doubt it'll be a good fit. So it'd be better to get them off retail outlets instead.

And how could my partner not get me any right? So it came during Vday... I guess like many other girls who got their guys to gift them for the special day. Lol. I received a Murano Bead & Jared Dangle Charm from my Man.

My current collection......

To be honest im pretty happy with my collection now but of course my goal is to have ALL my loved ones reminding me of them (even more so because they aren't by me side).. Well, im now short of my dear Brother and my Mom (*giggles*).... I've looked up on what I wanted as momentous from them and I decided to have an Alpha V Charm from my bro, since we're both "V"s.... and a Happiness Charm from my Mommy to remind me that happiness comes from within. *smiles* :)

I made an online prototype of how it would look like after adding the 2 charms..
using their design tool) Quite nice huh?

I know to some... its some how or rather just another excuse to spend money but I find the whole concept rather sellable... They sold the idea of letting you gain momentous from your loved ones. Genius... 

Im sold.

To Summarize Why I Love Pandora Charm Bracelets... They are............

1. Very personal & customizable
2. Sturdy thick bracelet (not afraid of breaking them as Im a sporty person who keeps them on 24/7)
3. Have I mentioned about their "screw" system??? - you have to screw in the charms. This way it prevents the charms from falling out when you unclip your bracelet. You could even add "clips" to stop the charms from running from centre position to the ends, or "safety clips" to prevent charms from falling off when the bracelet is unclipped. I have to say, this is the best feature ever!!! 
4. Clip/snap closure for easy wearing - instead of the usual claw hooks

If you are new to Pandora's bracelets, you'll probably not get what I am talking about.. But I assure you its really simple, just choose your bracelet, then your charm, and Viola! You will love it! ;)

-To create a prototype, go to: http://www.pandora.net/en-sg/explore/inspiration/create-combine/bracelet-designer 

- For Pandora size guide, go to: https://estore-uk.pandora.net/on/demandware.static/Sites-en-GB-Site/Sites-en-GB-Library/default/v1378594849388/images/sizeguide/size_guide.pdf

Pandora not only sells bracelets and charms, they sell other jewelry like necklaces, rings, earrings and watches too. I personally love the charms bracelet collection best followed by the stackable rings.

Quite cute huh?

Pandora was found in 1982 (in Copenhagen, Denmark) and only came to Singapore sometime in 2009. To think of it, Pandora has won over many ladies hearts in just a short few years. And every special occasion I would see loads of photos posted by friends of their new jewelry received as gifts from their special someone or to their special self. 

Overrated? Maybe in a few years time.. Overall, Im in love with all the features I mentioned above. I still sold. :) I guess its just the part that its personal & customizable that even seeing many ladies wearing the same brand, same type of bracelet, we love it because it means something to us.

P A N D O R A . . . .   U N F O R G E T T A B L E   M O M E N T S