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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Baby Product Review_Cute Customised Wooden Plate & Cutlery Set By Wooderful.Sg

I recently learnt about this new online vendor Wooderful.sg who sells creative wooden dining wares, home decorative items and even wooden knick-knacks you can get as gifts to friends and family. Wooderful.sg also provides personalised engravement services for your new purchases which makes the customized home & dining wares unique to you or your loved ones.

Just a quick preview of their Big Wooden Animal/Character Plate collection (pic taken from Wooderful.sg) - It's super cute lah, look at the different types of animal & character wooden plates... Especially love it with the customization done so I had to get a set for Baby F.! Haha! At first I couldn't decide between the Bunny & the Bear, but later I choose the Bear one with her name personalised on it. Hehe! 

I received my customized dining ware set a week plus after I placed my order and it came nicely wrapped and snug in bubbly wrap and plastic envelope. Everything looked nice and in place!

Hehe.. look at the wooden plate and cutlery set, so cute!

I ordered a BPA-free non-slip cloud dining mat in pink, a big bear wooden plate, and a set of kids dining cutlery. All these for $54!! Nice hor?? I think to have one set is very nice, I see some vendors selling the non-slip mats at baby fairs also not that cheap. Since there was a bundle from Wooderful.sg I got it from them at one go. Anyway the mat can be used for babies, totts, and older children so quite worth to get. I like that the wood of the plate and cutlery also felt quite substantial, doesn't feel like the cheap and light kind of wood that will break easily. And FYI, the customization service of the dining ware was also FOC from Wooderful.sg - yays!

A better view of the whole set - nice??? = P

I decided to make special lunch for my girl over the weekend using her brand new wooden plate and cutlery set.. Hehe.. see so nice! I mentioned special 'cuz most times my girl takes porridge, and since she has her own new dining ware set of 'cuz must do an opening ceremony for it! Haha... I love how there's a few sections on the plate to separate out different foods. Like if you use it as a snack plate, you can put like tiny portions of yoghurt or some sauce on the ears section to separate out the wet and dry foods. Or like me OCD, just putting the foods in different sections look so satisfying and pleasing to the eye - hurhur.

Menu of the day - Tomato Pasta with Steamed Cod Fish, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Pumpkin!

Super cute and fun to look at! Need to appreciate more before Baby F. starts messing up the whole plate.. LOLs!
Imagine if we adults think it's very nice and interesting to look at, for sure our kids will love it!

Hahahaha, look at Baby F.'s face! That was her very very first reaction upon receiving her cute lunch set for the first time - she loves it! Apparently before I even put it in front of her, she was like staring from a far like thinking what's that surprise for her liao. Glad she loves it!! : D I used it on the high chair's table 'cuz she's still not tall enough for normal chairs and tables yet. Though the entire set didn't fit well on her table, it was still rather stable and not shaky 'cuz of the non-slip mat. Think without the non-slip mat perhaps it won't stay well when baby is eating. So its quite useful after all lor. It can even be used on normal dining table next time when she upgrades to the normal chairs and tables, so really well worth!

Lunch time! Bon appetit~ ; )

Caring for your wooden dining ware is also simple. Just normal washing and after that drying with a towel will do.
Above are just some of the things to note. : )

Another photo taken from Wooderful.sg to show you their cute wooden coasters. Apparently you are able to customise almost any of their wooden dining wares. Like the Wooden Toast Coasters you see here? You can request to have it in different expressions, add names for personalisation,  or even have it in other shapes with character engravings on it. Just have to send in your enquiry to check if they can customize your idea for you! I think Wooderful.sg even does mass production for you if you'd like to make customised gifts for your colleagues as farewell gifts, Christmas, corporate gifts or maybe as wedding favors - who knows?

If you'd like to see what else Wooderful.sg has to offer for their full range of products, do check them out on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Wooderful.Sg/

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I hope you liked my review on the Customised Wooden Animal Plate & Cutlery Set by Wooderful.sg. Feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s and I'll try my best to answer if its not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~! ; ) 
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