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Friday, December 23, 2016

Product Review_ELZA Opens At One Raffles Place

So just last week I was running some errands around Raffles Place and I happened to pass by this jewelry store 'cuz it some how caught my eye from across the building. I'm a jewelry person who loves all pretty pieces though I seldom buy myself jewelry 'cuz I feel that jewelry should be gifted by our loved ones for that special touch. But of 'cuz if its something affordable and really pretty, I sometimes won't be able to resist the temptation - hur hur!

These Statement Rings were the ones that caught my eye. Aren't they pretty??? I just had to drop in for some quick window shopping and try out the rings from their beautiful ring collection. Even the Geometric Necklace I tried out matched my OOTD easily, it's something I definitely foresee wearing on a daily basis.

Oh yes, I got so carried away I almost forgot to introduce the store name to you guys. ELZA apparently just opened it's first retail store in December this year. They were just newly open for a week and I was so lucky to be in that area for errands - not sure if I should call this lucky for finding a new shopping gem or not for finding a new place to empty my wallet - LOL!

ELZA is located on the third level of One Raffles Place Shopping Mall and can be easily located. Although I was unfamiliar with this brand name, it some how gave me the vibe of sophistication when I saw the store from a far. As I entered the store I noticed a welcoming fresh scent which was surprisingly a good thing 'cuz as a pregger I usually would feel immediately nausea when I smell scents these days, but here it was really pleasant and mild - me likey.

My intention was really to run errands around that area but decided to pop in since also ELZA was having a Christmas Sale at that time - what an excuse eh? FYI their Christmas Sale ends 31st December 2016, hurry on now for more Christmas shopping! Well maybe before you decide, let me show you some of the jewelry collections found here at ELZA.

Here we have a range of rose gold jewelry from the Rosé collection, definitely something for the rose gold lovers. The style is modern-chic and is suitable for daily wear if you'd like something feminine and it'll also go well with your party/cocktail dresses. It is something more modern-feminine I would say.

And displayed here are the Statement Rings, which also are my favs for their overall collections. I've got a soft spot for statement rings and I don't know why. I love jewelry that shouts loud and attention-seeking yet in a subtle way - does that even make sense?! Haha.. I can't decide which of the two styles I like from this display, what do you think? *My inner shopaholic devil is calling out***~~

Moving on here to some pieces from different collections; Modern, Chic, Unique designs. Really like the necklaces that look oh-so-glam yet not OTT, definitely something easy to match with most simple tops & dresses. If you're a bracelet/bangle person, you'd be in for a treat 'cuz there's quite a nice range of bracelets and bangles here at ELZA. I won't be showing you everything from the store, you'd have to drop by on your own to check them out. There's also a very very beautiful and unique range of solitaire earrings which I so love and if you so happen to be looking for solitaire earrings which doesn't cost a bomb, you'd have to come here to get a pair or two!

As I mentioned earlier I'm a huge fan of statement rings and I couldn't bear to leave the store without taking one of these lovelies home with me, especially since the prices are really great with the Christmas Sale going on. Was being soooooo indecisive about which to get I had to loiter around the store trying to make up my mind... help!!! Which would you get?

And as I was deciding which Statement Ring to bag home, I noticed this room at the side of the store which says "Fine Jewellery Customize Your Style". The friendly store assistant then explained to me that ELZA also does customization for wedding/engagement rings, which I think is something really cool. So anyone who's thinking of customizing their own wedding/engagement rings can check it out here at ELZA and get a quote, I'm sure the prices would be rather competitive plus you'd get good quality designs. One more place to add to the list of ring customization before you decide on which to go for your special ring to be made.

I can't believe I ended up spending an hour at ELZA's just to do some window shopping and choosing just one Statement Ring. I'm not sure if it's a pregnancy thing or what, been noticing my urge to shop and being indecisive at it - LOL! Did you think I'd get this? I love love love this pink Holographic Statement Ring, it just makes me wanna stare deep into it 'cuz of the holographic design inside the crystal - makes my eyes dazzle.

Took a POTD with my new Holographic Statement Ring the next day when I was on the way to attend a X'mas Gala Party, super pretty and matches my outfit and nails really well eh? *Bling Bling*!! I love that its design is stylish yet girlish at the same time. *Hearts my new ring* : D

Address: One Raffles Place, #03-09

If you'd like to see more of ELZA, you can check them out on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/elza.jewellery/

That's all for today and I hope that you've enjoyed my review for these gorgeous high-fashion jewelry from ELZA and do stay tuned for more! Do feel free to leave me comments in the comment box below if there's any questions you have that's not already stated in the blog article above.

Ps. If you'd like to see my future posts, you can follow me on Facebook & Instagram.

Bye for now and see you soon. : )


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