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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Baby Product Review_CiPU Diaper Bag From BabyKen

I think diaper bags are one of the essential things a new Mummy will eventually own. How come I say mention "eventually" is b'cuz I was also one of those Moms who never thought of spending such money to have a bag just for diapers and baby's things. Last year I gave birth to Baby F. and received a free pink diaper bag from Nestle Baby. I used it as my hospital bag then diaper bag for first 2 months after delivery but eventually the straps broke. I remembered the day when hubs & I were out with Baby F. and I was baby-wearing her while hubs was carrying the pink diaper bag, half way during our shopping trip the straps of the bag gave way and hubs was feeling rather uncomfortable carrying that fugly thing; already it was pink and then it broke - that was unsightly, and hub's exact words were "I feel like a maid".... Hahahaha... I know I'm very mean for laughing, but after that we decided to get a diaper bag of our own - like to purchase a proper one. 

My first diaper bag was a Ju-Ju-Be BFF in Countess print, I blogged about it early this year when I had it (link here). It was a great diaper bag especially for new Moms/parents who have small babies. The bag had lots of compartments and was not overly big for newborn packing. One downside of the BFF was that it can be rather heavy on its own. I sold my BFF sometime this year as Baby F. was growing, there were days where we either didn't need to bring so much or days when we had to bring a little more e.g. extra thermal food pot for her porridge, or towel for swim sessions, etc. so having such a heavy bag was just not practical for us anymore. 


After I gotten my BFF I learnt about this diaper bag brand CiPU where I first saw it at baby fairs. I was quite keen in getting one b'cuz for one I actually quite like the quilted, padded, or puffy (?) look. Not just for diaper bags, actually my current gym bag is also a quilted one inspired by Chanel, hehe. 

The Chanel Coco Cocoon

Don't ask me why I have such a taste, but I've always liked this type of bags since years ago. My big bag during my modelling and event days was also like this Chanel Coco Cocoon bag; it was chic-looking, light (very important cuz there were so many things to carry inside!!), spacious, and def earned me alot of compliments using it. Now my gym bag is also similar looking, just in a different colour. I'm a person who dislikes to lug heavy stuff around all day long so one of the criteria when I get a bag is light-weight! Okay, the BFF was an exception b'cuz I had other reasons for getting it, just that it didn't last long in my home 'cuz eventually I got tired of the weight. 

Being a practical Mom,  I only waited till I sold my BFF then went to get the CiPU back pack. So this here is the CiPU B-Bag Eco Rock Star bag, it is exactly the one I have now and it's one of the latest prints. The latest Eco range is made from environmental-friendly materials, water resistant & repellent, has super alot of compartments inside and outside of the bag for different purposes, and I would say the LIGHTEST diaper bag in the market so far.

Back side of the CiPU B-Bag Eco Rock Star bag.

Top view of the CiPU B-Bag Eco Rock Star bag, with hot pink inner lining for you to easily locate your stuff.

The CiPU back pack series also comes in various sizes for your needs. There's XS & S size for your kiddos, M to XL size for the parents. Mine is the B-Bag in L size, it is def enough for a day out. 

So this was just one of the day out for brunch, just me trying to pose with the CiPU B-Bag Eco Rock Star bag - hehe. I think the size is just nice eh? Just for your reference, I am 168cm tall and a standard S size - so you can roughly gauge the sizing. I didn't use to be a person who likes colourful prints but after becoming a Mummy, I think they can look cute especially for Mummy-Baby items. I like how the CiPU B-Bag Eco Rock Star bag looks with the black base and colourful star prints which looks just right cute & stylish without being too loud. 

I'm usually in such get-ups (outfits) so the style of this CiPU B-Bag Eco Rock Star bag suits me just right! I can't show you what fits in the bag b'cuz I have not tried stuffing the bag to the max. But my usual items that are in there for a usual day out are:
  1. x2 Mini sized wet wipes
  2. x1 Mini sized wet wipes for face
  3. x1 Roll of plastic bag for disposing of diapers
  4. x1 Mini bottle of baby detergent for bottles
  5. x4 Diapers
  6. x1 Wet bag
  7. x2 Packets of tissues
  8. x2 Hand sanitizers
  9. x2 Small handheld toys for baby
  10. x1 Baby's water bottle
  11. x2 Baby's milk bottle
  12. x1 Baby's FM & snack storage stack-able container
  13. x1 Mini thermal flask
  14. x1 Pacifier & strap
  15. x1 Hand towel
  16. x1 Mummy's HP & personal belongings
  17. x1 Mummy's water bottle
  18. x1 Helper's water bottle

The list of items I mentioned above are just more or less the usual things I bring on a normal day out. Some times I do add a towel for Baby F.'s swim sessions or a thermal food jar/pot for days we need to bring her porridge out. And it all still fit into the CiPU B-Bag Eco Rock Star bag well without being too stuffed. What I like best about this bag is that b'cuz its super light-weight, the bag doesn't feel too heavy even when it is filled with so much things! Last time when I had the BFF my back would start aching by mid day out esp. when I baby-wear also. Even when I baby-wear and my helper carries the BFF when we are out, my helper tells me that her back aches after awhile just carrying the bag alone. The CiPU diaper bag range is a life-saver for Mummies!!

The CiPU diaper bags does not only come in backpack styles, there's also another range for Mummies who prefer a hand/shoulder carry bag. I think the handbag style ones also have additional straps in them for a sling version - very versatile! There's also different sizes for the handbag style CiPU diaper bags, a size for everyone! CiPU diaper bags are actually from Taiwan and BabyKen is a distributor of CiPU in Singapore. You can find CiPU diaper bags at most baby fairs around. Besides CiPU diaper bags, BabyKen also carries a nice range of the very trending bag brand from Japan - Anello. BabyKen also sells other baby items like feeding, bath & baby care, nursery, diapering, toys, shoes, nursing items and even Tokidoki thermal flasks. Head down to baby fairs to have a look and try out the bags, all very nice & suitable as diaper bags. I'm sure you'd be able to find something you like 'cuz everytime I visit their booth I feel tempted to buy something.. hehehehe...

Look at the mini bags..... super Kawaii!!! Just waiting for my girl to grow abit older before I can get her a matching mini bag to match mine. Hehehehe... I was at the Expo baby fair two months back (i think?), carrying the CiPU B-Bag Eco Polka Dot Blue bag over my TULA Sekailove Sybelle baby carrier - matchy matchy!

Before I go, just to share with my readers that BabyKen will be available in the upcoming Baby World Fair in January 2017 at Expo Hall 5. And all CiPU products will be going for 50% off during this fair, don't miss it!!! : D
**Psst.... share with you guys, I'll be doing a give-away on CiPU bags very very soon, do stay tuned and check my FB/IG page for deets. ; )

If you'd like to see what BabyKen has to offer for their full range of products, do check them out online -

And there's also a Facebook page for CiPU Singapore, link here : https://www.facebook.com/CIPUsingapore/

I hope you liked my review on the CiPU diaper bag. Feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s and I'll try my best to answer if its not already stated in my blog above. And that's all for today, bye~! ; ) 
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