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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Product & Service Review_Customized Couple Photo Pillows & Notebook With Photobook Worldwide

Hello All!! I'm back from my 16-day honeymoon trip in Europe where Hubs & I traveled through 7 countries. It was quite a memorable experience since it was our first long trip and also first time being on a tour - it's really enjoyable and not as bad as how some feedback on tour groups.

Anyways, I came back from my holiday to receive some lovely lovely customised lifestyle products from Photobook Worldwide Singapore which I super love!! My very own customised notebook for work, and a set of customised couple photo pillows for my new house. *Happy Girl*

Photobook Worldwide provides services to customise lifestyle items as well as create customised photo books. From wedding books, engagement albums, books of family photos or even personal portfolios, almost type of photo books you'd like to customise into, Photobook Worldwide can help you with. Other lifestyle products like photo pillows, notebooks, business cards, calendars, canvas print, tote bag (and more!!) can also be customised with your favorite photos - really really great as gifts 'cuz I'm sure anyone who receives this gift would be very pleased (provided you don't put up ugly photos lah - haha!).

Customization was easy using the bookmaking software, Photobook Designer. I managed to design 2 customised couple photo pillows & a notebook all in an afternoon - it was that easy! Confirmed my designs before my honeymoon, and came back to receive all of it at home. Convenience! My customised items were delivered to our doorstep via DHL in less than a week, super fast & efficient!!

The Customised Couple Photo Pillows came in a pair (obviously); 2 pillows and 2 pillow cases. The pillows came vacuum-packed like in the picture which was clever so it'd save space for delivery.

Pillows were not the fattest or fluffiest of pillows, but was substantial as couch pillows/cushions. At the very least they are soft.. It was a very good size for us b'cuz I'd use it as a pillow to feed milk to my girl in the hall.

My 13-month old tott kept coming to kaypo (nosy).. haha!! You can roughly tell the pillow size from the proportion to a toddler, the pillows are of general size but just slightly lesser in volume.

Here's 2 close-ups for you to have a feel of the quality of the pillow covers. The pillowcovers are made from Polyester, they are smooth and silky to touch. Actually both the quality of the fabric & printing surpassed my expectations. Thumbs up!

If you noticed that the first picture above looks a tad faded compared to the second picture (right above), even though both looked clear but the top one looks slightly different in quality because the bottom photo was a professionally taken picture from our pre-wedding photoshoot and the upper one was (also professionally taken but) a photo taken live at our wedding. To put it short, it was a photo that was more "real". Remember to select good quality photos if you'd want clearer prints. During the designing stage, you will be prompt if the quality of image provided is insufficient for a clear print.

This is the back side of the pillow, in dark brown to match our leather sofa. You can choose the colours for the un-printed side, which is good so you don't have to have it in white (or a specific colour) 'cuz its more difficult to keep clean.

Hello! Baby F. loves the new customised couple photo pillows! Please don't be fooled by her non-smiling face, she's just camera shy but in reality she's super smiley..! Baby F. has been hugging these pillows the last couple of days and lying on them cutely.. super adorbs!! Hehe.. 

I love my new customised couple photo pillows!! Super pretty!! B'cuz it's customised, I could choose the prettiest photos, place or design them the way I want, add details/fonts to them... very cool way to make a momento out of a special occasion. If you didn't notice earlier on, I actually added in our wedding date on one of the cushions, good way to keep ourselves reminded of the date.. Go look for it if you haven't spot it - go photohunt it! Haha!!

By the way, the customised photo pillows come in either singles or a pair and the prices add accordingly.

Unwrapped the second package to find my customised notebook.. also super love!!! Everything you see printed on the notebook was designed by yours truly.. Using the Photobook Designer, I was able to create this customised notebook using one of their templates. Thereafter I modified the layout a little to fit my photos in. I think I did an awesome job - hehe! *pats on Van's shoulders*

Here's the front cover page.... put on the very latest pictures from my wedding.

Followed by the first inner page of the notebook... Also printed my name & details on it with my own photos.

The last inner page of the notebook.. with my family's photos, and something to commemorate my breastfeeding journey. P.S. I love my in laws too but I don't have nice pictures with them so.. also for my besties not seen here, sorry don't have nice new photos with you all.. time to snap up!! Then I can put in pictures with all of you in my next book! 

Last and not least, the back cover of the notebook... Our family portrait. : ) *so sweet!*

How do you like all the customised lifestyle items from Photobook Worldwide? I LOVE THEM!! and definitely will recommend to all friends & family b'cuz being able to see fav photos of ourselves and our loved ones on a daily basis (besides on Facebook or Instagram) on daily-used items is so sweet - love it love it, love the whole idea!! For sure it'll make great gifts.. I already know what I'm going to make for my family soon - hehe.. 

I hope you liked my review (b'cuz I really enoyed the whole designing process & reviewing the customised products) and that's all for today. Feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s and I'll try my best to answer if its not already stated in my blog above. 

If you'd like to find out more about Photobook Worldwide (Singapore), visit them at their:
Website @ http://www.photobooksingapore.com/ or 
FYI: Photobook Worldwide is available in other countries too! Go to their worldwide website and select your country to begin. Click here for their worldwide website.

That's all for now, bye~! ; )
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Thank you for reading my blog. Cheers and stay tuned for more. ; )


  1. I love Photobook Wordlwide because I've engaged their services for a family photobook and it turned out great! Would love to win the customised photo pillow for my beloved children!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    FB Ajeek syasya
    IG Syasya101088

  2. I love photobok worldwide because their items are all so lovely & beautiful.
    All made with love!
    Would love to have them as a memory for me & husband + my 2 cute boys.
    Fb: bella chan / www.facebook.com/ohthatlady
    IG : ohthatlady

  3. I love photobok worldwide because their items are all so lovely & beautiful.
    All made with love!
    Would love to have them as a memory for me & husband + my 2 cute boys.
    Fb: bella chan / www.facebook.com/ohthatlady
    IG : ohthatlady

  4. I love Photobook worldwide because their items are made with love and of coz as keepsake memories for us!!! If I could win this set i will do a pillow of my wedding and the other pillow of my family wif my pretty lil girl!!! Photos we take are kept as memories doing it into a pillow awesomeness as in see em Everyday when I step into our love nest!!

    Fb: Priscilla Foong
    Ig: phoebe_yinxin_mommy


  5. i love Photobook Worldwide because of the flexibility to choose the photos i want , design and customized just how i want it on so many items that i can use instead of it just sitting in a frame/ hanging on the wall .
    fb : zhiyingg abcjz
    ig : yinggezy

  6. I love Photobook Worldwide because I can customize the design and select the photos I want instead of only printing them out as photos or keeping them in the driver.
    FB: Jasmin Low
    IG: ohpee30


  7. I love photobook worldwide as they can customize the design..
    Hope to win this pair of pillow.. One will be 2( me n hubby) and the other one will be 2 + 1 (mummy daddy plus baby) ..will let me girl know with daddy n mummy there is not u..
    Hope to keep it as a memory

    Fb Julie tan
    Ig tanjulie27

  8. I love photobook world wide with the great fact that they can do customisation.

    Really hope to win this memory for my Son and my family.

    FB Anita Yip
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  9. I love photobok worldwide because they make my photo memories become reality and make into wonderful items. Can't wait to do up more customize cushion and notebook with them :)

    Fb: Iris Loveyouu
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  10. I love photobook worldwide because photos can bring back all the memories of our past and presents and even the love ones we have lost.. it captures beautiful moments with trueful emotions. I really hope to win this

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  11. I love photobook alot, always wanting to make one for me and my bf, but the price is always too pricey for me already. Have been consistently seeing photobook and waiting for their discount so i can buy for me and my bf for our upcoming 3rd Anniversary as this is my longest relationship ��❤️️
    Really wish and hope that this time round i can win something for us to mark our 3rd Anniversary.

    Facebook : Tyanhuey Low

    Thank you for the give away again ��

  12. its so cool
    fb vincent lee wee ping
    ig wlee76

  13. Hope to win this pillow for my Husband, upcoming 1 year wedding anniversary :-) As I'm a stay home Mom don't have income, so hope to win this for my Husband as a wedding gift ^_^ Thankful & appreciated a lot :-)

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    Instagram : Inhaleexhalelovez

  14. I love photobook worldwide because I am able to create beautiful photobook which captures beautiful memories.
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