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Friday, August 19, 2016

Beauty Review - Facial Aesthetic Treatments with VidaSkin; Skin Lasers - In Preparation For My Wedding

Busy, busy, and busier... That's how I have been feeling almost every other day for the last four months. From wedding photography and throwing a wedding lunch in Taiwan, to running to & from my new place checking on home reno and then eventually moving in and settling down. I'm now at the last busy-phase where I finish up the final preparations for my wedding in Singapore and also baby F.'s 1 year old birthday party, which is just a week after the wedding *faint** imagine the amount of planning to do on top of all the advertorials lined up for the wedding!? Seriously will need the 16-day honeymoon in Europe after this long run, then only can I truly relax and take a sigh of relief.

Okay 'nuff of my rants... When it comes to wedding planning, one of the question a bride-to-be surely has is
"how to look beautiful on the special day"... and yes, that was one of those things I've been busy with the last month or so - going for different treatments but I haven't yet had the chance to go for facial treatments.

Before coming to VidaSkin, I actually went to see other aesthetic doctors to seek opinion on types of treatments that could help prep me up for my big day. I finally decided with Dr. Leong because what she proposed could possibly get me the results in the least invasive manner as compared other opinions I've gotten thus far. Her idea was to subtly enhance my existing beauty without changing anything of me. Besides feeling really pleased with the 4-week plan she had in mind for me, Dr. Leong was also very calm & friendly which made me feel very comfortable around her.

Situated on the 14th floor of Ngee Ann City, VidaSkin was easily located thru a lift up from the lobby of Tower B. It was a very exciting day for me b'cuz they're apparently the first aesthetic clinic I'm patronizing in Singapore and Dr. Leong seemed like a really nice lady. Upon arriving at the doorsteps of VidaSkin, the place looked cosy & quiet from the outside and when I stepped inside I was quickly greeted by the smiley staffs, making me feel immediately welcomed.

VidaSkin offers an extensive selection of medical aesthetic treatments for the skin, face, eyes, hair, hands, neck, and body. There's a wide array of medical aesthetic services to choose from; like Botox, fillers, skin lasers, and IPL treatments as well as beauty treatments like facials and even bodily treatments like fat loss procedures, body contouring, and breast lift. They even have a peel bar for patients who'd like to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands thru safe chemical peel treatments. So much to choose from!? Basically I say it would make a great one-stop place for all your beauty woes from head-to-toe!

Waiting area on the right.
Waiting area on the left.

If you'd like to bag home some beauty supplements or products, VidaSkin not only carries products from well-known beauty brands - Crystal TomatoViviscal ProfessionalInfractye Luscious LipsHeliocare Oral UltraTopiCream, and the very popular Latisse, they also have their very own line of skin care products which are fragrance, paraben and colour free.

I would think that usually aesthetic clinics are quiet and have lesser people in the vicinity since it is seemingly like an exclusive-to-rich-people place, but I was wrong. I was surprised to find more than expected number of people in the waiting area that afternoon I visited. Or maybe i'm just really suaku (aka mountain-tortoise/ country bumpkin)?!? Lol! Anyway I've concluded that aesthetic treatments or facials have now become a norm these days, just like how some of us usually go for our monthly facials at regular beauty parlors. And I was surprised to find that treatment prices are actually rather affordable, simply the kind of prices I was paying back when I visited some named beauty & spa salon. This thought actually made me think why didn't I start coming for aesthetic treatments earlier since I was paying that kind of prices with not much improvements to my skin - *sigh*.

My first visit to VidaSkin was to try one of their signature treatments; Dr. Leong recommended me the Signature Trinity Facetherapy which was supposedly known as the "red carpet treatment" because it is highly recommended for anyone who wants to achieve immediate radiance & glow. I was advised that I would notice immediate improvements in my skin tone just after one session, and reversal signs of ageing with long-term treatment - woah! Sounds good eh?

Since I was new to skin aesthetic treatments, whatever Dr. Leong recommended just got me hyped up because for some reason I really believed in the results of medical aesthetic treatments - perhaps b'cuz of the influence from all the famous people out there? Hah! I was also confident in Dr. Leong as she believes strongly to provide natural improvements thru minimally invasive and affordable treatments.

This three-part treatment comprises of: Microdermabrasion with Nutrient Infusion, Laser Toning, and Chemical Peeling. I was recommended this signature treatment to brighten up my dull and yellowish skin tone which made me look dark, as well as improve my dark spots (scars from pimples) and tighten up my pores. I've been having weird break-outs the last couple of months, which is damn sian (expression of being upset) can!! Can't wait to have good skin again!! 

I was taken to the treatment room by a beauty therapist for step-one of this treatment. My face was first cleansed thoroughly followed by microdermabrasion with nutrient infusion. I would say this process somewhat felt like diamond peel with some serum infused into the skin all at once. The microdermabrasion felt a tad rough on my skin but definitely not painful at all. 

Purpose of Step 1 - Skin Renewal and Optimisation

  • removes old, dead skin cells to result in an immediate skin clarification and tone improvement
  • infusion of plant essence and nutrients to provide the skin with an extra boost of radiance and hydration
  • prepares the skin for the laser treatment, allowing even and consistent delivery of laser energy on the skin surface

For step-two, Dr. Leong performed laser toning on my face in the laser theater. Before we began, Dr. Leong did a demonstration of laser going over her own hand, to show me how it would look like on my skin since I would be wearing protection goggles throughout the procedure. She also explained to me the sensations I was gonna feel during the procedure to let me feel prepared. The laser felt warm on my face most times and almost no pain. The slight pain only came when she hit my hairy areas like my side burns, upper/lower lip, and baby hair on my forehead. It's a little like IPL, where the laser burns a little more when it is contacted with hairs. It can get quite stingy at VERY HAIRY areas, but the plus point is that those hairs will be blasted away - bye bye hairy face! Haha! So during these times there were slight poking stings and burnt-hair smells, LOL! If you're experienced with light treatments for hair removal you'd understand what I mean. 

Purpose of Step 2 - Correction of Tone, Texture and Elasticity

  • energises the skin
  • evens out skin tone and improves texture
  • stimulates collagen production thus works as an anti-aging powerhouse

Hahahahaha.. I had to show everyone this picture of my face half way done. If you've noticed, the lower half of my face, i.e. my nose, cheeks, mouth and chin area, was totally a different skin tone as my forehead. The area that had received laser toning treatment was immediately brightened whereas my undone forehead was still dark & dull looking. Plus see all those hairs on my forehead.... -.-" 

I was already feeling confident at this point and smiling away in my heart while I got to step-three of the treatment. I was back in the treatment room for a gentle chemical peel using natural enzyme and fruit acids to slough away residual dead cells and ended off with a cooling and soothing facial mask to complete my day's pampering session.

Purpose of Step 3 - Skin Restoration

  • remove residual dead skin cells
  • kick starts renewal process
  • instant brightening and radiance
  • cooling & soothing facial mask for complete glow and rejuvenation

And now I reveal the true effects of the Signature Trinity Facetherapy; TADAH~~!!! The above picture was taken right before step 2 & 3, while the picture was taken after the entire treatment was complete. Both pictures were taken under natural sunlight and NO EDITING of colours & lighting at all!! *swears*... I was super amazed and pleased with the results of the treatment I have no words for my feelings - haha! All I can say is a picture speaks a thousand words, and this treatment was really worth my bucks paid for!

So just to recap on the benefits of this treatment:

  • Short term benefits: instant glow and lift
  • Long term benefits: reverse signs of ageing such a wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation and photo damage.
  • not painful, produces hardly any redness, provides immediate results and
  • very little downtime after a treatment session.
  • highly effective, safe, suitable for both men and women 
  • ideal for an immediate boost to the skin 
  • or a comprehensive treatment to maintain skin health.

If you'd like to find out more about VidaSkin or the treatment above, visit them at their:
Website @ www.vidaskinclinic.com/ or 

That's all for this write-up and I'll be sharing more facial treatments with VidaSkin really soon... Feel free to leave comments in the comment box below if you have any question/s and I'll try my best to answer if its not already stated in my blog above. 
P.S. If you'd like to see my future posts, follow me on Facebook & Instagram..
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Thank you for reading my blog. Cheers and stay tuned for more. ; )


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