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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Beauty Product Review: My Pickup Artist from Kickstarter

My Pickup Artist is a hard-shell case that hold your favourite beauty products/cosmetics, keeping thinga organised and securely in place for use at home or on the go.

I first learnt about My Pickup Artist while I was browsing through Kickstarter one day. It instantly caught my attention since Im a self-proclaimed OCD constantly trying to put everything in place, lols. Look at the features & benefits and you'd know what I mean. ; )

Features & Benefits (information obtained from http://mypickupartist.com/products/)

  • Keeps all of your valuable make-up organized and ready to use - anytime, anywhere.
  • Two separated storage compartments with hook and loop base lining and 20 adhesive mini hook and loop tabs to attach to your make-up and secure them in one place.
  • Center compartment with clear plastic lid, helps you view all of your brushes and pencils.
  • Store the makeup products you use every day in the exact order you use them to save time.

  • Make-up case for women on the go, customizable to their needs.

Mess Free
  • No risk of breakage or spilling expensive make-up in the case.
  • Keeps make-up from bouncing around- helping hands stay clean.

  • Protects expensive make-up, keeping them safe, clean and unopened.

  • Stores easily. Closes and neatly packed so it fits into a drawer.
  • When opened, the case creates an instant beauty workspace on a countertop or even across the smallest sink.
  • Patent pending hinge system for the perfect angle of your mirror.

Time Saver
  • Shorten the length of time it takes to apply make-up. No more searching in a drawer or rummaging through a case full of mixed up products. See all of your make-up in one birds-eye view.
  • Just grab the case and go when traveling.

Competitively Priced
  • Compared to make-up train cases and large cosmetic bags.

  • On vacation, on a plane, in a suitcase, in an overnight bag, in the car, hotel room, dorm room, at work. When open, lid with mirror stays in upright position for easy makeup application on any countertop, across a sink, or even while riding in a vehicle.
  • Pick up case by handle
  • Products stays in put within the case as it travels. No rolling around. No disorganization. No potential breakage. No mess.

Saves money
  • You won't lose, misplace, or damage your expensive make-up products.

My Classic Pickup Artist Case in Monaco PInk. 
My little make-up space in my wardrobe.
And so here's how I organise my cosmetics. ; )
Neat or what? I love that each item is secured in place each time I open the case.
They really just stay in place even after being turned upside down.
Great for taking out if you have to.

How does it actually work? Each case comes with velcro adhesive stickers for you to attach to your product/s so that it can be secured to the case. You could customise what you need in the case so its really organised and mess-free, saves you time from digging around your drawer. Its great for those who do not have a ton of makeup, like myself. One down side was that the adhesive to the velcro tabs doesn't stick well to the rounded products, like my makeup brushes - so I ended up using scotch tape to go around for extra security. So far it works well for me. Whatever you see in the pictures, is always what I see on a daily basis. Neat!

If you're interested to read more on My Pickup Artist, here's more information:
Official Website: http://mypickupartist.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyPickUpArtist/
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/631484175/my-pickup-artist-a-customizable-make-up-carrying-c

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