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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Underwater Maternity Photo Shoot with Depthofeel

JTS - my prenatal underwater photo shoot pictures back when I was almost a full term pregger. Before that I didn't really have any thoughts of going for prenatal photo shoots. To be honest, when I was pregnant I was quite lazy to do anything out of my usual routine then since I felt like a clumsy whale all the time. That was until when hubs asked if we should then I considered for awhile. One of the reasons why I didn't wanna do it was because I had the impression that most prenatal shoots are quite dodgy so one day I Google-d for some pictures and found some underwater shots - was quite awesome actually. Think those posted online done by caucasians were like super pro and taken in deep pools. Decided then to get my friend to help us with it. Hurhur.

Well my friend, Sam (from Depthofeel) has been documenting the living conditions and life's of Children in S.E.A for some time already. In the last few years Sam also started on wedding photography and I've seen his works and most of them were quite the style I liked. You can view his portfolio on the official website (website provided at the end of blog post).

There were actually alot more shots but I only chose a few to be edited and kept. Frankly speaking, the effect of the photos could have been even better if it was taken in a deep pool, but also meaning alot more effort to get prepare and get into position since it was already hard enough in the shallow pool - it was tiring yet really fun though. But really big thanks to Sam for helping us capture these special moments. 

Anyway this blog post is really just for me to share my beautiful prenatal underwater photo shoot photos. Enjoy ~ : )

Please do not judge my thunder-thighs. Apparently they got magnified underwater. : O

You saw our heart-shaped hands? Haha.. Is that dodgy or sweet?

If you like my photos and would like to do something similar, feel free to contact Sam for an appointment or even just for some queries first. More information for you to look up below:

Official Website: www.depthofeel.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/depthofeel

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