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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Where To Buy Matching Mummy And Daughter Outfits?

Are you a Mummy who loves dressing your daughter up in the same outfit as you? I do! This is the first year I played matchy-matchy dress up with my girl since she's already 17 months old, old enough to fit into toddler sized clothing. Didn't get to do any matching dress up last CNY 'cuz she was still a baby and its usually difficult to get matching Mummy-Daughter outfits in infant sizes. It seems like it's becoming a trend to dress up in matching outfits as a family, now I even find some retailers selling matching Daddy's outfits too though usually it's a match with boys only. Let's check out some of the places where I got my matching Mummy-Daughter outfits for CNY this year!

A collage of the matching OOTDs I had with Baby F. this CNY. Nice? Hehe. : P

CNY Matching OOTD #1
This was worn for reunion dinner on the eve of CNY. Our outfits were coordinated but they were not matching-matching outfits. I think denim jumpers/overalls are one of the outfits most parents would have 'cuz its the easiest way to play matching dress up with your kids regardless having a boy or girl - so this is a must have!! I bought mine from Zara (for $50+ if I didn't remember wrongly) and hers from Taobao (for approx. SGD$22). I wanted to get her short denim overalls to match mine but somehow there was a miscomm. between the seller and myself so I ended up with the long one instead. Well, it's also nice just that it's not exactly matching lah. 

A random family photo after dinner.. Hubs abit extra, wearing black - LOLs!
FYI, my girl's sneaks was bought from Taobao too. For about SGD$6??? Cheap & good! ; )

Link to Taobao's website: https://www.taobao.com/

CNY Matching OOTD #2
This was Baby F. and I on the night of the eve of CNY, after the reunion dinner all washed up and in our brand new matching PJs. I never knew or practiced this before I was married, to wear new PJs for the new year until my MIL told me I had to? Of course I am not obliged to do so but I thought it was a nice & fun practice so I started since she was an infant. Well actually my MIL only asked me to get Baby F. new PJs for CNY and leave her a red packet ("Ya Siu Qian") under her pillow when she's asleep, but I kaypo wanna get myself a new set of PJs to play matchy-matchy with her. Hahahaha. Okay anyway got both our PJs from Taobao (again - LOL!), bought mine for SGD$15 and hers for SGD$10. Actually my PJs is a confinement sleepwear which has nursing access to it which I didn't mind getting it b'cuz I thought I could wear it during confinement or mayb after that when I'm still nursing. The pants has an adjustable waistline too, so it's even good for me during pregnancy. Our PJs were not found as a matching pair but I just searched separately and happened to find them in the same design & colour. I tried to find something similar for Daddy but then to no avail. - too bad. :-/

CNY Matching OOTD #3
We worn our first CNY matching OOTD on the first day of CNY. This set was from Modern Maternity, super nice & suitable for the occasion! Mine was a top and Baby F.'s was a dress. I loved how this set makes my skin look fair and also very cheery for CNY. As the brand name speaks, Modern Maternity is actually a retail outlet that sells maternity wear and the styles brought in by them are focused mainly on Kimono prints and florals. They also happen to sell matching dresses for little girls. What I really liked about this set is that its very value-for-money! Why do I say so? Okay for the very first even though my top is free sized, it is stretchable on the back which can probably fit me even if I happen to (very like!) gain more weight. Well of 'cuz lah, this is maternity wear so it can def. fit even though I put on weight and also grow in belly size. But b'cuz the back is very stretchable, I'll also be able to wear this top still even after delivery and not look like a pregnant woman. You know how some maternity tops make Mummies look very pregnant right? This def. doesn't and infact makes my belly look compact, hehe. And the other reason why this is value-for-money is b'cuz the girl's dress can be worn from 1-6 years old (subjective to your daughter's growth also lah)! The dress is actually longer, just that I have sewn it up to the desired length to suit my girl's current height. The pits are also adjustable... super value right?? Haha.. *thumbs up! 

This was one of their outlets I visited at United Square, #B1-72.
They have another outlet at HarbourFront Centre, #02-90.

This was another set of matching Mummy-Daughter outfit, also cute for CNY hor?

Link to Modern Maternity's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ModernMaternitySG/

CNY Matching OOTD #4
For the 3rd day of CNY, Baby F. & I wore our OOTDs in coordinates again - this time round my top from MEV (Mother's En Vogue) and her entire set from Gingersnaps. I had to get our matching OOTDs from different retailers bcuz usually the brands selling matching Mummy-Daughter wear are for Moms who aren't expecting. Gingersnaps did sell some matching Mummy-Daughter wear but definitely not suitable for expecting Moms at all b'cuz their dresses are mostly empire-waisted (too tight for my belly now) and tops are cropped... not suitable : ( Anyways I managed to find her matching outfit to mine from MEV, which was a top from their Xtended series. Clothing from the Xtended series line are actually maternity-and-nursing wear which is suitable from the time of pregnancy till delivery as nursing wear allowing Moms to better stretch their bucks for the clothes.

This was one afternoon when I visited MEV's outlet at Great World City.

MEV sells not only maternity and nursing wear, but also a small range of baby & kids clothing. I really love the material of their clothing as they're all soft to touch and made from good cotton. Def looking forward to getting more clothing from MEV for my pregnancy and also nursing after that!

Link to MEV's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/mothersenvogue/

CNY Matching OOTD #5
This last set of matching OOTD Baby F. & I wore was from Camouflage Kids. You can find matching Mummy-Daughter, matching Daddy-Son outfits, and now even the complete matching family OOTD here. So far out of all the retailers I've been to, seems like Camouflage Kids has the best range of matching outfits with affordable prices. Their past season clothing usually go on 50% sale and can get really cheap, so do pop by every now and then to check out their sale segment! 

This was probably my first and last time I could fit the top 'cuz my belly is growing fast & furious, will have to keep it for after delivery liao.. Maybe I can play matching OOTD with Mei Mei next year? Who knows? Hahaha...

Link to Camouflage Kids' FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Camouflagekids/

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