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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wedding Beauty Tips For The Bride-To-Be; How To Prepare Yourself For The Big Day?

Every girl dreams of being the most beautiful bride on her "Big Day". The reason many brides look so stunning, polished and head-turning gorgeous on their wedding day is not just because of the exquisite wedding dress, it's because their beauty prep began long ago before the invitations went out. Here are some useful pre-wedding beauty tips for the brides-to-be.

1. Get Your Skin Ready

  • Drink lots of water for hydration - try to get in at least 1-2 liters of water per day.
  • Supplements like fish oil is fantastic for skin & hair.
  • Regular facials - keep those break-outs at bay!
  • Skin lasers - for that extra brightening boost and have a pore-less look.
  • What I Did?
    ~ Regular facials to condition my skin & skin brightening laser for a radiant glow, click here for more details.
Look at the immediate difference!! The lower half of my face, i.e. my nose, cheeks, mouth and chin area, became a totally different skin tone as my forehead. The area that had received laser toning treatment was immediately brightened whereas my undone forehead was still dark & dull looking. Amazing!

2 . Whiten Your Teeth
  • To get a perfect smile on your wedding day, pearlie-white teeth is a must!
  • Most professional teeth whitening treatments tie with teeth sensitivity, so try to do this earlier to prevent having to deal with the sensitivity on your wedding day.
  • What I Did?
    ~ Professional teeth whitening trays for home use and laser teeth whitening, click here for my review.
Ugh.. look at my yellow teeth before. Check out my new pearlies in my Instagram post!

3 . Laser Hair Removal
  • Want hassle-free hair removal? Try laser hair removal.
  • Schedule your appointments months before as it'll require you at least 15-20 sessions (depending on area) to see full results.
  • What I Did?
    ~ EPL hair removal, check out my review here.
Don't forget to apply anti-ingrown hair serum to keep those pesky bumps at bay!

4 . Enhance Your Features (If Needed)
  • You may have always wanted a higher nose bridge, sharper chin, or puffier cheeks - fillers are great for a temporary enhancement.
  • What I Did?
    ~ Fillers for feature enhancement. I've been wanting to try out for the longest time, waited for a good reason to get it done. Heh! Click here for my review.
Check out Dr. Leong working her magic.

5. Botox?
  • Botox takes a few days to a month for the effect to kick in. If you are considering, see your aesthetic doctor a few months before your wedding.
  • What I Did?
    ~ Jaw slimming Botox as I have bulky muscles on my jawline due to too much chewing. I do not have a review for this as it was done early this year in Taipei. Usually the effects of jaw slimming Botox takes a month to be visible. Check with your aesthetic doctor on suitability for this procedure.

6. Eat Healthier
  • You are what you eat - switch out fried/sweet/fatty foods for something healthier, not only you'll thank yourself for keeping your waistline in check, you'd feel much better about yourself too. Trust me, you won't know until you've tried! 
  • Remember not to go on crash diets! You want a healthy & radiant glow, not a weak & tired self from crash dieting.
  • What I Did?
    Moderation is the key to a healthy diet. PM me if you'd like more advise in this area. ; ) I'll try my best to help, the rest is all yours.

7. Exercise Regularly
  • A slim & flat tummy looks best is any fitted gown and staying in shape to fit that wedding dress of yours requires effort - exercising regularly also keep you fit & healthy, both mentally & psychically.
  • Join a gym, workout with a friend, or yoga away.
  • What I Did?
    ~ I work out at least 3 times a week at the gym and it's been this way even when I was pregnant. Working out not only keeps my hunger pangs at bay, it makes me happy and feeling confident all the time. It's definitely my happy pill. Click here for one of my workouts you can do at home.
Fit in quick & effective exercises into your daily routine, almost anywhere!

8. See Your Hairstylist
  • Decide on the hairstyle you'd like on your wedding day - if you need it long, plan to grow those tresses out before the big day. If there's not enough time, check if your make-up artist can clip on some hair extensions. 
  • Colour your hair or touch up those roots - my hairstylist recommended a dark brown shade to keep hair looking fresh & shiny yet not overpowering the whole look. Less is more.
  • Nourish scalp & strengthen those roots with scalp treatments as usually there'll be LOTS of styling products to keep hair in place on your wedding day.
  • Hair treatments can wait till after the wedding as hair that's too smooth tends to not hold up well after styling.
  • What I Did?
    ~ I've been doing monthly scalp treatments to prevent hairloss after my pregnancy, results were fantastic for me - you can click here to find out more about it.
    ~ Pre-wedding: I touched up my roots with a shiny dark brown colour and had a trim.
    ~ Post-wedding: Most times i keep my natural curls & fly-aways tamed with DYNA Mucota treatment, which is a little similar to rebonding but its not harmful to my hair and also has a more natural finish compared to the super flat look from rebonding. Click here for my review.
Always love fresh hair! Freshly touched up & trimmed hair a week before my big day.
Look at my gorgeous hair on my wedding day. I thought the colour turned out just nice. Big thanks to my stylist, Charles, who always knows what's best!

9. Shape Those Brows
  • If you've heard that eyes are the windows to your soul, then eyebrows must be the framework to your face - bad eyebrows can make you look older, unkept, or even fiercer, so remember to trim them!
  • What I Did?
    ~ 6D Eyebrow Embroidery for the natural Korean-brow look, read about it here.
After the latest touch-up session I had... This was immediately out of the shop.. Looks great eh! Check my IG post on this!

10. Bridal Nails
  • Get a good manicure & pedicure, then colour those nails with gelish polish for long-lasting shine. 
  • Then maybe add some nail art for the complete bridal-nail look.
  • What I Did?
    ~ Simple white French gelish manicure & pedicure with Bride & Groom nail art, click here for more details on my bridal nails and where I did them.
Loveee!! : D

11. Waxing
  • This is not mandatory but it's nice to feel clean & neat down there.
  • What I Did?
    ~ Brazilian wax. I would highly recommend Stripz (not sponsored) 'cuz by far they're the least painful waxers I've tried out of the many salons. But with that saying, most comfort & best service comes with a price. Here's the link to Stripz.

12. Exfoliate
  • If you haven't already been doing this, try exfoliating 1-2 times a week to slough all the dead skin cells away. Dead skin cells are the cause of dull-looking skin and prevents proper absorption of products into your skin.
  • Be gentle on your skin as you do not want to harm your skin and strip it off its moisture.
  • What I Did?
    ~ Nothing special, I just maintained my usual weekly scrubs using loofas for my body.  Try a gentle exfoliator for your face. Remember to exfoliate your face and body few days before your wedding for the glowy look. Here's a link for more details on the "whys" & "hows" of exfoliation.

13. Relax Yourself
  • Stress is seemingly inevitable for brides-to-be. So try to relax, get enough rest, pamper yourself - you don't want the effects of stress to start acting up and cause any unwanted trouble for yourself. 
  • What I Did?
    ~ Went for a swim at the hotel I stayed the night before the wedding day. Had wine by the pool, a good dinner & wine in the room watching my fav shows, soaking in the hot tub all by myself and also with a glass of wine. Ahhhh**, total enjoyment. I wish I could do this more often. Lol.

And that's all for this write-up... I'm glad my wedding is over & was a successful one with the help of so many people, making me beautiful & feeling great on my big day. Plus all the love & help from our family & friends. No doubt the pre-wedding period was really a stressful one, it also helped Hubs & I feel closer by a few more notches. And because this month was filled with so much love, I decided to hold a Special Give-Away to all my dear readers. Check out the contest details here!! Don't miss it b'cuz contest ends on 9th October 2016, 8PM!!

Feel free to leave comments in the com
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Thank you for reading my blog. Cheers and stay tuned for more. ; )


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