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Monday, May 09, 2016

SG50 Jubilee Baby Bash SuperMom_8 May 2016_Post Event Review

So yesterday I was at Marina Square for the SG50 Jubilee Baby Bash organized by SuperMom. Was there to be the blogger judge for one of the contests; Daddy-Baby look alike contest, as well as participate in an event to attempt setting Singapore’s Book of Records for the largest number of babies feeding together to raise awareness for baby weaning. I had fun judging the contest as most Daddies were really spontaneous and seemed like they were having a great time, though most of the time the babies looked innocently unknowing of the entire situation - hahaha... cute luh. It was a great experience to be part of the baby weaning event, seeing so many Mummies & Daddies feeding their babies altogether at once. I rarely get the chance to be around other parents & babies as most of the time I would be busy with my full-time work and also committing to my Mummy-duties at home, so it was really nice to see other parents and how they interact with their babies as well as a chance for my girl to interact with other babies.

So I met up with Calista (writer of MLBB) who was also there to be a blogger judge for the event. Had to take a BloggerMamas-with-Babies photo for the day. Took so many shots but this was the only one which looks the most coordinated - somehow Baby F. & Baby M. just keeps getting distracted. Kudos to Calista who turned up even being unwell, you really work hard babe! Please get well soon!

I did not have the chance to participate in any of the contests or activities so I am not able to comment on them. I have some Mummy friends and a few of them were complaining about the event, there were also some who mentioned they had a good experience attending the event, whom also bagged some nice prizes home - a mixture of good & bad feedbacks about the event yesterday.

I personally felt that the contests and activities planned were great, especially the baby-weaning segment. Im saying this 'cuz I as a Mom, would have loved to sign my baby up for most of the contests held. But the really big downside was the venue; it was definitely a wrong choice as space was not sufficient for the many people who turned up for the event. To me the worse thing about the event was that because space was limited, strollers were not allowed - that one I could not accept. Coming from the attendee's point of view, if my baby needed to nap in the stroller and since strollers were not allowed, should I be not allowed to attend the event as well yet I paid for it? Or just leave my baby sleeping outside of the event? Hmm.... And also since the event was held at the atrium of Marina Square, it got really warm at certain points of the day since the sun was shining directly into the atrium.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed myself yesterday. Just hope that the next baby-bash event would be as eventful and also held at a place with bigger space for the many Mummies, Daddies, and babies to roam around - im sure everyone would be happy this way.

And to end the post, photo time! Love this family-wefie we took at the start of the day, with our Mother-Daughter matchy-matching outfit - cute!
I had a great 1st Mother's Day and hope all of you did too. Wishing all great Mamas a Happy (belated) Mother's Day - all of you are awesome & super-Mamas, remember that! ; )

So that's all for today~
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; )


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