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Monday, December 21, 2015

Matrix Sensoria Spa Cream Bath Scalp Treatment @ Headlines Hairdressing

Maintaining a healthy head of hair is one of the things I try to upkeep consistently since the last time I fried my hair years ago (yea, that had me chopping off my long hair to short bob hair). Since a year ago when I found Charles (Senior Stylist from Headlines Hairdressing), he has treated my frizzy hair and had it transformed into a lustrous mane and I can't tell you how thankful I am. You probably might be able to relate that it is really difficult to find the suitable treatment which brings your hair back to life. But yes I did! (if you'd like to know what that superb treatment was, read up here).

If you have been following my blog posts, you'd know that I have just given birth to my BBG, Fayth, in September this year. What I have read when I was pregnant was that one of the perks of being a pregger is you get to have a full/thick head of hair. But what some mummies may not know is that this awesome news doesn't last long after the birth of your baby (you can read up here). Mummies on average start losing hair from 3rd month post partum and would only see visible improvement after 6 months to a year. This is caused by significant hormonal fluctuations and also possibly due to stress taking care of baby after birth. 

I've always thought of myself to have lesser hair than others. It is prominent when I tie my hair, bcuz my ponytail always ends up in a tiny bundle as compared to many of my girlfriends. Secondly, my Mom has little hair... So since young I have been mentally prepared that one day I might end up like her. : O What I've been doing these years was just to start preventive measures by using hair loss shampoo, tonic, and supplements. I've also stopped using hair sprays and minimize usage of styling products since I knew it is bad for the scalp which may cause hair falls too. So since I have read about postpartum hair loss, I contacted Charles to ask if he could help with this upcoming issue since at that time of contact I was already 2.5 months postpartum.

My healthy head of hair, credits to Charles from Headlines.

Wefie after a pampering session.

Charles recommended the Matrix Sensoria Spa Cream Bath Treatment that helps to detox and treat my scalp which could help in alleviating the hair loss phenomenon. Of course this treatment is like any other types of treatment that needs to be done on a monthly basis as maintenance, but I was willing to try any remedy which could help. Hey, you don't know... I seen and heard from alot of mummies how much hair they've shed till they're left with bad spots. A little help is better than none!

This conditioning cream treats and balances hair and scalp. It is suitable for all types of hair and even safe for breastfeeding mummies - yea you heard me right! 3 yays for BF mummies. : D The spa cream is enriched with grapefruit extract and apricot oil which deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair, leaving hair silky smooth and frizz free after use. Using this spa cream regularly helps to keep hair healthy as it contains natural ingredients.

Matrix Sensoria Spa Cream Bath was first applied onto my hair after wash, then I was sent to a steaming session which took about 30 minutes. Read a magazine and browsef through the internet on my phone and viola! done with the treatment and now just to anticipate the results.

The treatment made me feel rather relaxed and comfortable as my hair got steamed, feeling warm and sleepy - hehe.. Time passed real fast when enjoying hor. Okay lah, I think we Mummies deserve a pampering session once a while.

This was after wash & blow drying - look at my healthy and shiny mane. Super loved the fragrance from the treatment product as well. I didn't wash my hair for 2 days and my scalp still felt fresh, hair still smelt great - haha, please don't judge me!

I'll be coming back for more sessions on a monthly basis to help detox my scalp and strength my hair roots - *keeping my fingers crossed* that my hair loss is a mild one, cuz I cannot expect totally no hair loss since it is natural to shed hair after delivery... Oh ya, in case if you are wondering how much the treatment costs - its $98 per session. For a once a month maintenance to reduce the risk of having bald spots or botak head (lol), I think its pretty worth it.

P.s. I was advised this treatment is safe for breastfeeding Mummies. : )

More info below if you'd like to know more.... ; )

And do remember to make your appointments earlier since the festive seasons are just round the corner. Cheers & be Merry!

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