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Monday, November 16, 2015

Baby Preparation & Hospital Packing List

All first time parents would have surely wondered what needs to be prepared for the arrival of the little one and all mummies would have at some point asked around to find out what needs to be prepared for the D day. I guess like me, most first time moms would have gone online to Google for both the lists.

To be honest, Im a very budget type of mom who likes to prepare only the necessities. I very much dislike to have excessive number of things and end up not utilizing them; waste of money and space!

So here's a list of things to prepare for the arrival of your baby as well as a list of items to pack for your hospital stay. And as I mentioned before, my list mainly comprises only of the necessity items than the pampering/splurge items. : ) P.S. Im not saying I have only the following, surely I've more than that 'cuz the rest were given as gifts, but the list are items of all you need. 

Baby Prep List:

Clothing (for me, based on washing every 3 days)
3 long sleeved tops/rompers for night use (optional since baby will be mostly swaddled, I personally only used short sleeved tops for baby)
8 simple short sleeved tops, preferable with buttons/tie-type for easy wearing (for home use; day & night)
6-8 long pants with footings, if no footings can wear socks but its more hassle (for initial month's use and night use after)
5 shorts (for day use, after first month)
3-5 rompers (optional)
8 pairs of mittens
4 pairs of socks (also depends on whether you bought pants with footings)
2 hats (optional; I have many hats that came in clothing sets but so far only used once for baby full month)
1 cardigan (optional)
2-3 swaddles (I attended parentcraft course from TMC and was given 2 large swaddles, have been using these 2, super useful!)
1 bottle baby clothing detergent
1 bottle baby clothing softener

pregnant pregnancy mummy mummies
SG50 Jubilee Baby Gift Set

pregnant pregnancy mummy mummies
Includes a few sets of clothing of different sizes.

1 Cot/playpen
1 Cot mattress
1-2 Cot mattress sheet
1 Cot mattress waterproof protector
1 Cot bumper (optional)
1 Baby pillow (optional)
1-2 Baby pillow case (only if pillow is used)
1 Cot mobile (optional)
1 bean pillow (to place on baby's chest while sleeping for a sense of security)

1 bathtub
1 anti-slip mat (to attach to bottom of tub)
1 shower foam
1 shampoo (usually shower & shampoo are 2-in-1, see picture below)
1 rubber mat (to place under baby before & after bath, while dressing & undressing)
1 small pail (to wipe baby's face)
3-5 small face cloths (for wiping baby's face and body during bath)
3 bath towels
1 face moisturizer (I am using California Baby's Calendula cream, it helped to clear my baby's tiny pimples/bumps on face during first month, picture below)
1 body lotion (California Baby; purchased as a set with shower foam and face cream)
1 nappy cream (I used the one given by TMC, its really good! Heard it can be bought from pharmacy at TMC)
1 bottle Ruyi oil (must have! to rid wind!)
1 baby powder (optional to use baby powder holder & puff)
1 comb/hairbrush
1 pack of thin cotton buds (to clear baby's booger aka "nose sh*t")
1 pack cotton balls (optional for cleaning baby's eyes, or you can use face cloth)
1 movable 2/3-tier storage trolley (to keep all the necessities in place and organized, mine's plastic and was purchased from qoo10.sg, you can also find metal ones from IKEA)
1 pack NB sized diapers (I only used one pack then moved on to S size after finishing initial pack)
1 pack wet tissue (stock up more if you'd like)
1 pack dry tissues
1 bottle hand sanitizer (I bought from hospital pharmacy)

pregnant pregnancy mummy mummies
California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash - gentle & mild.

pregnant pregnancy mummy mummies
I used this cream for my girl's face when she had the pimples/red bumps on her face during her first month.

pregnant pregnancy mummy mummies
This was how bad at one point the red bumps got, after using California Baby's Calendula Cream the bumps all went away. Baby's skin is now smooth & soft (she's 2 months+ now) ; )

1 breast pump (for mummies who intend to breastfeed longterm)
1 pack of BM storage bags
1 cooler bag (if you pump outdoors and need a cooler bag to transport BM home)
1 box nursing pad
2-3 pairs nursing bras
2-4 nursing clothing (for convenient nursing in public)
1 nursing shawl/cover (optional)
1 nipple cream (I bought Avent nipple gel but ended up using the free one from TMC, its good)
2-4 feeding bottles 
1 extra set of teats (can prepare one size up)
1 bottle sterilizer
1 bottle warmer (optional)
1-2 pacifier (optional; I prepared a pair but only used after 2 months when I stopped breastfeeding, as a help for the transition)
1 formula container (to pack FM when heading out)
1-2 baby spoon (I used them to feed baby warm water)
1 bottle of baby accessories washing liquid
1 small shallow pail (I use the pail to collect all the bottles and wash at a go, so that the bottles do not touch the sink in case there's dirt or oil)
1 bottle brush (for washing feeding bottles)

1 stroller/pram (I have two strollers, one Combi stroller & one EasyWalker MINI Buggy. Blogged about it previously, link here: http://vannytelly.blogspot.tw/2015/10/product-review-easywalker-mini-buggy.html)
1 car seat (if driving, also blogged about it in the link above)
1 diaper bag (personally using the free bag from Nestle, picture below)
1 diaper changing mat (I find this important 'cuz I don't want to place my baby on the public changing station when so many other babies have laid on it before)
1 bag organizer/pouch (to stash diapers, sanitizers, wet tissue, etc)
1 wet bag (to store soiled clothing)
1 plastic bag (in case to throw dirty diapers if you do not have access to nursing rooms)
1 small fan (optional to attach to stroller)
1 baby sling (best to use sling in the initial months, can change to carrier after that. Picture of me using Baba Sling below)

pregnant pregnancy mummy mummies
(Picture taken from: https://sg.carousell.com/p/28115396/)

pregnant pregnancy mummy mummies
First time when I brought Baby Fayth out in her Baba Sling to visit her PD.

pregnant pregnancy mummy mummies
When I had to pacify her at home... solution? The Baba Sling! Haha.
(pardon me I look like a mad woman here)

pregnant pregnancy mummy mummies
First family day to the supermarket in her fav Baba Sling!

Hospital Bag Packing List:
P.S. this list of mine is based on hospital stay at TMC. Try not to bring too much things 'cuz you will have to carry alot of stuff home esp since its SG50, there will be lots of freebies!!

- shawl/cardigan (optional; for me I stayed in bed most times and adjusted aircon to high temp so was not that cold, but that was because I stayed in a suite so I could adjust the temp settings)
- nursing sleepwear (optional since you can wear hospital gown)
- nursing bra or any comfortable non-wired bra
- clothing to wear on discharge
- maternity pad (yes, important since you will bleed!)
- disposable cotton panties (wore this for the first month during confinement since I didn't want my nanny to wash my panties)
- personal toiletries (TMC provided basic necessities like shower foam, shampoo, and toothbrush, etc, I brought my own like facial wash and cream)
- socks (keep feet warm)
- a set of baby clothes to wear on discharge (optional since TMC provided new clothing for baby, but we brought our own since MIL says its pantang to wear passed down baby's clothes so baby will be obedient)
- phone charger
- snacks (optional)
- magazines/ipad (optional entertainment. I personally did not bring any 'cuz I was on iphone or watched TV in my suite)
- marriage cert to make baby's BC (TMc had a counter to do that so we brought our marriage cert)
- IC & admission letter

That's about all for my list, do feel free to leave a comment below for any questions on the topic. May all expecting mummies have a smooth delivery and daddies stay loving & strong! ; )

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Thank you for reading my blog. Cheers and stay tuned for more posts. ; )


  1. Great baby preparation list. I think everything is included at one place.
    Thanks for that.

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