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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mucota DYNA @ Headlines.... Compilation of my Hair's Progress Post Treatment

Good day to all my readers out there! I am now at the end of second tri and entering third trimester very very soon. And very very soon later my bb girl will come out and say Hi. :D

So far I have done 3 Mucota DYNA hair treatments with Headlines, I would say each session was relaxing and the results were very consistent (no kidding! later you see my pics you will know what I mean). Thus I am writing this post to share the progress of my hair since the start of the treatments since alot of ladies have been asking about where I do my hair etc and now even mummies are asking where to get hair treatment done that smooth out hair like Keratin or Rebonding but less harsh i.e. 100% free of Formaldehyde & also uses Argan Oil to treat hair so hair texture improves overtime. Ya, esp Muslim mummies bcuz Raya is just around the corner and they wanna look & feel pretty too even thou carrying a 'lil one down there. ;)

If you are new to Mucota DYNA Treatment and do not know anything about it, you can read my previous blog posts on it for more details:

Here are some pictures I compiled from the previous posts to show the progress of my hair texture thus far.. ;)

headlines hairdressing china square charles stylist
As you can see above, before I started treatment my hair was like grass... sad I don't have naturally smooth hair like how some does. But then...not to worry!! 'cuz Mucota's the way to go! :P

PS. At the state of having grassy hair, I actually already did 3-4 time of Brazilian Keratin Treatment like every 2-3 months. Obviously you can see that the Keratin did not improve my hair texture over time. 'Cuz from what I know, Keratin is coated over your hair strands while Mucota's Argan Oil is infused into the strands so hair is supposed to improve over times of sessions. Cool right...? ;)

Although the picture above on the bottom left is not very very magazine-like-smooth, but I must declare - I DO NOT blow my hair or style my hair straight after I wash. Normally I'll just let it air dry 'cuz I don't want to harm my hair with heat styling (if I can). Thus you can see it is slightly less unkempt than to the picture on the right where my stylist only normal blow dry my hair without brushing through. Still, overall better than before treatment right?

headlines hairdressing china square charles stylist
Here above you can see, it was 2 months after my 1st Mucota DYNA Treatment. 

Left picture was taken as I entered the salon after a swim and as usual my air-dried hair.

On the right was a selfie of my hair after trimming. 

The middle pic shows how my hair looked like after wash-and-blow and also trimming.

headlines hairdressing charles stylist china square
Top left pic was taken on 9th March 2015, which was 1 week after I did my 2nd Mucota DYNA Treatment (about 4 months away from my 1st session); and that photo was again taken after a swim and hair was air-dried. Ya lah, that period I kept going swimming 'cuz I was having cough & flu and I could not go to gym. Swimming was the only exercise I was comfortable to do and I don't know why although I coughed so badly, when even Im in the pool my cough stops. Haha. *scratches head** But the texture looks very soft & natural hor? :D

Top right pic
was after I toned down my hair colour with Ammonia-free hair colour 'cuz knowing I am pregnant now I don't want to keep maintaining bright hair colour where I have to keep going for touch-ups. So this dark colour should last me till after delivery. And finally the bottom right pic show my latest/3rd Mucota DYNA Treatment, which was 3-4 months apart from the 2nd. Pardon the unclear picture and lighting looked weird; it was taken after the treatment and my stylist merely normal blow-dried my hair. As usual, my stylist Charles, does not style my hair as he wants his customers to have a realistic feel as to how hair will turn out if you blow dry at home instead of styling and then when you do it at home you can't achieve the same results - if you know what I mean.

headlines hairdressing china square charles stylist
And lastly, just to show you ladies the before & after of my 3rd Mucota DYNA Treatment.
Just trying to show my short baby/fly-away hairs and how tamed they look after treatment. Hehe.... Convinced already? ;)

Checked with my stylist Charles. Headlines Hairdressing currently has ongoing promotion:

  1. Bring a friend along and you can enjoy Mucota DYNA Perm at $218 each, or
  2. Bring a friend along and you can enjoy Mucota DYNA Treatment (straightening) at $198 each

    (usual price for either services were $280-$350 - almost half price off!! Hehe)

For my dear readers, do quote "Vanessa" to get 10-30% off all services. And do remember to look for my stylist Charles, he is based at the China Square branch. Make sure you call to book appointment and consult the T&Cs ya, he's always busy esp on weekends so please remember to book ya!! :)

Check Out Charles' Profile Here:

Headlines Hair Dressing Facebook Page:

Headlines Hair Dressing Address (China Square Branch):
18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central

Telephone: 6221 6866
Opening Hours:
- Mondays to Fridays 10.30AM to 8.30PM
- SATURDAYS 10.30AM to 7PM
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