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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Plastically Prettified: Part III- Epicanthoplasty

So four months after my non-invasive Blepharoplasty procedure, I'm back to Taipei XiMenDing for my Epicanthoplasty (aka inner corner of eyelid surgery) that was supposed to be done in January. It's a happy & sad situation where sad was because I had to pay for the unnecessary airfares again but happy because by May, my left lids had gone back to before..zzz..so at least I could get a free touch up together with my Epi, and spend mooorre time with my Mom. :D 

Anyway speaking of family and home, my Mom is Taiwanese btws.. Show you guys some beautiful pics taken in Taiwan since I overlooked this last time. Hehe.

(See their MaLa pot's ingredients, so fresh!)

(Glutton: see the varieties of desserts offered by the steamboat buffet!)

(Four ice boxed of different Hagen Daaz Ice Creeeeaaammm. *slurps)
<this place is somewhere along XiMenDing, cheap & gd!>

(*boba*bubbles***.... Pearls with fillings @ ShiLin Night Market)

(Kuku waffles.. Haha.. Strawberry flavor is tasty! Fun to take pics too.)

(Different types of Taiwanese Sausages)

(My Mummy dear & her 猪血糕akaPig'sBloodGlutinousRice)

(Fried BeanCurd, Oyester Omelette & 鱿鱼根)

Okay.enough of food pics from ShiLin Night Market. :P

This is where my Mom lives and was brought up, Wu Lai. Yes, she is aborigines, just like what Ah-Mei & Landy are. :)
(Scenery from behind the restaurant)

(Mummy Love <3)

(The mountains...*fresh air~~~~)

Show ya'all some pics of the waterfalls.

(Nice right? :D )

Anyway the pics above were taken on my previous trip. Okay back to business. 

Epicanthoplasty Procedure

It was very straightforward as I already had my consultation the last time.

So the following are pics I took at different days post-op just to give a geez of the recovery process.

Ps. Didnt use any filter for the following pics. Didnt want to blur any of the images so you'll have a better idea of how the wounds really are.

(Just before my apt for suture removal) 
(After removing the stitches. Ya la filtered abit cuz my complexion quite cui)

The procedure left me some scars but I was prepared for it cause my doctor did emphasize on it before we did the procedure. One thing I regretted a little was that I felt I could have taken care of the wounds during healing process a littler better.. My gf who did Epicanthoplasty previously didnt have as obvious scars as mine. I think I shouldn't have went for BBQ and let the dust/smoke and sweat near my wounds. But what's done cannot be undone, so my biggest advice is just to take care of your wounds and please do not smoke! 

This advice is coming from me, who got scarred from smoke n dust.. I watched a Taiwanese TV program about PS too and the doctors showed pictured of girls who did Rhinoplasty and that their noses turned black after smoking during the healing process.. Scary huh? 

Am I happy with the outcome? 
Hmm.. Actually yes & no.. 
Yes because my eyes do look overall better than before any surgery, don't look so sleepy when eyes are bare of make up. But No because honestly the doctor was pretty conservative and even after Epicanthoplasty, there wasn't much of a difference (meaning inner corner eyelids could have been cut up more). Not that I'm greedy, it's just that it didnt made much of a difference yet I had to suffer the consequences of having scars on my face. Oh well, anyway it's what I wanted; to look "natural". (Haha, I know PS haters would probably judge me after this statement but the rest should know what I mean) 

And lastly, a pic of me after both my eyelids surgery (before my nose job).

Again, do your research, read up, and good luck! ;)

Stay tunes for Plastically Prettified: Part IV- Rhinoplasty; the Nose I've Always Wanted.

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