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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Plastically Prettified: Part I- Cosmetic Enhancements

How It Started

Okay, like finally I've opened up my "Blogger" app to start writing up about my PS(Plastic Surgery) experiences. It has been months btw! Lol! I've been wanting to blog about PS because I find many having interest in this area and have lotsa' questions for me when they realize I had my share of experience in this area.

Like many girls, I find myself envying and obsessing things and people in the media on the latest fashion & beauty trends, "what's hot and not", etc. and generally, most people (both men & women) would like to look better or improve a certain thing(s) about them for a better looking appearance. 

Last few years, I came to notice the trends of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery because one of my girlfriend started doing some PS jobs and asked if I was interested to join her for her trips (and/or PS). And of course I did, I'm super kaypo and I myself, a lazy vainpot too! Lol! 

Well last year (2012), we went to Hatyai to see a skin & PS doctor PRINYA. My gf got her nose and eyelids job done, I only had Jaw Botox and Nose Fillers. I was so tempted to get my permanent nose job but because the surgery cost somewhat  SGD$400 for a rhinoplasty, I felt scared and skeptical because it is wayyyyyyy too cheap (FYI filler cost SGD$600 ish and Jaw Botox SGD$800-900). 

My Experiences on Cosmetic Surgery

Jaw Botox
Pain factor: 3/5
Effect: One month after initial jab and lasts for around 6 months. 
Verdict: It really brings down the muscles at the sides of my jaw and the effect was pretty obvious. I even did a self test by biting my jaw and feeling the muscles to feel the effect before and after, needless to say there were almost no more bulging muscles after the effect kicked in. So if you have a broad face that is due to muscles (not fats), this would work well for you. 

Nose Fillers
Pain factor: 3-4.5/5
Effect: Immediately after the fillers were injected into the areas to fill. My Doctor told me that the effect would go down a little the next day, so he gave me some on the bridge and tip of my nose and asked me to wait for the next day and if I wanted more I could head back to the clinic to get more injected. Depends on the material, temporary fillers lasts about 6-9 months. Temporary fillers are made from various kinds of man-made and synthetic materials including collagenhyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite. Some of the most common dermal filler brands are RestylanePerlaneJuvĂ©derm UltraTeosyalBelotero, Radiesse and Sculptra. 
Verdict: The pain on the bridge was fine, but it was tremendously painful on the tip. I'm not kidding! I had a little bit of an upturned nose that's why the Doctor had to inject more and it was almost unbearable! Fillers work well for slight and temporary improvements, definitely not something you'd find drastic after the procedure. I personally find it a little waste of money because it didnt have too much changes for me (because I realized I wanted a longer/pointed nose, not a higher bridge). So it really depends on what's your liking, if it's to define your bridge then go for it. Other wise, you may have to do some research for a permanent surgery. Oh ya, one thing to note is that if you intend to get a Rhinoplasty after the fillers, you either have to wait for the fillers to go away on its own or you have to pay the Doctor to get it scrapped off before you get your Rhinoplasty done. My personal advice is to wait for it to go off first so that the doctor could see your natural nose shape and work better to get you your ideal nose. One last thing, do not be greedy! You may risk injecting too much and getting a thick bridge instead of a high one (that was what happened to me when I went back for more the next day and I had to live with a chunky bridge for one year!). 
     (What Doctor Prinya used)

 (Me on the left before fillers & Botox)

(After fillers & Botox, not much diff huh?)

Hope this is enough information for you out there who are thinking of enhancing your looks. Do stay tuned for my experiences on PS. Feel free to leave a comment if there's any questions. Cheers & be beautiful. ;)

                               Stay tuned for Plastically Prettified: Part III- Epicanthoplasty


  1. Can make up do all the enhancing for your face? Cosmo surgery is a best aid for "perfectionist". concealing every flaws or features you want to change, worry less you are born not as pretty. if make up can't help, you should get your nose, eyes, teeth, boobs done. One problem is genes never change so next generation will look different

    1. Hi sgguy80, well make up can define your features but not enhance it. It really depends on individuals what their goal is; to achieve a natural look so you spend less time dolling up or go major plastic. I have no qualms and i'm not against cosmetic enhancements or plastic surgery, but I do think that there may be a day you'd need to do lots of explaining to the ones you love if you change your whole face away. That may be the only problem for some if they keep it a secret or lie.

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