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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Beauty Review_Eyeliner Embroidery With Perfect Brow House

Just last week I was at Perfect Brow House getting my 9 year old eyeliner embroidery fixed b'cuz somehow after my recent (last year) eyelid surgery which made my eye shape slightly different, my previous eyeliner embroidery was not proportionate to my longer eye shape now. I did not have any touch ups for my first (and only) eyeliner embroidery and considering that kind of duration, it lasted pretty well but parts of it has started to fade and become uneven. I came looking for Kelly to get my eyeliner embroidery fixed b'cuz I've seen quite numerous amounts of her work which looked really good, I decided to try out for myself.

Some of you who have been following me might known I've done embroidery for various parts of my face before and the process is all basically the same but I'll quickly run thru, i.e. 
  • Step 1 - Cleanse & prepare skin
  • Step 2 - Discuss your concerns & confirm type of shape 
  • Step 3 - Application of numbing cream (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Step 4 - Start of embroidery
  • Step 5 - Done! Just have to clean up & apply some antiseptic ointment 

For me I practically went bare faced knowing that eye makeup was gonna be removed anyways. I discussed my concerns with Kelly about my old eyeliner embroidery and why I wanted to get new ones. She quickly understood and also could see the "concern" I had. Her assistant helped to apply numbing cream carefully & gently on my lids while I laid there to nap - no opening of eyes so means no phones allowed! 'Cuz you don't want to get any cream into your eye to irritate them. I was actually not well when I went to see her, so that helped me get to sleep quickly - shiok, hahaha. Though being unwell, I didn't want to reschedule 'cuz it was quite hard to catch Kelly for an appointment on top of my mine, plus I wanted to look good & fresh for my 16-day honeymoon this weekend! **Excited** Yays!!

So Kelly started her work my eyelid.. I was abit scared in the beginning 'cuz the last time I did eyeliner embroidery was like 9 years ago and I really cannot remember whether it was painful or not, all I remembered was that it was REALLY ITCHY & IRRITATING... then the embroidery tool touched my eyelids and to my surprise, not at all painful! To be honest, towards the end it was a little stingy, but nothing unbearable at all. Plus Kelly applies more numbing cream along the way and she's really gentle, she keeps asking if I was feeling alright. **HONEST REVIEW** NOT PAID TO SAY ALL THIS** 

So one side was done and Kelly asked me to check if it needed any touch ups.. When I saw myself in the mirror I was so pleased!! My eye looked immediately brighter, don't you think so too?? And b'cuz it made my eye look brighter, somehow my eye looked bigger as well. Hehe..

So this is close-up of the side that was done - little redness...
Pardon any skin flaws 'cuz photo is raw, there's no editing!! Haha. 

So here you go! Before & after comparison.. What do you think?? I personally really liked the end results and felt Kelly's skills were really good. And plus points was that she's really friendly and gentle while doing her work. That really made my experience great and I'd highly recommend to see her for any embroidery services. Again I will mention that I AM NOT PAID TO SAY ALL THIS. And just to let you all know, Kelly was actually the most sincere, friendly and gentle beauty embroidery expert I've met so far - swears! I'm happy to have found her. She used to have a shop at Toa Payoh and back then when I saw her reviews I thought "aiya just another sponsored review".. Then until last week after I met her, totally in love. Erm, with her service luh! : D

And this shot above was taken right after the embroidery session, with no make up and just edited my dark circles.. look already presentable without really putting on makeup right? I'm super lazy when travelling and most times don't really put on makeup.. This would do great on my honeymoon trip.. and future trips for that matter.

One thing to note, there will be slight swelling the next morning. So after you've done your eyeliner embroidery, do some ice/cold compress on your eyelids for 10 minutes - at night and also the morning after. Here you see my eyelids were a little swollen the next afternoon. But it was not so bad that I couldn't head out to see anyone. As a matter of fact I went for Mrs. Singapore World audition - haha!! I was on light makeup; with concealer, powder and blusher only. Looks not bad already eh? : D The swelling on my eyelid actually went away that same night. And hor, for eyeliner embroidery, there is no special post-treatment care. You just have to do the norms like be careful not to scratch your eyelids and not to apply eye makeup first 'cuz you don't want to rub your eyelids while removing your makeup. You may continue to wash your face as per normal and that's about it.

If you'd like to find out about Perfect Brow House's:
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You may also check out their Facebook to see more pictures, click here!

Perfect Brow House Address
Paya Lebar Square, #02-02
Singapore 409051
Tel: 63527012

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