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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Plastic Surgery Review with Wish Clinic Taipei - Part 3

The rest of the days spent in Taipei was rather relaxing. Some days were spent in the apartment resting & relaxing, other days I went out to walk around but mostly just nearby or to Ximending since Zhongxiao Dunhua station was just 5 stops away from Ximending station. Zhongxiao Donglu was near the area I lived, and it is kinda an equivalent to Singapore's Orchard Road. If you're into themed cafes or just nice cosy cafes, there's a few in that district which you can visit while you're in the area.

More photos to show how the neighborhood looked like.
Walked around and stumbled onto the steps of the popular Dazzling Cafe.. Didn't try it since I wasn't an avid fan of thick toasts. Well, at least now you know where's one of their chain stores.
Some other little stores around the corner.
This building sits on the opposite side of the road to the area where I live. Most shops housed in this area are no stanger; from Uniqlo to Forever 21, Fossil and Adidas.. All in this same area. I personally went to their Forever 21 store, prices are pretty similar but their sale items are alot cheaper! It was near winter season then so most sale items were spring/summer clothing, great for our weather and priced for a steal. ; )
And this big building, is the one that houses Wish Clinic. Super easy to locate. Just look for this Korean fashion brand, SPAO... practically takes the entire space of level one. Surely not miss it!

Took my Mom to 2 themed cafes during this trip; Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe near Zhongxiao Fuxing station & Toilet Cafe which was located in Ximending. Prices of course compared to local food were expensive, but comparable to cafe prices in Singapore. Figured out what better way to spend time with my Mom having fun lunches and taking loads of Wefies together. Both cafes provided free wifi, which was great since we could post our pics while feasting.

Trip to Taiwan My Plastic Surgery Journey with Wish Clinic Taipei Part 3
Blogged about Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe in a separate blog post, link: http://vannytelly.blogspot.sg/2015/11/themed-cafes-in-taipei-hello-kitty_30.html
Trip to Taiwan My Plastic Surgery Journey with Wish Clinic Taipei Part 3
Blogged about Toilet Cafe in a separate blog post, link: http://vannytelly.blogspot.sg/2015/11/themed-cafes-in-taipei-modern-toilet.html
My Aunt took my Mom & I to a Hong Kong cafe in Ximending one noon for lunch, the food was yummy and price was affordable. The HK cafe served roasted meat and noodles, as well as Dim Sum. Three of us had a very filling lunch for SGD$50. We ordered almost a total of 10 items for that price. But unfortunately I didn't get the address or photo of the shop, super satisfied after lunch I totally forgotten to take a snap shot. Alamak *slaps face*. Will share again if I find out later! Here's just a few pictures taken to let your eyes salivate. Haha.

Trip to Taiwan My Plastic Surgery Journey with Wish Clinic Taipei Part 3
This was a wrong order. My Aunt wanted a Bubble Milk Tea but she ordered a Bubble Milk Dessert instead. Turns out, this was one of my fav item ordered. Super yums! Its Milk Tea ice shavings on a bed of pudding, topped with a scoop of Milk Tea Ice Cream (which was super creamy in texture!!) and a pool of pearls. Must try!
Trip to Taiwan My Plastic Surgery Journey with Wish Clinic Taipei Part 3
Shrimp Wrapped in Beancurd Skin
bolo bun butter
Polo Butter Bun; Hong Kong Cafe must-try.
bolo butter bun
Ain't its colour beautiful...? Haha..
Trip to Taiwan My Plastic Surgery Journey with Wish Clinic Taipei Part 3
Roasted Char Siew (Pork) & Roasted Chicken. I've never been a big fan of Roasted Chicken but this simply took my taste buds away. The chicken meat was super tender it almost melted in my mouth. YUMS! : P
Taiwanese Braised Beef Noodles, my all-time Fav Taiwanese dish since I was a kid. They serve a good one here. Beef meat & tendons were really tender and juicy, soup was great even wo chilli (since I could not take spicy food). Def will go back for this again when I come back to Ximending!
Trip to Taiwan My Plastic Surgery Journey with Wish Clinic Taipei Part 3
Salmon Sashimi was fresh.
And now it suddenly feels like im writing about food more than my surgery.. Hahaha.. Hey, its Taiwan and its all about food here!! Share with you guys one more thing, again about food.. Some days when I stayed in, I packed "Bian Dang" at this shop near my apartment. Its like our "Cai Fan" (aka Mixed Vegetable Rice) but in Taiwan they serve a wide variety of dishes compared to what we have here. Pictures to prove..!

Trip to Taiwan My Plastic Surgery Journey with Wish Clinic Taipei Part 3
Lady's Finger, Kelp, Pumpkin, Tomato Egg.. So simple yet super yum can!! If I'm not wrong this cost NT$65, which is equivalent to SGD$3.. Cheap right?
take out salmon brown rice
For carb base, there were choices of white rice, brown rice, vermicelli, and noodles. I chose brown rice to try. The salmon was super deli! This set cost approx NT$110, which is equivalent to SGD$5... How not to love Taiwan?! Lol.
take out local cheap food
Kimchi w Pork, Pork Liver, Dried Tofu, Tomato Egg.... *slurps*
Trip to Taiwan My Plastic Surgery Journey with Wish Clinic Taipei Part 3
A snap shot of how the place looks like. Look at the varieties of dishes, so much more than what we have in Sg!
place to eat local food
And a snap shot of the shop. If you see some place like this next time, try it for super affordable and yummy meals. ; )
Trip to Taiwan My Plastic Surgery Journey with Wish Clinic Taipei Part 3
And what's a beverage not to miss when in Taiwan? Bubble Tea! On average a large cup cost NT$50, that is equivalent to SGD2+... Half the price of a large cup of Koi in Sg. Think Bubble Tea lovers will get sugar high from OD-ing on this sweet drink while on holiday. Haha.

And so that was my food diary for the trip.. So let's check out my post-op recovery process with these pics I've taken along the way. 

IDK why my face was puffy. If anyone didn't know, would think I have done fat grafting on my face or something - which I did not lah. It might be water retention or something.

What do you think of my recovery progress? Doesn't seem that bad eh?
Stitches behind my ear; wound for the removal of ear cartilage for tiplasty. Stitches were removed on the 11th day post op back in Singapore because the wound was still a little raw so I waited out a few days before getting the stitches at an aesthetics clinic in SG.

So far its been a month post op and the recovery process has been fine, results seem satisfying and I can't wait to see the final results when the swelling is totally gone. My plastic surgery journey so far has brought me new experiences; good and bad.. well I would say the thing I disliked most was the recovery process, where the initial stages looking awkward with the swelling was most annoying but honestly I couldn't care less about anyone knowing since I've already publicly shared on my blog. Think most people, esp first-timers, would hide at home and avoid seeing anyone until he/she has recovered and back looking normal. But for me I already am at the stage I would just walk around with my swollen lids, haha.. Other than this, I feel great already with my new features. I know as much as how weird it sounds, it makes me feel quite alive going through this process. Maybe the norm and the routine is so mundane I just give myself excuses to get plastic surgery done. Im not saying you should get PS done if you feel bored, just do it if it would make you happier. Choice is yours, don't listen to haters. Am ending the topic on my recent PS journey with this blog post and feel free to drop me messages or mails if you have any questions and I'll gladly help if possible. 

To read up on blog post 1, see link: http://vannytelly.blogspot.sg/2015/11/trip-to-taiwan-my-plastic-surgery.html
And blog post 2: http://vannytelly.blogspot.sg/2015/11/trip-to-taiwan-my-plastic-surgery_17.html

If you would like to see my more recent post-op pics and progress of my recovery, you can follow me on Vannytelly... Click on the links below for my pages. 
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