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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Beauty Review_Postpartum Slimming With Marie France Bodyline - Part 3 -RESULTS!

Hi Mamas!! I'm finally back for part 3 of this review which is also the time I share the final results of my 3-month program with Marie France Bodyline. Been so busy with wedding prep & also planning for Baby F.'s 1st birthday, but I'm glad everything fell in place and excited for our next phase. 

Just to recap my "goals" I've mentioned in the last two posts; I have been working out since 2 months postpartum and had a healthy & balanced diet, but any hows I still had some loose skin, mild cellulite, and fats on certain areas of my body (e.g. lower abdomen, hips, and thighs). I knew these were just the norms of being a new mom, but I was also sure most women would want to regain their pre-pregnancy figure or at least strive to do so. I am not overweight to begin with so my goals were really to firm/tighten up my loose skin, smoothen out cellulite areas, and try to lower my body fat percentage.

Let's take a look at some figures of the results.. I'll try not to bore ya'all by quickly running thru them with simple explanations. 

This is Jin Fang, the nutritionist that helped & reminded me of my goals along the way..
She was very friendly and we always had good chats during our sessions. Thanks alot for your help!! : D

What you see here is a brief analysis of my body composition which includes body fat, muscle and water. Right is the "before" and left is the "after"... 

After my 3-month treatment with MFB, I managed to reach my goals by achieving lower body fat percentage & fat mass, increase in muscle mass, and gotten a better proportion of muscle distribution (will talk about this later). Okay, I know it is starting to sound a little technical... haha!! But I need to explain if not many of you will be confused about the figures! Some of you might be wondering how come I got heavier after the treatments even though my fat percentage decreased, that is because muscles are heavier than fats and it's normal for one to become heavier when he/she builds more muscles.
Picture taken from: https://natalliasfitness.wordpress.com/tag/fit-slim-calories-muscles-fruit-weights-resistance-training-carbs-protein-berries-workout-healthy/
To explain quickly, the woman in the picture above is lightest on the left but the slimmest & fittest on the right - I'm sure you'd find her figure most sexy on the right eh? This is just to show you that weight is just a number and being lean does not mean that your body fat % is in a healthy range; you need to tone your body up by building more muscles and not fats. When I mentioned muscle is heavier than fat, I really meant that for the same weight of fats compared to muscles, the mass of fats is much more than of muscles. That was how the woman in the picture above looks slimmer yet weighs heavier than her old self - amazing? Haha, now you know. By the way, another benefit of having more muscle mass is that it'll increase your metabolism rate. That also means your body burns more calories = slimmer you (but doesn't mean you can pig out hor)! Anyway this is just the gist of it, if anyone is interested in this topic do leave a comment below and I'll probably talk about it another time.

Here we see the overall inch loss.. I was surprised to see that I've lost in overall inches 'cuz I'm already slim to begin with and i didn't expect to lose more, I thought there was nothing to lose already - LOL. So overall I still managed to lose 4.5" and each body area mostly lost from 0.5-1.5". 

Above I mentioned that I gained more muscle mass. In the beginning, Jin Fang advised that my upper body has significantly lesser muscles than my lower body. I've always felt that but now that I have prove it is a fact, I started training harder for my upper body. If you look at the results of my muscle distribution now, even though the proportion is still quite far off at least I am improving slowly. One thing about fitness training is that whatever your goals may be, it always takes time to see results. Consistency is the key & choosing the right food and doing the right treatments suitable for your body type is very important.

Besides achieving my goals of fat loss & muscle gain, the treatments also gave me smoother & firmer-looking skin. I don't have a picture b'cuz the cellulite area was mostly just on my butt & hips, and I don't think I'll be posting up pics of my sexy butt here - hahahah! 

Overall I'm feeling great about my body b'cuz I keep a healthy lifestyle and maintain my figure even though I'm a Mom now. I really liked how Marie France Bodyline helped me out with my postpartum slimming journey with the great advise as well as pampering treatments to help attain my bodily goals at the same time leave me feeling relaxed from all the hectic schedules of working and being a Mom & Wife.

And that is all for now. Keep fit, be happy, and stay strong! Jiayou Mamas! ; )
Feel free to leave comments in the comment box below should you have more to ask pertaining the topic today.

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